A2 Hosting Dedicated Server Review 2022 (Real Uptime Records + Speed Test Result)

A2 Hosting Dedicated Server Review
A2 Hosting Dedicated Server Review

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A2 Hosting is a renowned web hosting provider. Recently, everyone seems to recommend them. They claim that they have the fastest speed when it comes to website load speed. So, are they telling the truth? Or it is just another trick to get more customers.

You will find all the answers to our questions about A2 Hosting in this post. Today, this post will be specifically about the Dedicated Hosting Service by A2 Hosting. So, if you are thinking about getting their dedicated hosting service, we believe that you will find this post very useful.

Here, we will not only review A2 Hosting’s dedicated hosting service but also will share real data about their uptime and speed performance. So, if you are curious about that let’s get started.

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A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Review

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Usually, a web hosting provider owns a lot of servers. When you buy a web hosting account from them, they store your website’s contents on their servers. Normally, when you use shared hosting your website will be hosted on a server which is shared with multiple users at once.

Instead, when you buy a dedicated hosting account, you will have a single server only to yourself. That particular server will be under your control. No other users will use its resources. So, your websites will have the best performance.

As you will be in control of the servers, you can actually manage, configure, create, add and remove websites on the server as much as you want. You can also customize the hardware and software on those servers as well.

Dedicated hosting is packed with some amazing perks such as top-notch security, high-performance, stability, and customizability. So, if you want more control over your websites and servers you can use dedicated hosting.

A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Plans:

Before we dive into this, we should let you know that A2 Hosting has a lot of dedicated hosting plans. It is a good thing as the customers will find the perfect match regardless of their different requirements.

But, for some you, it might be difficult to find out the best and suitable plan for your needs. For that reason, we will be discussing all the different dedicated hosting plans offered by A2 hosting in this section. We expect that after reading this section, you will have no confusion about their dedicated hosting plans.

Generally, the dedicated hosting plans are divided into 4 primary categories. Those are categorized based on the account management level of the servers. Again, each of these 4 plans is divided into more plans. Now let’s explain them one by one.

Dedicated Hosting Plans:

There are 4 main dedicated hosting plans named as Semi-Dedicated plans, Managed Flex plans, Unmanaged Flex plans, and Core Flex plans respectively.

A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Plans
A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Plans
  1. Semi-Dedicated Server Plans:

There are 4 ‘Semi-Dedicated Server’ plans which are called Shared-Turbo, Power+, Prestige+, and Pinnacle+. Now, all of these plans are also OS (Operating System) based. They come based on Linux and Windows OS.

Semi-Dedicated Server Plan
Semi-Dedicated Server Plans

From the name of the plan, you can guess that these are not entirely pure dedicated hosting plans. These plans are actually a mix up between the shared and VPS plans of A2 Hosting. They have introduced these plans for the users who are searching for extra control and isolation but at an affordable price (cost less than owning an entire dedicated server).

  • Shared-Turbo:

Among all the ‘Semi-Dedicated Server’ Plans, the Shared-Turbo has the lowest price point. It will cost you only 9.31 $ per month. You will get 2 GB RAM, Unlimited Storage and Transfer, Turbo Speed, free cPanel etc. in this package. In truth, it is actually one of their shared hosting plans with their famous ‘Turbo-Boost’ feature. This plan is intended for users who are ready to migrate from a shared hosting plan to the next level but without breaking their bank.

  • Power+:

The ‘Power+’ will cost you only 32.99$/monthly. You will be getting 4 GB Ram, 75 GB Storage, 2 TB Transfer, 4 CPUs, free cPanel etc. in it.

  • Prestige+:

This is the most popular plan among all the ‘Semi-Dedicated server’ plans. In this plan, for $46.19/monthly, you will be receiving 6 GB Ram, 100 GB storage, 6 vCPUs etc.

  • Pinnacle+:

And, last but not least, we have the ‘Pinnacle+’ plan which will cost you 65.99$ per month. And, in return, you will be receiving 8 GB RAM, 150 GB Storage, 4 TB Data transfer, 8 vCPUs etc.

  • Semi-Dedicated plans (Windows OS based ):
Semi-Dedicated plans (Windows OS based )
Semi-Dedicated plans (Windows OS based )

Till this moment, we have discussed the Linux OS based hosting plans. On the other hand, the Windows OS based ‘Semi-Dedicated’ hosting plans are also of the same names. But the costs are somewhat higher than usual. And, in the case of the control panel, you will get the ‘Plesk Onyx 17.8 Control Panel’ instead of cPanel. There are no other differences.

2. Unmanaged Flex Server Plans:

There are 3 pre-made plans named as Sprint, Exceed, and Mach within the ‘Unmanaged Flex Server plans’. However, as this is an unmanaged plan, the user can customize all the plans depending on their necessity. That’s why, if you don’t like the 3 pre-made plans, you can make your own.

Unmanaged Flex Server Plans
Unmanaged Flex Server Plans
  • Sprint:

This plan has the lowest price among all the 3 options. You can get this plan for $99.59/monthly payment. And, with this plan, you will get 8 GB RAM, 2X500 GB Storage, 10 TB Transfer, Intel 3.1+ GHz CPU with 2 cores.

  • Exceed:

This is the most popular option among these 3 plans. It starts at $165.99 per month. And, you are getting 8 GB Ram, 2X500 GB Storage, 15 TB Data Transfer, 4 Cores, and Intel Xeon 2.4+ GHz processor on your server.

  • Mach:

This is the most costly plan within the ‘Unmanaged dedicated hosting’ plans of A2 Hosting. First of all, it will cost 248.99$ per month if you want to use this package. In exchange you will be getting 16 GB RAM, 2X1000 GB Storage, 20 TB Transfer, 8+ Cores, and 2x Intel Xeon 2.1+ GHz as features on your server.

  • Customized plans:

As you know all of these plans are customizable, you can add additional RAM, Data Transfer, and Storage Space. For instance, with the all the 3 plans you can upgrade storage space up to 8 TB. Again, with the ‘Sprint’ and ‘Exceed’ plans you can upgrade the RAM up to 32 GB. Whereas, with the ‘Mach’ plan, the RAM is upgradable up to 512 GB. Along with all these add-ons, you can also choose your desired Operating System. Or you can get optional cPanel license, Root access etc.

But, you have to bear in mind that, the price of each customized plans will depend on the features you want to add. Normally, the price will be higher than the pre-made plans.

3. Managed Flex Server plans:

There are 3 packages which come within the ‘Managed Flex Server’ plan. They are named as Sprint, Exceed, and Mach. Here, you will be getting managed servers. That means a2hosting will manage every server sided issues for you. Let’s know all about the packages.

Managed Flex Server plans
Managed Flex Server plans
  • Sprint Managed Plan:

This plan starts at 141.09$ per month. You will get 8 GB RAM, 2 Cores, Intel 3.1+ GHz CPU, 10 TB transfer, and 2X500 GB Storage space.

  • Exceed managed Plan:

This is the most popular package. It starts at a price of 207.49$ per month. You will get 8 GB RAM, 2X500 GB Storage, 15 TB Transfer, 4 Cores, and Intel Xeon 2.4+ GHz CPU.

  • Mach Managed Plan:

This package starts at 290.49$/monthly. And, the features it includes are 16 GB RAM, 20 TB transfer, 2X1000 GB Storage, 8+ Cores, and 2x Intel Xeon 2.1+ GHz processor.

  • Custom Managed Plans:

Fortunately, you can create your own plans depending on your requirements even on this ‘Managed Flex server’ plans. You can get up to 2 TB data storage space. You can also upgrade the RAM up to 32 GB for the ‘Sprint’ and ‘Exceed’ plans. And, for the ‘Mach’ package, you can add up to 512 GB of RAM.

Along with all these, you will also be able to get their ‘Turbo Boost’ feature, which will increase the page load speed of your site up to 20 times and much more. However, for that feature, you will have to pay additional 34.86 $ per month.

4. Core Flex Server plans:

All of the features of ‘Core Flex server’ plans are similar to the previous ‘Managed Flex server’ plans’ features. And, the price range of those plans is similar as well. The only difference is that with the ‘Core Flex server’ plans, you will get ‘Root Access’. So, if you want total control over the server then this is the option you are looking for.

Core Flex Server plans
Core Flex Server plans

The plans are named as Sprint’ (starts 141.09$/month), ‘Exceed’ (starts at 207.49$/monthly), and ‘Mach’ (starts at 290.49$/monthly). You will get all the features and add-ons which normally comes with the ‘Managed flex server’ plans.

Special Singapore Server Plans:

If you want a website hosted on a server somewhere in Asia then you can use A2 hosting’s special package. With this package, you will be able to host your site on the Singapore server of A2 Hosting. It will be very useful; if you receive visitors from Asia. Your website will be faster for your visitors from Asia.

Special Singapore Server Plans
Special Singapore Server Plans

There are 4 packages named as ‘Semi-Dedicated Server’, ‘Unmanaged Flex server’, ‘Managed Flex server’, and ‘Core Flex server plan’. The price of these plans is higher than usually dedicated hosting plans. But, if you need a server on Asia then this is the best option for you.

Who should choose the A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Plan?

A2 hosting has plans of all kinds. So, one way or another, everyone will find their suitable package if they want to use dedicated hosting for their websites. Firstly, they have the ‘Semi-dedicated plans’ which are very affordable but come with unlimited storage and data transfer. So, if you are just starting out or have a personal blog, then these plans will be perfect for you.

Now, if you are a developer who wants more personalization on your web hosting service, then you have the ‘unmanaged flex server’ plans for you. It is specially intended for solopreneur and web developer who want all the control over the servers and the functionality of their web hosting account. If you are comfortable with using the command line to develop, then you will like these packages.

However, if you’re not a professional or doesn’t have time to manage your servers, then you will love the ‘Managed flex server’ plans. Here, you will have every feature which is necessary for a dedicated web hosting account. In addition, you will have the 100% worry-free service from A2 Hosting.

If you get these packages, you will have the ‘Guru Crew Support Team’ of A2 Hosting who will take care of all the server sided issues on behalf of you. So, if you want a dedicated server hosting but don’t want to get involved on managing the servers or taking care of the technical operations, you will find the ‘Managed Flex server’ plans perfect for your needs.

But, you will not have the ‘Root Access’ with the ‘Managed Flex Server’ plans. If you want that, you will have to choose one of the ‘Core Flex server’ plans. Those packages come with the ‘Root Access’. So, you can have full control over the servers. And, with that said, you will not have to worry about taking care of the server sided operations too. The A2 hosting ‘Guru Crew Support Team’ will take care of everything. Yet, you will have the ‘Root Access’ to your server. So, if you don’t like anything, you can change it yourself always.

From the above discussion, we see whatever your needs be, you will find the perfect dedicated hosting plan for you if you want to go with A2 Hosting.

Great for hosting what applications?

Let’s say, you are starting a new website. So, you have bought a domain and a hosting account. After that, you have to install a CMS (content management system). And then you can start creating contents for your readers.

And there are a lot of CMS or web applications available. Most of them are free to use. Among them, some are very popular among webmasters. For example, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop etc. are used by millions of users around the world.

Application Support
Application Support

And A2 Hosting has taken care of everything you need to use any web applications using their hosting service. A2 Hosting is compatible with all of the CMSs available out there. Plus, they have some special features which were created to get the best out of the popular CMSs.

For example, you will get AutoInstaller and Autoupdater which are very necessary for you. Anyone can install a CMS with just a few clicks using an AutoInstaller like Softaculous. Most of the popular CMSs will be automatically updated when a new update is available. That is a great time saver.

Added to that, you will get special cache plug-ins which are optimized for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. So, your website will be faster than ever.

Services of A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Package:

All the packages of the dedicated hosting package of A2 Hosting come with a lot of useful services. We will be talking about some of the notable ones below.

Services of A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Package
Services of A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Package
  • Perpetual Security:

While it comes to dedicated hosting, security should be your top priority. You can’t compromise on the security of your server and your websites as well. Luckily, A2 hosting has got it covered. They have services like Brute Force Defense, KernelCare, Dual Web Hosting Firewall, Server Hardening, and Virus Scanning. These services will keep your server and website secure from any type of hackers or crawlers.

  • Free Account Migration:

If you already own a website but decided to change the hosting provider to A2 hosting, then you are in good luck. Because they will migrate the website/s for free from your previous web hosting provider.

  • Fast Speed:

A2 hosting uses SSD, HTTTP/2, DDR3 RAM etc. to improve the load speed of the websites hosted on their servers. Plus, if you use the combination of their ‘Turbo Boost and Turbo Cache’ feature, your websites will be 20 times faster than before. These features are crafted in-house by A2 Hosting. So, if you want to use them you need to pay an additional fee. However, we can say that they are 100% worth the money.

  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee:

After using for several days, if you don’t like their service you can get a refund instantly. You can get a full refund within the first 30 days. But, even after that, if you want to cancel your account, you will get the refund for your unused service after the first 30-days.

These are just the beginning. Actually, there are more services provided by A2hsoting. You will be able to know all about them by visiting their website.

Features of A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Service:

You will be getting a huge amount of features with the dedicated hosting packages of A2 Hosting. They have so much features that if we write about each of them, we can actually write an entire post dedicated to them. So, we will just give a quick rundown of some of the noteworthy features for you.

Features of A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Service
Features of A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting Service

With all of the dedicated hosting packages, you will get free tools and features. For example, you will receive free SSL Certificates, Free CDN, Free dedicated IP, free FTP accounts, free Backup, free cPanel or Plesk cPanel, WHM (Web Host Manager) access etc. All of these features would cost you a lot of money if they wouldn’t provide them for free.

On top of these, if you pay additional fees, you would be able to use features like ‘Railgun Optimizer, SPDY, ESL, Softaculous Premium and, Easy Websocket Proxy Configuration etc. Although, these features would cost you additional money but these are very important if you want to enhance and improve the stability, performance, and speed of your websites hosted on their dedicated server.

There are more features which will come with the dedicated hosting packages. These mentioned features are just the tip of it. You will be able to know about other features by visiting their website.

Testing the website load speed of A2 Hosting:

At this point, we will test A2 Hosting’s real performance. We will be using the Pingdom speed test tool to test the load speed of A2 Hosting. For that reason, we will be using a website which is hosted on A2 Hosting as the test subject.

When the test will be done, we will get to know the ‘Load Time’ of the website that we are testing. And everybody knows that it is best if you have a website which loads faster. Or else, your website visitors will be fed up with your site.

Normally, the rule of thumb about site loading speed is that it is good if your website loads up within 2 seconds. But, obviously the faster the better. And, for this test, we will be using the Washington D.C test server of Pingdom. So, let’s see…

Pingdom test from the USA (Washington D.C) server:

Pingdom test from the USA (Washington D.C) server
Pingdom test from the USA (Washington D.C) server

The result of the test:

Test Result from the USA (Washington D.C) server
Test Result from the USA (Washington D.C) server

Analyzing the result:

After conducting the test, we can see at that the ‘Load Time’ of the website hosted on A2 Hosting is just 827 ms. It means that the website took only 827 ms to load completely when it was tested from a server located on Washington D.C. This is absolutely impressive.

There are a number of different reasons which can affect the load speed of a website. In spite of all of those factors, our website performed well in the test. It is a sign that A2 Hosting has some quality servers. Other than that it won’t be possible for our test website to perform so well.

Uptime Record of A2 Hosting:

It is a wise decision to get ahead and take a look at the uptime record of your preferred web hosting company prior to making the final decision. If the web hosting company can’t maintain the industry standard uptime percentage then you should abstain from choosing them.

So how do you know about their uptime record? You can know that simply by visiting their website. Simple, right?

No, not that easy. The thing is that the web hosting providers are always looking for new customers and you already know that this industry is highly competitive. As a result, they try to keep the customers on their toe using shady business tactics. One of those tactics is false advertising.

The truth is you should not believe their advertisement in the first place. Rather, if you want to know the real uptime record of a hosting company, you should ask a user of that particular company.

To tackle the problem, we have been keeping track of the uptime record of a website hosted in A2 hosting. We are doing this to help our readers. So, we will now reveal the latest information about the uptime record of A2 Hosting to you.

This is the uptime stats of a website hosted on A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting Uptime stat
A2 Hosting Uptime stats

We keep the information up to date regularly. Here we come to know that most of the months the uptime percentage was at 100%. This is what we like to see on a regular basis. Again, the uptime percentage was below the 100% mark for a few months too.

But, the best thing about A2 Hosting is that the uptime was never below the industry standard. Thanks to A2 Hosting’s stable servers. And the power sources and power backup services of those servers. Without the proper technology and tools, it won’t be possible for A2 Hosting to maintain the industry standard uptime in a consistent manner.

A2 Hosting Support:

If a web hosting company offers the cheapest price compared to its competitors, you might want to consider them. But, if you come to know that they don’t have any customer service (they literally don’t care about their customers), then I bet you won’t choose them even though they cost less.

We know having a top-notch customer support system has its own value. So, we also checked out the customer service of A2 Hosting before we came to write this review. We will share our personal experience interacting with them for you to know now.

In short, A2 Hosting has one of the most helpful and professional customer support team in the industry. They are skilled, knowledgeable and very fast.

They have a wide range of tutorials, tips and tricks articles posted on their site already. And they also have FAQ sections which are dedicated to multiple categories/issues. So, most of the time you will find your answers, solutions within those articles. You even might not have to contact them at all.

However, if your issues are bigger and you don’t find the solutions on those knowledge-based articles. You can contact the customer support of A2 Hosting by using any one of the following ways.

A2 Hosting Support
A2 Hosting Support System
  • Ticket
  • Direct Call
  • Live Chat
  • Email

It doesn’t matter whichever method you use, you will get your answer. If your problems are very critical then you can use the live chat option or the direct call option. However, if you are not in a hurry, you can contact them via Tickets or Email. Overall, A2 Hosting has made a great impression about their customer service.

Wrapping it up: Should you use A2 Hosting Dedicated Web Hosting?

Most Definitely.

If you have read the post, you should know that the price of their packages are very affordable compared to the features and services they offer. Other than that, you are also getting one of the fastest web hosting providers out there. We have seen that while we have conducted the speed test. Also, you know that they have the industry-standard uptime record. The ‘Guru Crew Support Team’ is also there to help you whenever you need them.

They have everything that a top web hosting provider should have. So, if you want fast loading speed, industry-standard uptime, Guru Support, and a reliable web hosting service then you should choose A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting without any second thoughts.

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