Top 10 Angola Web Hosting Reviews 2022 – Best Hosting in Angola

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Angola Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Angola

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Angola Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Angola

The Angolan internet space is one of the fastest growing in sub-Saharan Africa. Just after the Angolan civil war, the government decided to prioritize communications within the country. Introduced to Angola in 1996, the internet was expensive and inaccessible to the middle class and low-income earners.


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The nation has only recently achieved a 20% internet penetration, but internet entrepreneurs within the country have not allowed that to shift their focus as they press on towards their goals.

For a country with such a low rate of internet penetration, it is surprising to find out that there are internet hosts serving the country. This article aims at reviewing the top ten internet web host in Angola.

Top 10 Angola Web Hosting Companies

1. ITA


ITA is more than a web hosting company. Founded in 2005, ITA is a holistic service provider, venturing into nearly all aspects of telecommunications. It provides both internet and phone connections as it utilizes satellite uplink technologies. Its web hosting arm acts in accordance with generally acceptable industrial conventions.

Promising clients utmost services across four different hosting plans which can be renewed per year. ITA also allows for rent of servers or data centers by interested organizations all in a bid to provide the best and fastest possible loading and uptime for websites based in Angola.

2. Angoweb


Angoweb is an indigenous Angolan web hosting company that has been around for quite a while. The company runs a cult-kind bonding, claiming that every client whose site is hosted by the company is part of the team. Your data is safe with Angoweb intuitive backup and restore applications that consistently back up your website data.

Created in 2011, Angoweb uses indigenous, highly trained staff to ensure that your website has all the essentials it needs. The company also sends members of staff to physically check what is wrong with your website.

3. Hosting Angola


The internet-focused arm of Acidados company, which have been in the Angolan market since 1997. Hosting Angola also offers private hosting in addition to its regular shared hosting packages. Its control panel is superb and is in English for easy understanding.

All websites hosted by this company enjoy routine anti-virus and anti-spam checks, thus making the websites safer and increasing user’s satisfaction. Its technical assistance and customer care is highly standardized, it has a unique approach to technical support as it offers to physically send staffs to check the problem alongside the regular Live chat and phone calls option.

4. Multitel


This Angola-based company has been around since 1999. Focused on telecommunications, the company has been involved in developing solutions. One of which is its website hosting arm. Serving both Angola and Portugal, multitel has proven via its presence in the industry that where there is a will, there is a way.

Providing shared hosting across four plans and offering private hosting, the company issues prices at industry competitive prices. It also offers free diagnosis and budgeting analysis for all websites. Its customer care services are truly remarkable as technical support is available round the clock.

5. SiteGround


Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, SiteGround has over 500 employees and has data centers in five countries. SiteGround runs versatile codes in a bid to satisfy all clients. Sites hosted by this company can be assured of quality anti-virus check on their websites, this has been made possible by the Innovative software’s built by the companies team.

Regardless of your site type: WordPress, Joomla or what have you. SiteGround hosts it all and even much more. With superior technologies at its disposal, the company guarantees a 99.99% uptime for all websites.

6. HostGator


Founded by Brent Oxley in 2002, HostGator is headquartered in Texas, United States. It is a part of the Endurance group. As at 2013 the company hosted 9 million domain. Its affordable hosting plan makes it a favorite for many, coupled with cloud hosting, it gives the ideal hosting solution for all websites. Boasting of a highly competent migration team, HostGator promises clients top-notch hosting migration.

As part of the Endurance group, websites hosted on HostGator can be assured of maximum uptime, although it clearly beats the competition by offering a 45-days money back guarantee.

7. Bluehost


A private web hosting company with over a decade of experience. Founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton, it has gone on to become a part of the Endurance group; a conglomerate of hosting companies. It hosts over two million websites world over.

In addition to offering shared hosting and virtual hosting, Bluehost also offers cloud hosting. Its association with the Endurance group ensures that your site gets the maximum uptime possible as there is an abundance of the data center to host your website on. You need not worry if one data center is under maintenance.

8. A2 Hosting


Quite popular in the internet space, A2 Hosting is an accomplished web host. With multiple awards and accolades following it, the company reviews show a strong client affinity. It equally offers a 4-level plan for hosting while supporting virtual private servers, dedicated servers and also resellers options.

A2 Hosting prides itself on amazing speed, which can be a strong edge for your website. Its team versatility and experience too can definitely not be taken away, alongside an amazing, top-notch technical support system. This is exactly why more clients flock to the company to get their website hosted.

9. Interserver


19 years of experience and still in business, this hosting company knows what it takes to stay in the game. It offers cutting-edge pricing for all hosting plans. Using live chat, 24/7 live support, phone and ticketing the level of technical support this host offers is top notch and first class.

It’s 3-tier hosting plans covers resellers account, private virtual hosting services and shared hosting. The company also offers a 30 days’ money back guarantee for all clients who are unsatisfied with the services rendered. Interserver throws in an intuitive, easy-to-use control panel.

10. Inmotion Hosting


This Angolan-serving web hosting company have been CNET certified for about 15 years now. The host can, therefore, boast of continuity and a broad experience base that only staying in an industry for years can bring. Bent on making your website fast and twice as secured, Inmotion hosting delivers via five hosting plans.

It incorporates modern, cutting–edge technologies in an attempt to make its website secured and yet fast. With international law-compliant data centers and a fantastic customer care team, Inmotion hosting is sure to tick all the boxes of all you need in a host.

Choosing the Best Angola Web Hosting Service

Angola is an emerging African internet hub and the number of web hosts in the country is a pointer to that. As a website owner or administrator, there are a number of choices you can pick from and there are a number of qualities to look out for when picking a website host.

Web hosts in Angola have top-notch services, you might have a tough time picking the web host for your website. This is because all of these host companies have fantastic benefits and deals that come with using their services.

Get yourself an Angola-based website host and you will be happy about it.

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