Top 10 Australia Web Hosting Reviews 2022 – Best Hosting in Australia

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Australia Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Australia

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Australia Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Australia

Change is the law of nature and to make profits in business one has to change the trends and technology. Some 10 years ago people started researching the scope of online business and today, e-commerce is the biggest sale platform. Venturing online not only make it feasible for companies to reach its existing customers but also boosts the reach of the company in every horizon.


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But like every other thing that brings advantages along, venturing online needs enough supervision and considerations. One of the biggest considerations while going online is the selection of the best web hosting service provider. Choices are that you may choose an internationally located web hosting company or hire a local Australia Web Hosting services provider.

When compared, the advantages of hiring a local web hosting provider are way more prominent than choosing an international partner. To understand this better, let us discuss the advantages of hiring a local Australia Wen Hosting company in detail:

Budget-savvy services:

The first and foremost benefit of hiring a local player is the cost-effectiveness. Local service providers enjoy the benefits of operating from the local grounds. They have a technological advantage and require less technical assistance to support their service which makes them a cheaper option. The case with an international service provider is entirely different.

24/7 assistance:

While most of the web hosting companies (local & international both) claim that they will offer 24/7 assistance in case any need arises, it is the local Australia web hosting services provider that reaches to the way early than the other. They have a geographical closeness with your firm and thus can be at your site anytime of the day without any delay. On the other hand, it is both costly and time taking to ask an international service provider to offer you onsite help.

Search engine ranking:

Major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing and more, pay importance to the IP address of a website. If you have a local IP address, the search engine will rank you above any other site having an international IP address. If you are serious about your online venture, search engine ranking is all you would be worried about.

Top 10 Australia Web Hosting Companies

These are some of the reasons one must choose local web hosting services. Especially, when we are talking about Australia the powerful networking and expanding industry has much to offer to new entrants. Here is some of the best web hosting companies in Australia:

1. Netregistry


Netregistry started its operations in the year 1997 and since then has been a leading player in the web hosting industry. They are considered one of the most trusted web hosting services providers in Australia with over 500,000 Australian businesses supported by them. 

They help small and medium-sized businesses to make a prominent online presence and deal with challenges. The company offers a variety of services including domain registration, domain manager, email hosting, web hosting, compare cPanel hosting, online security SSL certificates, VPS server Management, VPS server hosting and more. They are the most trusted, dependable and affordable web hosting services provider in Australia.

2. Ventraip


Ventraip is one of the biggest privately owned web hosting & domain name registration company. Established as VentraIP Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 91 137 543 018), they started their operations in 2010 and have earned a customer base of 150,000 customers in a short span of time. The company boasts of its high-quality services and uncompromised customer relationship management.

They offer a variety of services including domain names registration, domain name transfer, domain name renewal, shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers, transfer hosting, SSL certificates, email hosting and more. Their services are affordable and accredited by a number of institutions including auDA Information Security Standards (ISS) certification BRW Fast 100, the SmartCompany Smart50, and the CRN Fast50 lists for 2015 and 2016.

3. instra


Established in 1997, Instra Corporation is a purely Australian owned company. They have a prominent presence in New Zealand and Australia and recently entered the global market. They have a presence in over 250 countries with 60 registries with direct accreditations.

With the aim to offer quality services to its customers, the company offers a number of services that include domain name registrations, bulk registration, domain name transfer, domain trustee services, web hosting services, email hosting services, API Solutions, Reseller support and more. They have multi-lingual staff that ensures top level customer services. With affordable packages, the company is aiming at expanding its customer base continuously.

4. Digital Pacific

Digital Pacific-Homepage

Digital Pacific is the pioneering carbon neutral web hosting company in Australia. They cater to small-sized and mid-sized businesses with their quality services and excellent customer support. They employ a skilled team of professionals having experience and knowledge of the field. Been into the business for years, the company has well known the pros & cons and thus provide excellent solutions.

They have a wide network of data centres and offer the highest grade of reliability and uptime. The services they offer include web hosting, data centre, VPS web hosting, domain name, domain name renewal, SSL certificate and more.

5. Panthur


Panthur, as the name suggests, the company is active and quick in delivery high-grade web hosting services. They are one of the most reliable and technologically advanced companies in the web hosting industry. It was first established as a non-commercial organization.

In 2009, they registered as a public company and gained a huge customer base. They have an efficient team of individuals offering 24/7 support to its customers. Catering to a huge clientele, the company is an expert in web hosting companies. They hold 8 years of experience in providing services like web hosting, domain name registration, reseller web hosting and more.

6. Melbourne IT


Melbourne IT is a prominent player in the web hosting industry with a presence dated back to the year 1996. It helps business to develop their online identity and boost their business approach. They cater to small businesses and enterprises and have a vast pool of satisfied customers.

Offering tailor-made solutions based on the need and size of a business, Melbourne IT ensures ultimate customer satisfaction. The services they offer include the domain name, domain search, domain name renewal, domain name transfer, website builder, web hosting, WordPress sites development, cPanel hosting, cloud hosting and more. Their services are made affordable to both small businesses and enterprises.



Since 2003, Crucial has been a leading player in the web hosting industry in Australia. Founded in a University student’s Bondi bedroom the company today has a significant strength and services to offer. They have deployed 7000+ virtual servers successfully and are capable of dealing 8.8 TB data on day to day basis.

With over 6000+ happy customers, the company has served more than 50,000 websites. Their team includes some enthusiastic technical experts who aim to cater clients with their skills and knowledge. Their service portfolio includes web hosting, domain names, VPS hosting, Managed VPS, Reseller hosting, control panel VPS.

8. ServersAustralia


Servers Australia is a performance-centric company in Australia that offers high-quality web hosting services to its clients. They are a reliable web hosting partner supporting a number of local, international and government sites. Their network has many destinations including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland New Zealand.

With 100% network uptime guarantee, the company boasts of its excellent performance and services. They are available for live chat 24/7 and guarantee minimum 30 minute response time. The services they offer include dedicated servers, shared servers, virtual servers, private cloud, managed private networks and more.

9. Web24


A part of Hostopia Australia Web Pty. Ltd., Web24 is a major player in the web hosting industry in Australia. After spending sufficient time in the industry, the company has gained enough experience and knowledge to offer high-quality web hosting services to its customers. They also offer 24/7 customer support and high technology supported services.

Their major product and services include Cloud VPS, Mission Critical VPS, VMWare VPS, dedicated servers, management packages, web hosting, cPanel web hosting, domain name registration and more. All their services are high quality and affordable for their customers.

10. Micron21


Micron21 is one of the leading cloud service providers in Australia. With years of service and experience, the company has gained expertise in providing high-grade services to its customers. With an established team of certified personals, the company has gained high ranking for its customer services and results.

They have a widely woven network of data centers supporting their services across Australia. Major solutions that they offer include cloud & infrastructure services, networking services, recovery services, IT support services, domain name registration, web hosting, enterprise & government solutions and more.

Choosing the Best Australia Web Hosting Service

Hiring a local Australia web hosting company is great if you are about to enter the Australia market. It not only boosts your online presence but offers you a chance to explore the various avenues of the online market.

A local service provider not only offers cost-effective services but ensures to maintain the quality to boost its business. Moreover, there are many benefits that a local Australia web hosting expert receives from the government and the legal and taxation network. Such benefits are usually passed on to the customer by such companies.

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