10 Best b2evolution Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top b2evolution Hosting Companies)

Best b2evolution Hosting & Best Hosting for b2evolution

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Best b2evolution Hosting & Best Hosting for b2evolution

In 2002 Francois Planque designed B2 which was merely serving as an alternative to unpopular bloggers bug, with time B2 started fading off from the surface of the earth. In Francois words “it was looking like there is no light at the end of the tunnel for B2”.

Not relenting in his effort, he went back to build on his skills in programming and database using PHP and MySQL which finally led to the birth of b2evolution. The b2evolution 6.4beta comes with amazing features such as; a quick install capability, messaging platform to communicate with clients, widget themes/skins, and an advanced plugin system.

To properly ascertain the best web host for an application it is important to do research and intently analyze which web host will satisfy your need. Considering the pros and cons require looking out for basic features that a web host is offering if you will get such offer from this new web host you just found.


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This article will provide generous tips that are worthy of consideration when patronizing a host for a web application. Such application is the b2evolution application which has quite a whole lot of users, with a milestone reputation of providing a mouthwatering user experience on its platform.

It runs a content management system which is designed to organize web pages, blogs, pictures, downloadable files (zip, pdf), and so on. Such an application will require a sophisticated host so that it will carry out these functions effortlessly. Here are tips that you should consider when choosing a host for b2evolution application.

  • Determine The Form Of Host b2evolution Needs

There are varying types of the host which basically depends on the type server they are offering. We have the shared hosting, VPS (virtual private server) and the dedicated server

  • In-Depth Understanding Of The Resources Your Site Need

New folks who have never had anything to do with web hosting easily get swindled by transient promises from hosts. They offer you bandwidth that you might not exhaust in a month which might not really be the basic thing your site needs to be fully functional- at least to the point of optimum usage.

There are different types of resources that a site needs to be functional, they are; storage and ram, domain and email, uptimes rate and reliability, security and support, bandwidths and data transfer. For high performing site like b2evolution it requires all these resources to be fully functional.

  • Understand the Gimmicks Of Pricing in Web Hosting

When considering the cost of hosting a site, it is important not to be too stringent in spending money. Free hosting is always not a great idea especially when it is at the expense of support and performance.

The opportunities to save some extra cash can be tempting no doubt but the features you get when dealing with reputable host will be out of the picture. b2evolution being a content and community manager site requires a sophisticated host which will better manage the site, creating a fluid and wonderful experience for site users and visitors.

Actually most free host only offers transient features like colored themes and secure e-commerce tools but you will be plunged to their subdomain. Subscribing to a cheaper host annuls features like email, domain, and e-commerce restrictions.

The latest b2evolution uses a specified content management system with a common core to present information in different forms. This system requires a good web hosting not necessarily too expensive. It should have a good theme amongst other features since that is the only thing slightly lacking in the latest version of b2evolution.

  • Who are your users?

One of the roadblocks application owners find very difficult to overcome is having an overview of the number of people coming on their platform, which is supposed to help them determine the type of host that will serve their application properly.

For a web application like b2evolution with a social and community feature which allows you to create a forum which permits users to communicate on varying topics. It will require a good host due to its robustness and a high number of users.

  • Pattern Of Usage

Web applications with regular fluctuations and constant development will require a good host. b2evolution recently upgraded to 6.6x beta version which contains new cool and “out of the box” features which other products usually require plugins, for it to function properly. Upgrades like these show it needs a host that can accommodate scalability and robustness.

  • Type Of Application Packages

The way applications perform varies, the type of content they contain also differs. This variation should be put into perspectives when considering a host for the application. An app that uses content management system needs careful server management. There is stipulated requirement attached to all content management system and software packages which the host must have to maintain the application successfully.

  • Application Backup And Recovery

What type of backup is required for your application? Is it based on minutes, hourly, daily, or weekly backup? These are pertinent questions that will help you get a good host for your web application. Some clients can afford their app losing data for a day or two and not complain. While some clients deal majorly with a database which requires a minute to minute base backup. A good host should consider Backup very important.

The sheer amount of flexibility that the b2eveolution holds are key reasons why getting a host for it is worthy of consideration and with the tips outlined above is enough guiding tool in choosing a reliable host.

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