10 Best bbPress Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top bbPress Hosting Companies)

Best bbPress Hosting & Best Hosting for bbPress

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Best bbPress Hosting & Best Hosting for bbPress

bbPress is a WordPress plugin that allows users to add a discussion platform to their WordPress site. It is fully backed by automattic, the same company behind WordPress, making it easy to use and integrate into your WordPress site.

bbPress is free, and is a lightweight solution to integrate chat functionalities on your WordPress site. Launched in 2004 by Matt Mullenweg; it is worthy to note that he is one of the founders of WordPress, as a result automatic- the company behind WordPress is also supporting the bbpress plugin. bbPress brings ease of access and simplicity to the table as far as WordPress integration is involved.


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bbPress encompasses a number of wonderful themes that can be used along with it and can blend in really perfectly with WordPress. While it is a stand-alone plugin, it has within itself numerous add-on features that can be utilized in a bid to enjoy the features of bbPress even more. Some of these include:

bbPress Moderation: With this add-on, you can easily reduce spam by posters. You can easily choose which posts to approve and which post to decline. bbPress moderation gives the site owner and other site admin the necessary power to keep the site afloat with interesting conversation and yet stop the spread of redundant posts.

bbPress Attachment: With this fantastic add-on, moderators and WordPress admin can add files to forum posts. These files may vary in size and a limit might be set, but bbPress attachment add-on gives that idealistic edge over several other forum plug-ins for WordPress.

bbPress Votes: bbPress votes allows site administrators to take a survey of the site or get the feel of site users on a particular issue or topic. The fun part is the voting add-on can be used for a wide range of topics and the easy drop-down menu makes it usable for everyone.

bbPress places its emphasis on being a light-weight, simple features plug-in that you can add to your WordPress site. It can be used as a standalone plug-in and has been found to also work wonderfully well alongside other plug-ins such as the BuddyPress allowing site owners and managers to effectively pair the manifold power and function that comes with using multiple plugins. While BbPress is not so big on features, it makes up for this by staying light and super-fast when compared to other plug-in’s that claim to perform the same function.

bbPress is also easy to set up and integrate with your WordPress site. The fact that it is supported by the same company that backs WordPress itself seems to put matters in black and white. You can go ahead to build the forum you want with bbPress. You can also break your WordPress site into several sections to aid user’s convenience.

In all, BbPress aim is to allow you to enjoy your site just the way you love it. To achieve this aim, the developers have integrated the following functions that you will surely love:

Design Template integration: As much as bbPress is light on features, it does its best to fulfill its basic requirement. This includes a structured outlay for your WordPress site, it does this by providing myriad design templates that you can use in building up your own WordPress site.

Themes: What is the purpose of a plug-in that leaves your site bland and unattractive. Such plug-ins have only succeeded in defeating the very reason why they were developed. This is exactly why bbPress features an array of themes that you will have a hard time picking the best from.

bbPress is the ideal plug-in for you to use alongside your WordPress site.

Tips on choosing the best host for bbPress

The many wonderful features bbPress brings to the table place the plug-in in pole position to help you with your WordPress site but choosing the wrong host will end up defeating the very purpose bbPress is out to achieve.

This communicates to you that you must be very deliberate in picking a host for your bbPress incorporated WordPress site. What then do you need to know before picking a host for your bbPress WordPress website?

The following tips will be of help:

Pricing: You don’t want to break the bank because you want to pay for a hosting plan, this is exactly why you must look out for the best host that gives you the value you need for the least amount of money. While it might be difficult to get the bargain if you look in the right places you will get the right offer you need.

Uptime: The best host gives you maximum uptime, allowing your site to stay online all day long. Anything less than the industry standard 99% should not be accepted by anyone who runs a bbPress enabled WordPress site and should be particularly shunned by you. Ensure you only use a host that provides maximum uptime. Uptime provided by your host is important as it defines the period of availability of your website, you must thus watch out carefully here.

Pick a friendly host: While this may be laughable because it will usually not rank high on the personal Richter scale of any website owner or developer. It is however important that the host to be picked for a bbPress enabled WordPress site must be user-friendly. This reduces the stress you encounter and gives you more time to focus on developing the best content for your site. Now you see how the dots connect, don’t you?

Flexibility: Who wants to break a sweat because you are moving from one hosting plan to another? Definitely not you. When you pick the best host there is out there, you don’t know how much stress you are saving yourself from. You must ensure that you pick a host that possesses flexible plan; allowing you to move across differently priced plans while still providing a fantastic service and maintaining the qualities that make them dear.

Technical support: This is yet another hallmark of a particularly good host company. Nothing beats support, the feeling that someone out there is watching out for me. Particularly for a newbie in bbPress incorporated WordPress site set-up, technical support is a must.

The host company of your choice must, therefore, provide novel ways of delivering technical and non-technical support for clients. These technologies must also be accessible round the clock, bearing in mind that anyone can get stuck at any particular time of the day or even the night.

Software Infrastructural compliance: While bbPress is a light, easy to use plugin, it relies on some codes to get its own end of the deal done. bbPress relies on PHP and also MySQL and as such the host company of your choice must have the latest versions of these codes installed in their servers. This will enable your WordPress site to not only load faster but it will also process request quite fast too. The need for the software compliance cannot thus be overemphasized.

Using bbPress for WordPress is definitely an option you cannot but look into, but equally important is the host company that will be in charge of the website. This is why you must choose wisely and with utmost caution.

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