10 Best BoldGrid Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top BoldGrid Hosting Companies)

Best BoldGrid Hosting & Best Hosting for BoldGrid

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Best BoldGrid Hosting & Best Hosting for BoldGrid

BoldGrid is in itself not a content management system, it is instead a website builder that leverages on the power of the world most famous content management system; WordPress. Created by InMotion hosting, a fantastic web host in its own right, BoldGrid was launched in 2015 as an intuitive drag and drop website builder.


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The BoldGrid team was led by the president of Inmotion hosting company, Todd Robinson, other members include a team of designers and programmers. With the goal to make WordPress highly competitive for other Do It Yourself webmasters utilized by top web builders. The intuitive website builder combines a high level of customization, powerful functionality, and ease of access.

BoldGrid is a completely free website building software that is also free to install, the only cost is hosting. The setup procedure for BoldGrid are fairly simple and straightforward, particularly if you are akin to WordPress. As a website administrator, you may be tempted to ask- what is in BoldGrid for me? Good question, this is exactly what this article is all about. Here is what set BoldGrid apart.


When it comes to ease in building your website, particularly if it’s a WordPress site, the best and easiest option to build with is BoldGrid. The intuition that the website builder brings to the game is highly commendable. You can easily build the most complicated of websites in very few minutes, and guess the good part?

You do not need any prior knowledge of programming to ace your website building skills when it comes to building with BoldGrid. Even the most inexperienced of website builder can get a befitting result when building with BoldGrid, there is no need for a prior coding knowledge. As long as you can drag and drop and you are ready to spend a few minutes with your laptop, you can build yourself a fabulous website.

Cutting edge themes

If there is anything that makes a builder just right for you as a website developer, it is the presence or otherwise of customizable themes. Some website builders will coerce you into bending your rules to fit into their custom theme template. This is where BoldGrid is entirely different, with the array of cutting-edge themes that the website builder provides, your theme can easily work for you and not the other way round.

Themes also goes a long way in making your website lovely and friendly to surf, with BoldGrid you can be assured of taking your WordPress website to a new level of speed and aesthetics. It is not every day that you have that combination in the same room.

Unlimited and workable Plug-ins

The best and most durable of website builders are only as good as its number of plug-ins. Plug-ins allow you to extend and add new features to your website, and with BoldGrid, getting your WordPress site plug-in up to track is not only possible. It is also easy. The amount, versatility and functionality of the plug-ins that BoldGrid provides for all WordPress Website builders are sure to wow even the most ardent of unbelievers.

BoldGrid allows you to own your website while giving you the tools you need to make it a fabulous one. There are very few website builders that can beat that, factor in the thought that it is entirely free and you will become aware of the treasure you have got. Easy to use, it is also a plus that BoldGrid is big on security. Every site built with this fantastic builder is assured of the best of security features if used with the right hosting. Which is why we are discussing the tips to choosing the right host for your BoldGrid built website.

Tips for choosing the host for BoldGrid

As cool as BoldGrid can be, with all the intuition and ease it can bring to the website building business for you. BoldGrid can be rendered to just a fraction of its usefulness when it is hosted with the near-perfect solution. This is why you must consider critically and appraise all of your options before you decide on the hosting plan to use for your BoldGrid built website. Here are the tips you should consider when picking a host for your BoldGrid built website:

Speed: BoldGrid in itself is a fast and superb website builder, you can, however, dampen the speed of the website builder if you are not hosting the website builder with the right host. When you pick out the website host that leverages on the speed of the website builder, you will be fully harnessing the power of the BoldGrid website builder.

To fully utilize the power of BoldGrid website builder, you may think towards using a hosting company that offers turbo hosting which is about twenty times faster than the regular host. Your ideal web hosting company should also provide cloud hosting, this allows you to control your data from wherever you are, anytime you want to.

Flexibility: The ease that BoldGrid gives you while building your dream website should be complemented by a very flexible hosting plan. You should pick a host that allows you to move from one hosting plan to another seamlessly and without breaking any sweat. When you transcend hosting plans with some hosts, there is a slight loss of data. The onus lies on you to pick a host that makes sure you have the best of lateral movement without a change in your data.

Security: As much as BoldGrid is poised on securing your WordPress website, you should also pick a web host that ensures you are as secure as possible. You should most likely go for a web host that runs a virus check on your website, perhaps every week.

Security is of the essence, if you have ever had your website hacked, you will understand how important security is. While you must take careful effort in picking the host that secures your data on its server, you must pick one that also prevents external agents from gaining access to the data as well. In short, pick out the most the most secured host possible.

Technical support: The backbone of every web hosting service is the technical support. The host you will be picking must be one that has an impeccable record of providing the best of technical support to its clients. Not only must it have scripts built in to enable technical difficulties to be quickly solved, it must also include ready and willing staff. This will ensure that the technical support component of the web hosting company is complete. The best web hosting company provides the best of technical support, that is a given.

Customer support: Any business thrives on the continuous patronage of its customers, and web hosts that are smart and wise key into this. Your web host must be able to put you and your need first. In picking a web host for your BoldGrid powered website, you should pick a host that runs a round the clock customer service channel. Although you may eventually not end up using it, ensure they prioritize their clients over monetary gain.

With these tips followed to the letter, you should have no problems with picking the best web host for your BoldGrid powered website.

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