10 Best Contao Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top Contao Hosting Companies)

Best Contao Hosting & Best Hosting for Contao

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Best Contao Hosting & Best Hosting for Contao

Contao is an open-ended, free content management system. It is used for medium to large scale styled websites. The content management system boasts of a unique dichotomy between front end and back end offices, while final users access front office, developers and website administrators use the back end office.

All of the coding and techy jobs are done at the back office while the front office users see only results. Published in its original form by Leo Feyer and developed by the Contao association in 2006, Contao has gone on to release several upgrades and fixes. The most recent of which was released on the 18th of April 2018, Contao is available in twenty-eight languages and is fully coded in PHP.


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It operates fully with the Unix operating system and the very versatile Windows Operating system. Previously known as Typolight, Contao lives up to his name as a fast, efficient and easy to use content management system. The back office is equally multilingual and this can come in handy for developers in non-English speaking countries, Contao thus boasts user friendliness even in countries where the official language is not English. This friendliness transcends developers and is felt even by end users of websites which Contao is used to manage.

With over 1900 extensions available for download and with guaranteed compatibility with Contao, the Content Management System boasts one of the most versatile extension libraries available to any CMS. If you are not so big on the development of websites or coding, Contao has still got you.

You can ditch the back office and download extensions that will come through for you when you need them to. From an intuitive theme manager that helps you with customizing each page and whipping it up into shape to communicate your mind to your audience even in the absence of words.

The software, although open-ended is highly secured, its user-friendly live update ensures that everyone is up to date with what is happening on the site. If you have never had a website and you need a guide to put you through how it is done, the intuitive live demo that is available within Contao is ever ready to do the honors.

Contao is suited for medium scaled organizations and not for profits organization as it places control into their hands and allows them to either sell their products or garner donations (as the case may be) rather sleekly and without any ado with its incorporated e-commerce solution.

The high performance and extendable architecture that Contao brings to the table cannot be faulted and if you are looking at building a not too complex website for your organization, no other content management system will come through for you like Contao will.

As a CMS, Contao differentiates between users and members and this makes management of your website easy and forthright. Contao differs from Drupal and WordPress in its hierarchical structure and this allows versatility and a different outlay for your website. Contao offers the following features:

Extended Editors functions: Contao allows editors to extend their functions via the back office, editors and developers can add different functions to the website without interfering with the normal procedures.

Full text search engine: You can easily search for text that has been entered at any time on the website, the full-text search engine can be a god sent in situations where you need to check out something that has been posted long ago.

Other features include: Integrated data manager, form generator, core module, newsletter module, mobile accessibility. When you need a CMS, what you should look at getting Contao.

Tips for picking a host for Contao

Choosing Contao as your website CMS is a good choice but that is not all there is to it. You have to pick an equally practical web host to host your website if you really want to get the best out of your CMS and make the best of your website. Picking a website host for your contao-hosted website is, of course, going to be a bit dicey but you can use the following tips in a bid to pick out the best host just for you.

Consider your personal needs: with a CMS like Contao, you will really need to pick a web host that is popular among websites that uses Contao as the CMS. You want to pick a website host that ensures that your needs are met. Some of the needs you should consider include:

The kind of website you intend to create?

The amount of traffic you are expecting to generate?

Will you require any special inbuilt features for your website?

Once you have answered these questions, you are ready to pick the host that will take care of your personal needs. Of course, there is much more to consider aside this.

Host reliability and speed: You would want a host that will give you all the uptime you need. Maximum uptime will definitely be a must, of course, no host can guarantee a 100% uptime but then some can still guarantee a 99% uptime. If it’s a new website, you may not be so keen on speed but you will want a host that allows your website to stay online all of the time or at least a lot of the time.

Great upgrade options: Except if you are moving your website, most website will usually start from a shared hosting option. It is only after a while depending on the traffic your website is generating that you can decide to go for a hosting upgrade. It is a good idea to know what your upgrade options are because there will definitely be a need for growth. While you would have to start out on a shared hosting platform, you will definitely want a host that allows for virtual private hosting and you will not need to break the bank to actualize the upgrade.

Security: If you have ever had your website hacked, you will know how big a security conscious host can help you secure your website. While Contao is fairly secured on its own, some added security and protection from your website host will definitely ensure that you are even better secured.

Customer and technical support: You must find out how your prospective host company offers their customer and technical support. Is it round the clock or just during business hours? You are better off with a web host that provides round the clock support, that ensures that you can get a hold of a customer agent even at unconventional periods.

You must also ascertain that your prospective web hosting company runs a multi-channeled customer service experience; they must possess at least four different ways that clients can use in communicating with them.

Technical support too is of high importance with a CMS like Contao, the fact that it has a back office shows that. Your website host must be able to provide features that will ensure your Contao experience is worthwhile.

Choosing Contao as your website content management system is only a first step in the right direction, you must equally get a compatible host to go along with it.

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