10 Best Invision Community Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top Invision Community Hosting Companies)

Best Invision Community Hosting & Best Hosting for Invision Community

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Best Invision Community Hosting & Best Hosting for Invision Community

Invision community is a community software designed by Invision Power Services. The internet software is written using PHP and makes use of MySQL as its DBMS (Database Management System).

The company sells applications which are bought and set up separately alongside the Suite. Invision Community is simply the collection of different software offered by Invision Power Services.

The software also offers documentation and tools that allow a community to build their own themes, applications and things that are sold to customers or shared for free via the Invision community.

With this community software, you can build an online community your audience and customers need. Also, Invision Community’s social media tools, monetization, and theme customization let you connect with customers, boost brand loyalty, and simplify brand discussion on a platform you manage.

Basically, the software has all a company needs to create and manage a successful online community – from permissions tools, flexible moderation to content promotions and spam management.


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Features of Invision community

1. Flexible

  • With Invision community, you can modify the platform specifically to suit the needs of your organization.
  • It is completely brandable to form a smooth customer experience.

2. Easy to edit and manage

  • With this amazing software, you can assign and monitor tickets, build departments with special email addresses, and monitor the performance of staff.

3. Advertising support

The software integrates with a current ad platform like Google AdSense. It allows you to display ads automatically. You can also vend advertising space to specific members through self-service ad packages.

4. Responsive

  • The responsive design functions effectively on tablets, desktops, and phones.
  • The notification option allows you to keep abreast of current events.
  • The modifiable per-user action streams highlight what is currently happening.

5. Calendar

You can build the event pages of your community over different calendars with iCal syncing, RSVP support, venues and so much more.

How can Invision community help your business?

1. It helps you connect with your customers directly

  • It puts an end to customer relation problems quickly before it gets complicated.
  • With Invision community, you will get instant feedback on your service and products.
  • Encourage and reward excellent brand ambassadors

2. It reduces costs using P2P support

  • You can cut staffing costs by encouraging your users to assist each other.
  • Build a searchable and public knowledge hub organically
  • Locate brand professionals and provide them with resources to excel.

3. Assist employees to become productive and efficient

  • The software enhances intra-company partnership with intranet communities
  • It alleviates siloing by promoting information sharing
  • With Invision community, you will never miss important details.
  • The software lets your own community to get intensely integrated into fan encounter.
  • The Commenting application promotes your community in your store pages, articles, and news.
  • Member moderation and thorough approaches to content

4. Forums

The Forums module drives a lot of dialogue around the web.

5. Blog Update

The feature offers users with appropriate tools to build personal blog within their community.


The software lets you Share resources, documents, and so much more with the strong file manager. Also, it blends with the commerce tools, which permits purchasable download.

7. Gallery Updated

Add media files and share with your community so users can form and share their personal albums.

8. Reputation

Distinguish your troublemakers and valuable users with Invision community’s reputation system. Users receive reputation points and they are displayed aside their content.

9. Activity Streams

Users can view the content they choose with shareable, customizable activity streams which are filled with a filter option.

10. Promoted Content

The software let you highlight excellent contents from the community.

11. Support Desk

It also has a complete support system for managing inquiries.

Tips on choosing a web hosting for Invision Community

Choosing the host provider can either make or mar the quality performance, communication, and speed of your website. To ensure that you select the perfect web host for Invision community, here are some helpful tips:

1. Support and Security

A good hosting company will offer secure servers that run on current software. It ensures that your website is online all through the day. A reliable web host should offer excellent customer support service that helps to solve inquiries or technical issues.

Some hosting services are faced downtime which is between some minutes to hours of outages. During this period, users may find it difficult to access your website. Also, note that most hosting providers do not communicate and update users regarding situations like upgrades, outages, and more. Hence, choose a web host that communicates and provides an excellent support system.

2. Reliability and Performance

When a web host server experiences any issues, all the websites on that particular server will encounter downtime. If this happens, it will take a lot of time for the site to function again.

Furthermore, if your web host so not prioritizes security, hacking may occur and it can expose the whole server to threats.

Also, if there is a lot of traffic on the server and resources are overloaded, your website may not function effectively. Therefore it is imperative that you select a reliable web host for Invision community software.

3. Commitment

Basically, a great hosting relationship is a lasting commitment. Searching for a new web hosting providers is unnerving, as it involves transferring domains and files (which is a hassle). Hence, find a great web host that is persistent and willing to offer hosting services for a very long time. In addition, choose a web host service that provides top-rate and popular features at a dedicated hosting level.

4. Speed

Speed is one of the most crucial parts of web hosting. A website that loads slowly will definitely lose visitors. Choose web hosts that invest in state of the art technologies and top quality servers to enhance the websites operate. Other tips to consider include bandwidth offered by the web host and reviews.

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