5 Best KL Web Hosting Malaysia Review 2020

Last Updated - June 26, 2020
best kl web hosting malaysia
best kl web hosting malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. The city is often called as KL by many people around the world. The people living in Kuala Lumper are referred to as KLites. The city is populated with Malaysian people. As it is the capital city of Malaysia, most of the big services in Malaysia including web hosting is available in KL.

Today’s article will be directed towards providing you with some web hosting solutions in KL. Although there aren’t so many web hosting companies that have great services for people living in Malaysia, or more specifically in KL.

But we have managed to find a list of web hosting companies that also focuses on providing web hosting solutions for people living in KL, Malaysia. We will be giving our humble opinion on each of these web hosting companies to help you decide and choose one.

5 Best KL Web Hosting Malaysia Review:

1. SiteGround

siteground best kl web hosting malaysia

SiteGround is a famous web hosting platform designed specifically for easy website management. The platform has been used by people from all over the globe and is trusted by millions of people. They provide countless tools to enhance site-building experience.

The platform gives its users a lot of services that can be used for hosting a website. Whether you want to build a website from scratch, or simply manage your website, SiteGround has solutions for all kinds of your hosting problems.

One of the data centers the platform has to offer is located in Singapore which is near to Malaysia. Due to this reason, people living in Malaysia can expect better hosting services.

As KL is a capital city in Malaysia, this makes SiteGround one of the best web hosting companies for people living there. These reasons are more than enough to consider this web hosting company as your daily hosting solution.

SiteGround for Malaysia Hosting (Top Ranked)

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2. A2Hosting

a2hosting best kl web hosting malaysia

A2Hosting provides a reliable solution to people looking for hosting their websites. They feature a very fast web hosting solution that is designed to host websites at an incredible speed. You can opt for any of their fantastic hosting plans.

It does not matter whether the person has ever hosted a website before, or is already a professional at it, as A2Hosting offers answers to all of their hosting problems.

Apart from giving amazingly fast hosting servers, you will also get added security benefits. These security benefits will help you always have a secure hosting environment. You will never have to worry about a breach of security while using the platform.

The hosting platform gives both options of shared and managed web hosting. Providing their users with both of these features help them be more dynamic while dealing with their users. Both of these options come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, it’s only a matter of what you need more.

3. HostGator

hostgator best kl web hosting malaysia

HostGator is a pretty good web hosting company that offers its users with a bunch of hosting solutions. The company has an interactive way of dealing with its user’s hosting problems through the help of its impressive features and services.

They have web hosting solutions for every kind of website, whether it is for a small business, personal project, or an enterprise. The process of hosting these websites is quite easy as well, all thanks to HostGator.

At a very cheap price, you can get full access to some of their best features. They will provide you with a very efficient website builder, that is very simple to use. You will also be able to choose from WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, or Dedicated hosting.

In summary, HostGator will be able to cover all your needs for web hosting in KL, Malaysia while providing you with a bunch of interactive features.

4. BlueHost

bluehost best kl web hosting malaysia

BlueHost is a great web hosting company that provides its users with a number of web hosting solutions. Their amazing services have convinced millions of people from all over the world to choose them for hosting their websites.

They thrive to help their customer’s website reach its highest potential by giving them a bunch of features, such as paid ad credit and some marketing services.

If you’re someone who is hesitant about choosing a new hosting company out of the blue or is just new to the concept of hosting. BlueHost assures such users by giving them an option of a full 30-day money-back guarantee which will allow you to get a full refund, granted you claim your refund under the first 30 days of buying their services.

All of these services have made us choose this hosting platform as one of the best web hosting companies for people living in KL, Malaysia.

5. ExaBytes

exabytes best kl web hosting malaysia

Exabytes offers a bunch of web hosting services to all of its customers. They provide a complete solution to all of the web hosting problems. Through the use of their services, you can grow your website online with little to no effort.

The online hosting platform is trusted by people all over the globe. They have satisfied every one of their customers through their countless features for web hosting. They give you the opportunity of being able to host your website in just 7 days!

With the assistance of their powerful tools, you can host whatever website you want. All of the data is stored in SSDs which helps fasten the process by a huge margin. They also offer daily backups and server caching.

On top of these features, you will also be getting a network uptime of 99.9 percent and a server uptime of 99.5 percent.

Choosing The Best KL Web Hosting Malaysia Review:

So, there you have it. These are some of the best web hosting companies that offer their service for all the people living in KL, Malaysia.

We have thoroughly reviewed these web hosting companies to make sure you will be provided with only the best options for all your web hosting problems.