5 Best Malaysia Cyberjaya Web Hosting Review 2020

Last Updated - June 22, 2020
best malaysia cyberjaya web hosting
best malaysia cyberjaya web hosting

There are many web hosting services accessible in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. The people living and working around the tech park can choose their preferred web hosting services from a variety of different options.

You can pick from top global names or go for a reliable name with local servers. In this list, we will look for the best Malaysia Cyberjaya web hosting options.

5 Best Malaysia Cyberjaya Web Hosting Review:

1. SiteGround:

siteground best malaysia cyberjaya web hosting

SiteGround is ranked A+ worldwide when it comes to functioning at maximum speed. One of the various data centers of SiteGround is located in Singapore, which is great for Cyberjaya web hosting, each offering the best gear and all the hosting tools. SiteGround offers 10GB SSD storage with a proper free daily backups feature.

One can smoothly access the superfast speed upon enabling the free CDN function of SiteGround. This web hosting service is successfully powered by Cloudflare for its customers so they can have their website locally stored on worldwide servers. SiteGround works exceptionally well, regardless of where its data center is located. It works excellent with Malaysia and other surrounding countries, with its data centers located nearby.

Budget-oriented Malaysian companies can enjoy all the hosting tools of SiteGround web hosting service with its highly cost-effective rates. However, new consumers can have free site migration upon subscribing to SiteGround. With the built-in feature of Super Cacher, it is easy to make websites load supremely fast. Moreover, the 24/7 customer support has you covered with its fastest means of communicating. Overall, SiteGround is a reliable platform for bloggers and business owners.

SiteGround for Malaysia Hosting (Top Ranked)

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SiteGround Uptime

2. A2Hosting:

a2hosting best malaysia cyberjaya web hosting

A2 Hosting is mainly known for its fast data centers around the world. It is no doubt a reasonable web hosting service offering the best ranges of features and hosting tools within affordable prices. The leading services of this web hosting are shared, hosting a comprehensive range of benefits and features. The services that this host provides include shared Hosting, VPS options, and reselling plans.

The leading services of A2Hosting are quite appealing for website owners in Malaysia whose target markets are those of Southeast Asian consumers. It has several data centers situated in Singapore. Successfully launched features like SSD storage and CloudFare CDN, loading speeds get super-fast and reliable. The best part is this web hosting service efficiently contributes to rank user’s websites on the first or second page.

A2 Hosting is equipped with a 24/7 customer support service. Customers are also required to submit a ticket if they face persistent hosting issues. Overall, the highlighted features of A2Hosting includes superefficient web loading speed with an impressive uptime percentage.

3. HostGator:

hostgator best malaysia cyberjaya web hosting

HostGator is undoubtedly the leading web hosting service that sufficiently supports your website with its best possible hosting tools and high speeds. Unlimited bandwidth provides the power to generate high uploading speed for websites.

There are a number of its data centers located in both Malaysia and Singapore that have been benefitting the owners of many top multi-technical companies as well as mere individuals for maintaining their right global presence on websites.

Most of the business websites established in Malaysia Cyberjaya might need their server located in Singapore data centers. Every blog owner and highly built e-commerce setup require an excellent web hosting service to efficiently run their websites.

HostGator is highly in demand in Malaysia and its surroundings for its great web hosting features such as boasting quality cloud, CDN for fast speed, VPS, and the other dedicated server packages. HostGator highly supports shared plans of various companies in terms of web hosting. Its shared packages are substantial and are worth giving a shot.

A well-organized customer support services and fantastic uptime make HostGator a go-to web hosting service for Malaysia Cyberjaya.

4. Bluehost:

bluehost best malaysia cyberjaya web hosting

Bluehost is regarded as one of the most prominent web hosting services for beginners as it is super beginner-friendly. Its hosting services provide a well-organized WordPress hosting for their website’s content management system. Bluehost web hosting is highly influential for Malaysia Cyberjaya because of its robust hosting tools. With the affordable pricing range, Bluehost grants a free domain upon signing up for a whole complete year.

Bluehost has several data centers in Malaysia and Singapore, each of which provides the fastest loading speed times to their consumers. It works perfectly fine for all sorts of users, be them blog owners and e-commerce business website, owners. Shared Hosting is highly encouraged. Other prominent features of this hosting service are cloud hosting, WooCommerce, Virtual Private Server, and, last but not least, WordPress hosting.

Bluehost offers reliably fast website loading times with dispersed and unlimited hosting resources. It has highly responsive customer support services.

5. Exabytes:

exabytes best malaysia cyberjaya web hosting

Exabytes is an exceptional web hosting server for organizations on a large and small scale. With the best services for establishing the website, this web host’s tools are highly recommended for web hosting in Cyberjaya. The hosting plans offer WordPress hosting quite quickly and efficiently. Moreover, Cloud SSD VPS helps websites to load faster, thus enhancing their speed and work efficiency.

Exabytes has various data centers all over South East Asia, which makes it super useful for Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia. It exhibits excellent uploading speed for managing multiple websites.

Moreover, web hosting services of this host has a minimalistic and clean design with a super impressive uptime of 99.5% that keeps this hosting web service on top. Highly responsive 24/7 customer service has you covered. Exabytes is quite in demand for its budget-oriented plans. The uptime might be not that impressive, however, it is quite acceptable with this host’s less pricing.

Choosing The Best Malaysia Cyberjaya Web Hosting

Above are the top-rated web hosting services, especially for the residents and professionals of Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

Before opting for any hosting solution for your website, make sure to set their goals first. However, it is better to rely on those web hosting servers that are mastered in providing the superfast speed and maximum uptime.