5 Best Malaysia InMotion hosting Alternatives Review 2020

Last Updated - June 22, 2020
best malaysia inmotion hosting alternatives
best malaysia inmotion hosting alternatives


InMotion is undoubtedly a great web hosting service providing company majorly popular for its amazing WordPress hosting services and many more cool features.

But if you use it to host your web pages or blogs, you must be familiar with the drawbacks which come along. Therefore we have come up with a list of top 5 Best Malaysia InMotion web hosting Alternatives that you can use for hosting your websites.

5 Best Malaysia InMotion hosting Alternatives Review:

1. SiteGround

siteground best malaysia inmotion hosting alternatives

SiteGround is obviously the number choice of people when it comes down to searching the best Malaysia InMotion web hosting alternative. It is one of the most popular and trusted web hosting platforms that are pretty compatible with all your desires related to hosting your own web whether it’s a general informal blog or a quite sophisticated business page.

SiteGround provides you with a variety of domain names and very easy to follow the domain-registration method. It is currently handling more than 2,000,000 unique domains with its huge network of servers providing coverage to Malaysia through its Singaporean data centers. The connection is fast without interruptions or network interference.

Serving many people with its web hosting services since 2004, SiteGround has become a great web hosting competitor for other similar companies like InMotion, GoDaddy, etc. It offers you to migrate on its network free of cost to fulfill all your site-building dreams. It cost a fortune but the fabulous features sure deserve the high cost.

Although it’s an expensive choice yet it offers so many free features to balance your pocket with its Free Email accounts, Free Site-Building tools and templates, Free Backup and Cloud-fare CDN, Free SSL, and HTTPS. It also lets you transfer your site freely and comes with a 30 day based money-back guarantee.

SiteGround for Malaysia Hosting (Top Ranked)

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2. A2Hosting

a2hosting best malaysia inmotion hosting alternatives

A2Hosting is the next most popular web hosting service provider in Malaysia on our list. It is an easy-going web hosting server that ensures to handle your busy trafficking websites with great performance capabilities. It has amazing fast speed working servers stationed in Malaysia and other different parts of the world.

Famous for its reliability feature, A2Hosting Company is also capable of providing you with all the much-needed features as InMotion along with super-fast SSD hosting services. With its high-performing servers and professional web hosting plans, it is hard to move on from A2Hosting.

A2Hosting doesn’t only handle the high network traffic on your website or page but it also monitors and manages your page in times of low traffic situations. With the help of its great necessary tool kit, you can easily create and manage your own websites of whatever type and purpose.

Moreover, A2Hosting comes with a new WHM control panel that helps you to get a full complete grip over your page or site. You can control and manage all kinds of different web hosting accounts on A2Hosting easily.

3. HostGator

hostgator best malaysia inmotion hosting alternatives

You must have seen or heard about HostGator.com if you run your own website or manage a blog for someone else. As it is such a professional web hosting tool the majority of people are quite familiar with its name. HostGator has been providing great web hosting services for quite some time through its huge server network based on many different countries including Malaysia.

As for the web hosting services, HostGator provides its VPS, shared, reseller, as well as dedicated service plans for its user’s comfort. Depending on your requirements and ease of use, you can go for a service plan that best suits your needs.

As for the pricing and purchasing HostGator is currently offering three different web hosting subscription offers that are the Hatchling Plan for basic level beginners and newcomers, the HostGator Baby Plan for intermediate level web users, and the last but not least HostGator Business Plan which is especially for the expert level web owners running their huge businesses and popular SEO based websites.

4. BlueHost

bluehost best malaysia inmotion hosting alternatives

Bluehost is famous for its exceptional web hosting services like InMotion which is why it acquires the fourth position in the list of best Malaysia Inmotion web hosting alternatives. It is a professional tool with all the great web hosting features offering a major platform for a variety of websites and applications.

It offers its great web hosting services through a network channel based in Malaysia and many other countries providing a wide coverage across the globe. Its partnership with Google has brought many unique benefits for its users and all the web owners who are looking forward to launching their new webpages.

BlueHost is currently one of the most efficient as well as powerful professional web hosting platforms that comes with all types of web hosting plans ranging from its migration services to VPS hosting including shared and dedicated plans as well for you.

Also, the website space which is considered to be the most important web issue is smartly and efficiently covered by Bluehost Company.

5. Exabytes

exabytes best malaysia inmotion hosting alternatives

Exabytes is offering its award-winning web hosting services in the form of all necessary web plans just like Inmotion which is why its name is included in our list of best Malaysia Inmotion web hosting alternatives.

It offers both important plans like shared web hosting as well as VPS web hosting. Plus you can also opt to use reseller hosting or dedicated web hosting whatever suits you better.

It is capable of managing all the network traffic of your webpage or application without great efficiency so that you can focus mainly on improving your site. With its excellent web hosting features, you can easily run all your sites smoothly using the Exabytes platform instead of Inmotion hosting.

Choosing The Best Malaysia InMotion Hosting Alternatives

The above-described list of best Malaysia Inmotion web hosting alternatives can help you choose the most suitable platform to host your webpages and sites depending upon what are your requirements.

These options are our top recommendations but you can opt for what best suits your needs.