5 Best Malaysia NetKL Web Hosting Alternatives Review 2020

Last Updated - June 24, 2020
best malaysia netkl web hosting alternatives
best malaysia netkl web hosting alternatives

With increasing internet consumption, the number of websites is rising nonetheless. The websites can be pretty complicated to develop since there are multiple factors to consider.

Similarly, the web hosting demands consideration of multiple factors, such as speed, time, value for money, storage, disk space, and server locations. These factors interpret the entire experience regarding the website owner’s experience.

Hunting down the top-notch web hosting might look all simple but if you are living in Malaysia, you might need to be selective about it. That’s because Malaysian websites can be jargon. One such web hosting is NetKL.

This web hosting has the best customer service in town. If your Malaysian website has a minimal user base, NetKL will offer optimized services. But this isn’t the case for everyone, right?

That’s because NetKL won’t suit you if your user base starts increasing or if you want to customize the website experience. In this article, we are sharing 5 Best Malaysia NetKL Web Hosting Alternatives Review 2020.

These alternatives are optimum for everyone who’s a Malaysian website and want to personalize the user experience. So, let’s start what these web hostings have in the house for you (and your website of course!)

5 Best Malaysia NetKL Web Hosting Alternatives Review:

1. SiteGround

siteground best malaysia netkl web hosting alternatives

Be it the speed or amazing prices, SiteGround has become the most preferred choice for Malaysian websites. Even more, the speed won’t be compromised anywhere around the world. According to customers, web hosting has a fast speed in other countries, but it’s faster in Malaysia. SiteGround offers a free CDN feature that empowers the users to increase the speed even more.

SiteGround is designed that has numerous local servers in the world. This is how web hosting offers the fastest speed by establishing connections with local servers. SiteGround has more than 500,000 onboard with minimal complaints so far.

SiteGround offers daily backup service, enabling website owners to have data backup at all ends. They’ve cPanel feature that eases the utilization and operation. SiteGround creates a mixture of devices and resources, promising zero server downtime.

SiteGround has a huge network with four data centers, promising uninterrupted services. The only downside of SiteGround is the expensive renewal prices once the annual plan is over.

SiteGround for Malaysia Hosting (Top Ranked)

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SiteGround Uptime

2. A2Hosting

a2hosting best malaysia netkl web hosting alternatives

This web hosting was first launched back in the year 2001. Ever since then, it’s been named as the best alternative of NetKL for the Malaysian websites. The service has multiple servers locally installed in Singapore.

This ensures that people will get fast-operating websites as there are multiple local servers. These servers will establish zero downtime for your website (irrespective of user base numbers).

A2Hosting provides affordable (some people name them cheap) plans. This is how every Malaysian website can yield positive results. A2Hosting has SSD servers that promise high speeds and zero latency. The web hosting offers 89/ms speed in Asia. The best feature of A2Hosting is the unlimited storage and bandwidth, promising exceptional user experience for the website owners.

A2Hosting has an cPanel, promising easy operation and performance. Web hosting has top-notch customer support available in more than 20 different languages. However, there aren’t daily backups available, so you’ll be responsible for your website data. Also, there are no free SSL features, but they have compensated with SSD servers to ensure zero compromises on serviceability and speed.

3. HostGator

hostgator best malaysia netkl web hosting alternatives

This web hosting has been named as one of the largest web hosting services across the globe. HostGator has designed cumulative web hosting and VPS hosting, offering everything a website owner is looking for through one platform.

HostGator has installed dedicated and all-time-operational servers in Singapore. These servers make HostGator an optimal choice for Malaysian websites. This web hosting has the most reliable services and performance.

HostGator has 24/7 chat support available, always available to answer the customer queries and concerns. As for the speed, HostGator provides 71/ms speed in Malaysia with unlimited SSD consumption. However, the worldwide speed is 173.2/ms speed. These speed factors interpret zero loading time for the website user base.

HostGator has an optimized app that makes everything convenient for website owners. Also, they offer integration of PHP7 and SSD storage that promises speedy operations. For the turbo plan users, there are specialized turbo servers that increase the speed by twenty folds. As far as the cons are concerned, we couldn’t find any. However, some people have had complaints about lousy customer service.

4. BlueHost

bluehost best malaysia netkl web hosting alternatives

If you are looking for easy and streamlined web hosting services, BlueHost is a clear choice. Once the website owners are done managing the website pages, they can start operating the webpages in no time. BlueHost is an apt choice for beginners as it’s designed with the cPanel. The cPanel interface promises an interactive and easy-to-use service.

BlueHost offers 405/ms speed that promises faster website loading times. The web hosting service has 99.93% uptime, which is pretty well as compared to other web hosting services. As for the price factor, they have multiple plans, suiting the operational and affordability needs of the users. With each plan, BlueHost provides an SSL certificate, promising zero security breaches.

There are domain privacy features that keep the personal domain information safe. Also, there is a SiteLock feature that promises website protection against malware and the CodeGuard provides daily backup service.

Last but not least, BlueHost has Postini protective tool, promising zero spam emails from your website. However, the plan renewal and site migration charges are higher, so do consider that!

5. Exabytes

exabytes best malaysia netkl web hosting alternatives

If you are looking for a local Malaysian web hosting service, Exabytes is an amazing option out there. The website has local servers, promising high local speed. This means that Exabytes is an effective and affordable choice for Malaysian website owners.

Exabytes has been offering web hosting services since 2001 and has established 121 servers in different countries. In Malaysia, the website owners can have 74/ms speed and there is 50GB disk space available. As for the disk transfer, BlueHost provides 100GB transfer.

BlueHost is an apt choice for the WordPress website owners as it’s highly compatible. On top of everything, the web hosting provides 99.95% uptime, promising zero impact on the website loading time and performance. However, website speed isn’t great around the globe.

Choosing The Best Malaysia NetKL Web Hosting Alternatives

This article has reflected upon different web hosting alternatives to NetKL. Be it the disk storage, disk transfer, or speed, we’ve shared information about every aspect.

It’s essential to note that website loading time directly impacts the user experience, so choose the right web hosting