10 Best MODX Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top MODX Hosting Companies)

Best MODX Hosting & Best Hosting for MODX

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Best MODX Hosting & Best Hosting for MODX

MODX is an open source management and application software for the web that can be used to publish various contents on the internet. MODX project was started by Raymond Irving and Ryan Thrash [both of whom are renowned developers] sometimes in 2004, and by 2005, MODX became a part of Etomite.

In 2008, a new logo was created for MODX project, and it was newly branded. In 2010, a re-write of the CMS was published which produced the first version of MODX Revolution.

The year 2010 was such an eventful year for the MODX project, as it was in that same year that MODX LLC was launched, and the first official MODX conference was held which was mainly sponsored by Microsoft. In July 2012, Clipper CMS which was referred to as MODX 1 was launched, and in October that same year, MODX cloud was launched to be the cloud-based hosting service for all MODX sites.


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This cloud hosting service of MODX was later split in 2013 to venture into WordPress hosting, but this split was not long lasting as MODX cloud became integrated once again later that same year. In July 2014, an updated manager interface which was an improvement of MODX 1 was released to the public and called MODX 2.3.

MODX 2.3 remained one of the most outstanding technological innovations for several years. MODX kept welcoming more and more innovative ideas, and by the year 2015, MODX 2.4 was released. This new version of MODX introduced a new level of security, stability, and efficiency to MODX.

Undergoing all these stages of development, MODX aims at giving front-end developers, web designers and bodies an opportunity to easily create web pages to house various web contents of users using their HTML and CSS knowledge. MODX provides for its users an easy to use, very secure and stable platform for content creation, management, and promotion.

MODX Cloud

The MODX Cloud is the cloud-based hosting service for MODX sites. It is a two-way platform as it can be used for web development and cloud hosting. Its features are not just unique, but they have also been designed in such a way as to make it user-friendly. It is optimized for the MODX Revolution, and it has a staged workflow that is not parallel to itself. Most importantly it has several automatic offsite backups, and it is very fast, most secured and super reliable.


This is the Content Management System of MODX. With the MODX CMS, creating a web page and managing its content is a whole lot easier. This is because the MODX CMS gives users creative freedom thus making them innovative in their different ways. It is free, easy to use, and easily accessible.

MODX Services

The MODX Services helps users to facilitate the effective use of and working on the MODX platform. Here, users can receive MODX training, diagnostics, and troubleshooting; users can also learn the custom application and website development, and also enjoy an opportunity to receive the commercial support of the platform when needed.

MODX is written in a PHP language and is licensed under the GPL. Credited to be the world’s fastest, most flexible, scalable, and secure open source PHP CMS; MODX was awarded the ‘Most Promising Open Source Content Management System’ award by Packt Publishing in 2007.

This feat has since been maintained as MODX keeps opening itself to innovations on a timely basis to ensure the platform is regularly being developed to meet the technological demands of modern times and provide the value desired by its users when it comes to web creation and development, as well as content creation and development.

Choosing the MODX Hosting

One of the most challenging task for anyone starting out in the launch of an application is the selection of a web host that’s reliable and efficient. You are sure going to be bamboozled by the large number of web hosting companies available, especially if you don’t know the right places to look to. Here, a list of tips have been compiled to enable you go for the best when choosing a web host for MODX application.

Security Is Key

The importance of web security is toppling everyday, especially with the continued sophistication of fraudulent activities online. Your choice of web host goes a long way to determine the security level of your application.

During the process of application design, you need a web host that guarantees intrusion protection, strong firewalls, and monitoring to give you staying power against malware. Additionally, your host should be able to provide backup services that will ensure that your app is easily restored in an event when it is taken offline.

Speed Matters

Of course this is an important issue to consider when selecting a host for your MODX application. In our days and time, the world is moving at a dangerous speed, and every technological processes have to reciprocate this level of speed too.

People hardly stay on any app that is not fast enough to give them what they want within a fraction of seconds. You don't want to own an application that will be abandoned eventually, and that's why you have to put the offer of speed into consideration when you are picking a web hosting company for your MODX application.


When you hear availability in this industry, it is a technical way of saying that a site has to be reliable. When selecting a web hosting service, a major criteria that you should pay importance to is the availability ratio of the hosting company.

In simpler terms, they should be able to guarantee you that your app will stay online and not be affected much or fail due to errors from their servers. Ideally, you should gun for a provider that can offer uptime of up to 99.95% or higher, this way, your app is guaranteed a high degree of staying power.

24/7/365 Technical Support

There are times when managing your app can get somewhat technically tasking, with unexpected problems arising that you may not know how to solve. At such times, it will be important to have your web host at hand to be able to do a quick fix of the problem. For this reason, you'll need a web host that will be there to render support irrespective of time or day, so that you don't lose customers from different geographical locations or time zones.

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10 Best MODX Hosting Reviews and the Top MODX Hosting Companies

Choosing the Best MODX Hosting

In our time, you have to be careful, if your application must compete favorably with thousands of similar apps in the app market. These tips should give you a good clue to select only the best host.

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