10 Best Moodle Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top Moodle Hosting Companies)

Best Moodle Hosting & Best Hosting for Moodle

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Best Moodle Hosting & Best Hosting for Moodle

If you have ever had or used an e-learning platform, there is a 60% probability that you have interacted with Moodle. Moodle is a free, open-source learning management tool, it is distributed under the GNU general public license. Intended for blended learning, distant education and for the general creation of an electronic learning platform, Moodle is PHP written and has GitHub as its repository.

Originally created by Martin Dougiamas, the first version of the Course management system was released on the 20th of August 2002. The project has ever since grown bigger, today, the project is coordinated by Moodle HQ- an Australian firm that houses over 80 developers.

It is interesting to know that MOODLE is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, while the M has also been said to be in honor of the tool creator- Mr. Martin Dogiamas. In choosing the name, the dictionary meaning of the acronym was also considered as well as the available domain names.


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Moodle has been translated into over a hundred and ten different languages in a bid to make it accessible to every country in the world. The most current update of the software was released on the 17th of May 2018.

Functionality and accessibility: The functionality and accessibility of the Moodle Course Management System are quite diverse. It includes:

Plugins: Moodle boasts a huge number of plugins, as it sports a flexible toolset. Moodle allows for the extension of the core features. The developer team behind the software are fully active and they churn out plugins after plugins to ensure that the user experience is top-notch. As of June 2017, there are a thousand, three hundred and forty-two plugins available for the Moodle Course Management System. These plugins range from calendars to Picture galleries.

Themes: Learning can be better simulated in a colorful environment. Themes can help to achieve the classy look that you desire to have in your E-learning class. You can easily change the feel of the electronic learning environment in a bid to achieve this change.

Mobile-friendly: Moodle is not just the user PHP written web-based interface, it also sports a mobile application. The mobile-friendliness of Moodle extends across all platforms- from Android, window’s mobile and iOS. The mobile version of Moodle is highly responsive and has undergone a number of updates over a period of time.

E-learning support and functions: There are a couple of e-learning solutions that Moodle has incorporated into its interface. The features of the course management system include

  • leaderboards; leaderboards allow for an overview of the entire course completed over a period of time and compile a list based on performance. It allows for productive competition between the member of a particular e-learning platform.
  • There Is also a quiz feature that allows for objective based questions to be asked from members of an e-learning platform, the result is compiled on the leaderboard and can also be used effectively to increase e-learning functionality.

Apart from these functionalities, Moodle has effectively collaborated with the leading innovator in the Course management industry- The White Board Inc. This has placed Moodle as the third most used course management system based on usage. If you are looking to select a course management system that delivers the goods in a friendly, responsive atmosphere. You need not look too far, Moodle is the answer.

It is a fast, secure and highly integrated course management system that should be able to save the day whether you are looking to use it as a Distant learning software interface or a flip class application. Get Moodle and half of your problems as a teacher is solved.

Tips for choosing a Web Host for Moodle

As wonderful as Moodle can be as a course management system, with the versatility and dynamic approach it offers to teachers and students alike, without the proper type of hosting, the relevance of the system may be severely undermined. There are a few tips you should look out for in picking a web host for Moodle and this includes amongst others:

Simplicity: Moodle is a simple, versatile course management system. You don’t want to screw up the simplicity the system offers by going for a web host that complicates the procedure of hosting your simple Moodle interface. When you are on the lookout for a web host for your Moodle, do ensure you pick the simplest and straightforward out of the entire options available to you.

Cost: While you may be looking for a host to handle your Moodle powered E-learning website, you sure want to look for the most affordable option. Here is the catch though; a number of web hosting companies offer a lower first-time web hosting price.

When it is time for you to renew your hosting plan, the company will then inflate the charges in a bid to rip you off. A good way to avoid this is to do effective research before you pick the web host of your choice.

Ensure that the price is industry competitive if you notice a pricing scheme that is seemingly low, conduct further research. Well, except you want to break the bank to pay off your hosting charges. The question is: do you?

Technical support: If it’s your first time administering a website that is Moodle powered, you have to use a web host that is big on technical support. If you are not new to administering Moodle-powered websites, you will have an idea of how important technical support is to the growth and development of your website. Not only must the right resources be available, the personnel deployed by the web hosting company must also be friendly and willing to help.

Competent Customer services: It is only to your advantage if the web hosting company of your choice offers a round the clock customer services. It will equally be beneficial that the company stays on their toes in the area of finding innovative ways to handle customer services. This may range across a wide variety of option; the company must provide at least four means of round the clock communication with all clients.

Access to dedicated servers: If you are really shooting for a fast, responsive electronic learning interface that is powered by Moodle, you must stay on the lookout for a web host that offers you dedicated servers. While a general multipurpose server will do just fine, nothing beats a Moodle dedicated server. It gives you the strength and finesse you need in administering a website that is powered by Moodle.

Security: This is a key area that must not be joked with, alongside the strongest of technical support; your website host should be able to provide round the clock security for your website. The host company should also provide daily back up, in case of any eventualities. You must bear in mind that Moodle is open sourced and as such is venerable against cyber-attacks. This is exactly why you must use a web hosting company that provides the strongest of security.

If you find a host that tick all of these boxes on your prospective web host list, do not hesitate. That is the host for you, remember administering a website can be so much fun when you have the right host.

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