10 Best MotoCMS Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top MotoCMS Hosting Companies)

Best MotoCMS Hosting & Best Hosting for MotoCMS

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Best MotoCMS Hosting & Best Hosting for MotoCMS

The evolution of site-building tools has led to the fact that even fine-tuning and website design can be performed without any specific knowledge. In other words, a complex product is created very simple, and this simplicity is achieved only due to a greater number of settings and intuitive interface.

MotoCMS is one of the easiest to use. It allows creating the websites of almost any kind and for a variety of industries.


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What is MotoCMS and how to use it

MotoCMS is a content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It allows creating the variety of sites.

Let’s start with choosing a template. MotoCMS has a large selection of various HTML templates that are suitable for a site of any subject and content. They all are divided into categories.

Each template with an attached CMS can be tested for free for 30 days, and there is no restriction of functions in the demo version, and of course, it is not necessary to place it on your host. Enter your email, the system automatically generates a test site with username and password for access.

That’s all, confirm the activation of the demo via the email and start working.

The interface can be divided into 4 areas: at the top, there is the toolbar. Here there is a quick access to the basic elements necessary for working with the site: navigation, adding, saving, switching to settings, and changing the view mode and switching to work with the mobile version of the site.

The left part is the panel for adding objects. In addition to standard blocks, text and drawing shapes, the user can quickly insert a picture through the built-in file manager, or also quickly place a video from YouTube or Vimeo on the page.

If we are talking about working with images, many will be pleased with a built-in graphics editor. You can upload the original image on the server (you can do it via Flickr, Picasa or Facebook), and then work with it directly inside the CMS.


Obviously, the tool will not be considered simple if the user is forced to surf the Internet for widgets and the ways to make them work. There is a decent number of add-ons that implement the maps (Google Maps), payment systems, lists, menus, galleries on the site.

All this can be added in a few mouse clicks, and the setting of each element, no matter it is adding an image or inserting the same widget, is done on the right side of the CMS interface.

Mobile version

Nowadays, to make a site that is not adapted for mobile devices is roughly the same as trying to make a mass product for people over 95 years old. Everyone is surfing the web with smartphones and tablets, computers are only in the offices, and even at home, many people are already too lazy to use them.

Here, the configuration of the mobile version design is provided through the appropriate editor. It is important to note that initially, the design of the desktop and mobile version is completely unified, and the mobile version along with the content is inherited from the full version, which at times reduces the time to work with it. Great advantage.

Website settings

You will easily setup and configure the website. Pay attention to the SEO and analytics section: Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are connected and configured in a couple of clicks, and links and explanations for these services are located right inside the system.

Here you run the information page, close certain pages with a password, and configure website fonts and backup.


Each package (that is, the template itself with the management system) costs $139 or more.

Tips on choosing a web hosting for MotoCMS

Do not look at a low price

Free or very cheap hosting can be chosen if you want to place light landing or just try how it works. If you are planning a serious long-term project, immediately throw away all the similar offers.

Learn technical characteristics

To correctly choose the type of hosting or tariff, you need to understand how much disk space and what technical features are required for your site. If you have never chosen the hosting before and have no one who will be able to help, it will be difficult.

Be sure to talk with the support team before buying, tell them what your site will be like. They will help you to choose the type of hosting and tariff.

To support MotoCMS, your hosting must support PHP 5.4 or later, Zend Guard Loader, and MySQL database.

Own equipment in a reliable data center

Ideally, the data centers should be located in several places and be equipped with modern security systems, firefighting, and air conditioning. Safety class — Tier III or better. This means that equipment can be disconnected only in critical situations, most of which are provided and monitored by engineers. When performing technical work, duplicate systems are turned on, so the server continues working.

Daily backups

That will help you to restore any lost data when something wrong happens.

Support for popular CMS

Most hosting providers by default support several popular content management systems. They even may provide the special CMS plan which is optimized for reliable and fast work.

DDoS protection

Do you think that your modest and yet small project is not threatened by an attack planned by competitors or intruders trying to steal information? In fact, the hackers run DDoS-attacks just for fun or to check the power. Therefore, you can suddenly become a victim.

High uptime

Uptime is the time of continuous operation of the computer system, that is, the time elapsed from the time of loading to shutdown (reboot, hang). Uptime is measured in percentages and actually shows the stability of the hosting. It should be not less than 99.5% to be really reliable.

By the way, honest hosting providers do not promise 100% uptime. There can be a lot of factors causing the risk of a server crash.

Access to the site via FTP

This is necessary for editing, deleting and copying folders and files on the server.

Setting up a mailbox on the domain

Business is much more respected when letters to customers come from a corporate mailbox. Ideally, the provider should offer an unlimited number of mailboxes.

We have just reviewed the basic information about MotoCMS and some tips on how to choose a reliable hosting. Follow the recommendations and you will have no any problems with your online projects.

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