10 Best VirtueMart Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top VirtueMart Hosting Companies)

Best VirtueMart Hosting & Best Hosting for VirtueMart

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Best VirtueMart Hosting & Best Hosting for VirtueMart

If you have ever built an online store using the Joomla! CMS interface, you would have knowingly or unknowingly used VirtueMart. Originally designed as an openware, cross-platform extension of Mambo CMS, VirtueMart have continued to make the wave.

Even after Mambo CMS was integrated into Joomla! The PHP written extension survived the scare, moving on to become a part of the Joomla! CMS interface. It was written first in 1997 by Soren Eberhardt-Biermann, designed and released by Max Milbers and Team in the same year.

Although it was first written for Mambo, it was re-coded to accommodate Joomla compatibility. With the pages written in PHP, code writers can easily see, update and customize the shopping cart of shoppers.

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VirtueMart is and it remains an open- source extension of the Joomla CMS, with the newest stable edition issued out on 17th may 2017. This version is compatible with the Joomla version 2.5 and 3. The extension continues to be one of the most used as statistics have shown. As of yet, VirtueMart has adopted by over 269,000 online retailers. Over 6.02% of all e-commerce websites that rake in over a million per month use the VirtueMart interface.

VirtueMart gives you the ability to customize your Joomla store frontend, allowing you to manipulate the currency, modify products and each products categories. Just like a physical storefront, you can offer a discount at some particular time.

You can also advertise products alongside complimentary products which they are bought today, the possibilities of VirtueMart is almost limitless. VirtueMart also gives you search engine optimization possibilities; this will place your online store in pole position to be highly visible by targeted customers who use search engines.

A very good capability of VirtueMart is the ability to use the skills available on the platform by all and sundry. The coding expertise of the users notwithstanding, anyone can use VirtueMart. Although it is full of details and options, a basic foundation will put just about anyone on course to effectively use VirtueMart.

As an administrator, all you have to do is download and install the plug-ins. From there on, you can modify your cart and publish it. You can pick from several options in the VirtueMart menu like stated earlier, it is very simple to use and straightforward.

From filling product details to vendors contact and product pictures, VirtueMart allows you to do all of that and even more. You can then go on to pick the base currency and the list of any other currency that can be accepted on the e-commerce store. The ease of customization that comes with VirtueMart is obvious even in the uploading of the e-commerce store logo.

A favorite part of VirtueMart is the ease and flexibility of choice with payment methods, you can easily pick out from a variety of online payment solution integrated into the plug-in to enable that your customers have choices to pick from.

VirtueMart is second only to WooCommerce and that places it in the top echelon of online payment solution used across the world. Since it provides for transit and transfer, there is a drop-down menu for shipping options that you can incorporate into your e-commerce store.

In all, VirtueMart is not only free or open source, it is also easy to use and manipulate. These superb qualities have endeared to a huge number of people who have decided to pitch the tent of their store with VirtueMart. It remains an astounding plug-in and its worth every bit of the time you spend on it. It is capable of transforming your online store experience.

Tips on choosing the great web host for VirtueMart

Choosing a host for VirtueMart extension can be an arduous task for a new online store owner. This need not be, with a few tips and hints, you should be able to pick your VirtueMart host like a pro.

There are a number of considerations you want to place at the top of the priority list like using a web host that has servers in your country or in countries where your customers are based the most. This is to ensure faster loading time and increase customer satisfaction. Other factors that should inform your choice of a web host for VirtueMart include:

Speed: With the simple interface that VirtueMart brings with it, speed is, therefore, an essential factor that must be considered when you intend to pick a website host for your VirtueMart powered online store. Your best bet will be web hosts that offer faster servers. This speed will result in increased Customer satisfaction and will ultimately lead to more sales and increased profits.

Developer friendliness: You determine how user-friendly your online store will be, and how developer friendly the website will be is definitely left to your website host. You must pick the website host that provides the most developer-friendly features possible.

Flexibility: Your intended website host must be highly flexible, in that hosting plans provided by the web host must be easily manipulated based on your need and traffic on the website. Thus, your web host should be such that you can move across different web hosting plans without losing data or experience any lag whatsoever.

Uptime: The amount of time your website spends is critical to the success or otherwise of your online store. You must, therefore, strive to pick a host that will guarantee you an uptime of no less than the industry standard 99%. This will ensure that your store is visible nearly all the time when visitors check, thus increasing your sales and profit margin.

Simplicity: VirtueMart itself is an extension that prides itself on simplicity and ease, why should you then go for a host that screw things up? The goal of VirtueMart is to allow you to run through the basics and achieve the desired results, this goal must sync with that of your web host. This will impact on your website and the way things happen around the site as much as it will impact your comfort in administering the website too.

Availability of CMS support board: While most web hosts have learned to integrate a CMS support interface into their operations, some are yet to catch up. This is a condition you must be sure about before deciding on the web host to use for your VirtueMart solution. You must be sure that the host provides a one-click CMS support interface from where you can add VirtueMart to your Joomla! CMS.

Security: Yet another key area that you must be sure of before deciding on the particular web host to use. As VirtueMart is an open sourc plugin, you must, therefore, endeavor to use a web host that will ensure that all of the traffic generated from your online store is secured and does not fall into the wrong hands. To ascertain this, you must look out for a host that is security conscious and privacy driven. An ideal web host must also carry out checks on all servers and virus scan every other day to ensure that everything remains in working order.

Building the best online store using virtual mart can be rendered useless by the wrong host. Choose smart, use this guide.

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