10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top WooCommerce Hosting Companies)

Best WooCommerce Hosting & Best Hosting for WooCommerce

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Best WooCommerce Hosting & Best Hosting for WooCommerce

Nowadays, the online store is one of the main business tools on the Internet. And it is an extremely important task to choose a great solution for such a store. There are a huge number of platforms. One of the best and most popular e-commerce solutions is WooCommerce.

This is a WordPress-based plugin. WooCommerce is used on a little more than a third of all existing stores on the Internet — it’s not less than 1 million trading platforms. Impressive, is not it? And that is because WooCommerce is one of the most stable platforms for e-commerce, which can be very easy to configure, and also constantly expand and improve. Why is that so great choice for your online store?

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Why WooCommerce is the best solution for an online store

Free and open source

The WooCommerce platform is completely free. This plugin uses the open source code, and its support is provided by the developer community on WordPress.org. Each user can contribute their ideas and suggestions, and join the number of developers on the official blog of WooCommerce developers. In addition, it is possible to create own design templates.

SEO optimized

WordPress is one of the most stable systems for search engine optimization. By creating a WooCommerce website, you get a solution with the fast download, optimized database operation and support for many plugins and additional tools that will help you simplify the task in additional site optimization and, as a result, make it more successful.

With WooCommerce, you will easily achieve the best results and can confidently and successfully promote your products. This will achieve the highest results, which is especially important for business related to sales.

Flexibility and customization

Why WooCommerce? If you use WooCommerce, you do not have to always comply with some tough rules, because you create the store you need for your business. WooCommerce will become a reliable foundation for creating and developing your store with free or paid themes, plugins, extensions, and tips from the huge amount of developers.

Unlimited number of products and categories

You can create your own assortment structure and use any categories of goods in unlimited quantities. The number of products that can be added to the online store is also unlimited, and each of these products can be assigned to any of the created categories.

Reliable code and platform

To work on the Internet, especially when it relates to online business, security plays a significant role. That is why reliability is one of the main criteria when choosing an online store platform.

Creating a WooCommerce online store, you can be absolutely calm because it will be highly protected and secure. All this can be achieved in many respects due to the clear programming code. If you want to secure your store, you can use third-party solutions. Taking care of security in advance, you can give your users to experience all the benefits of convenient work and shopping in your online store.

Adaptation for mobile devices

All templates created and downloaded by developers, both free on the site WordPress.org, and paid, for example, on ThemeForest, are carefully checked. According to the requirements of the most sites owners, WordPress templates must necessarily be responsive and adapted for mobile devices.

The same applies to specialized WooCommerce templates. Thanks to this and the huge competition among the templates creators, they all work perfectly on any device with any screen size, which means that all your products and content will be displayed correctly without any failures and errors.

User-friendly interface

A clean and intuitive WordPress interface will allow your customers to easily understand the structure of your store. And with the interface of the admin panel, you should not have any problems when configuring the site or adding content. You will require a few minutes to run a store, and for this, you do not need to be a programmer or IT person. The interface is designed for the average user.

Lightweight design and website performance of the site

WooCommerce supports the basic functionality required for any online store, which is expanded and improved every year. Thanks to this, the platform is light enough and provides great server performance

Tips on choosing a web hosting for WooCommerce

Hosting is a virtual site on a rented service where files and a database of your site are placed. Virtual analog of the folder on your computer. Hosting is something without which your site cannot exist because all files are stored on it.

In addition to technical specifications, you should consider a few more important parameters to know exactly how to choose a right hosting.

First, you need to decide what type of hosting you need. There are 3 of them all: shared hosting, dedicated server, and VPS.

Shared hosting is suitable when you are going to host several sites with little traffic and low data volume. For large sites, which are visited by tens and hundreds of thousands of people a day, a dedicated server or VPS is better suited.

Next, you should pay attention to the reputation of the provider, because it is an indicator of the quality of the services provided. Good hosting should have the following qualities:

  • Fast support service. For large sites, even a small issue can cause significant losses of money and customers, so it is very important to get an answer within a maximum of 30 minutes.
    • The support service depends on how quickly you can solve a certain problem with your site. Ideally, the support service should respond to your requests at any time and help to solve them as quickly as possible.
    • In fact, this is not always the case and wait for an answer for several hours. Check it out simply: late at night go to the provider website and ask any question in the oblige chat form. If they start a dialogue with you, that’s the great result, the company is ready to provide support.
    • If the experts are not online, then most likely, it will be the same when you have a Still, it is possible to try to write a question on email, it is an excellent way to understand, whether these guys check their email.
  • The price. Do not look for the cheapest hosting, because a low price may be an indicator of poor quality of services.
  • How long it is in the market. If hosting only works for a few months, you cannot draw a conclusion about the quality and stability of its work. The longer the provider is on the market, the better services it provides.
  • Test period. During the free trial period, the user will be able to estimate the quality of the hosting. Some companies have special conditions to attract more users: a free period for testing. It’s incredibly convenient and you can install the site for free on their hosting, test it and then decide whether to buy the service or search further.
  • How many domains do you plan to host? The tariff plans of many hosting providers directly depend on the number of domains that you can place on the site. Usually, a beginner level is enough for 1-3 domains, so you can take the and lowest-cost plan.
    • If you need to place more than 10 domains, you should already look more carefully, because the cost of such a tariff plan can be equal to the cost of an individual virtual server, and this is completely different capabilities.

WooCommerce is a great platform for the online store of any size. It provides great capabilities especially when you choose the correct hosting provider.

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