10 Best ZenCart Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top ZenCart Hosting Companies)

Best ZenCart Hosting & Best Hosting for ZenCart

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Best ZenCart Hosting & Best Hosting for ZenCart

ZenCart is an online shopping cart platform that is free and PHP/MySQL-based. Also, ZenCart has a customizable source code, which allows users to develop or modify the application to suit their business needs. While ZenCart is an open source application, it provides strong services and features.

What initiated ZenCart is the desire of several developers and programmers to create a free eCommerce solution that is user-friendly, even to users with little or no background in IT.

The software is designed majorly for people who need to create an online web cart and an e-commerce store. As a result, anyone can start up an online business, which is beneficial to customers as well. Compared to other options available, ZenCart can be used freely and without a license.


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Benefits of using ZenCart

  • ZenCart is not only easy to use; it is very flexible as well. Also, ZenCart comes with 11 unique management categories and each category has different subcategories like tax parameters, production options, shipping regions, and so much more.
  • ZenCart has an organized setup, meaning you can customize your website or e-commerce shop just the way you want it with basic or no PHP knowledge.
  • ZenCart offers smooth integrations with a well-known gateway, meaning you can receive payments the moment your website. Alongside the fixed integration, ZenCart lets you carry out a custom program from different contributed payment units.
  • ZenCart works with many hosting companies and it allows you to make use of your own domain name.
  • ZenCart offers a video-based training, which provides an in-depth view of how the application works. It also gives you a vivid view of how an online store operates.

Features of ZenCart

ZenCart offers a lot of decent features including integrations and customization plugins. With ZenCart, you can add many categories and products to your shopping cart. Also, the shipping options of ZenCart are defined by item, zone, and weight.

Furthermore, ZenCart let you choose from various shipping services, including payment options. Newsletters, banners, gift cards, and coupons are also possibilities with ZenCart. ZenCart’s integrated marketing tools let you analyze and track your e-commerce store or website visitors. Other features of ZenCart’s include:

  • It is easy to install
  • ZenCart has several management tools
  • ZenCart supports multiple languages and currencies
  • The application comes with several discounts and sales options
  • Displays an inventory of the available products
  • Administer restrictions and rules
  • Displays advertisements for related products
  • Multiple discounts and sales
  • Unlimited extra pages
  • Totally customizable

ZenCart’s Design

With ZenCart, fonts, Colors, logos, and headers can be customized and modified with little effort. On ZenCart’s website, there are more than 200 free templates to choose from.

However, if you want to customize your website, you can pick from the different template options like the rotating image sliders, home page, and header options. Also, you will find several paid-version templates on ZenCart.

ZenCart’s pricing tool modules are very versatile too. The options include newsletter discount, dual pricing, group pricing and more. Furthermore, the shipping mediums include FedEx, UPS, and USPS. What’s more, only a few applications offer this many unique shipping modules.

The sidebars of ZenCart’s templates are easily modified with live chats, Twitter feeds, dynamic filters, and also shipping estimators.

Tips on choosing a web hosting for ZenCart application

Relying on your web host is very important, especially when you are running an e-commerce store. Therefore it is imperative that you choose a web host that is reliable and is hosted on a high-performance server platform. Here are some helpful tips on choosing a great web hosting service for ZenCart.

  • Unlimited offers

Most web hosting providers provide unlimited bandwidth and storage for a few bucks per month. However, these offers are not what it looks like.

If you pay few bucks each month for hosting ZenCart, your terms of service may contain a clause that will let your web hosting provider cut back on the performance of your website after a particular usage level. Hence, make sure you watch out for unlimited offers before selecting a web hosting service.

  • Excellent support system

An exercise support system separates the great web hosting service from a lesser choice. A company that offers an excellent support also provides the most current technology for your e-commerce store. Contacting the web host support team will give you a view of the company.

If the web host support system handles your request in a timely and professional manner, the web host company will definitely offer an excellent product for your web hosting needs.

Nevertheless, if the host company takes a while to respond to a request or customer support personnel responds to your query in an unprofessional or unfriendly manner, the web hosting firm may have major issues with their web hosting services.

  • Storage

Storage is overall space given to your website for all its web contents. It includes your, images, web pages, databases, videos, and more. If your website contains heavy contents, you may need a lot of space.

So analyze your needs including the storage options provided by the web host. Also, make certain you choose a web hosting solution that provides more storage space as your website expand.

  • Speed

Speed is the rate at which your server response can break or improve your website. Your bandwidth limit is closely connected with the speed of your server. Choose some websites hosted by the web host company and examine the time taken for a page to load.

Most hosting companies advertise some well-known websites that they host, so test the speed of these websites. You can also ping the websites to check the time taken to receive and send packets from the server.

Zen Cart is a cart solution for people who need a versatile, affordable, and safe platform for your online business or e-commerce store. All you need is packed into this powerful solution.

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