Top 10 Bhutan Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Bhutan

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Bhutan Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Bhutan

Bhutan Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Bhutan

Bhutan is a country in Asia and the state of the internet in the princedom is somewhat shaky until recent times. That regardless, the explosion of websites in the region has necessitated the rise of web hosts to accommodate the ever increasing website.

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While tourists that travel to the region will have no issue with high speed internet since most hotels provide premium WIFI that serves restaurants and hotel lobbies but will usually not extend to the room. The internet is no doubt getting bigger and Bhutan has no intention of being left behind, thus the need for the website hosts in Bhutan to host more local Bhutan websites. 

Top 10 Bhutan Web Hosting Companies

1. Drukhost


One of the unique features of Drukhost and which is definitely worth a mention is the fact that you can pick from a list of locations where you want your website to be hosted. This gives your website the speed it needs since your servers are close by to the people using them.

Besides hosting, drukhost provides domain registration services and having been involved with the Bhutan IT community for a number of years. The experience this web host brings to the table is unrivaled and it is definitely a web host of choice.

2. Webnuk


Webnuk is an indigenous Bhutan IT company that specializes in all things digital. From website designing to SEO optimization and several other aspect of the IT world, Webnuk offers four different hosting plans that allows users choose just about anyone will fit their budget and needs.

With an industry regulated bandwidth size, the company offers other necessary perks of a web hosting company. From a reliable customer support system and technical capabilities, webnuk offers all that is needed to run a website without the attendant stress.

3. Webbhutan


With over five years of cumulative experience, webbhutan is an indigenous web hosting company that offers technical support for all websites hosted on its platform. This support includes one-click install of PHP, MySQL, RoR and Bash.

It also backs up all data hosted on its platform every 7 days. If you are ever scared of losing your data, webbhutan is just the right choice for you. You don’t have to fret, not only do we put measures in place to counter security threats, we also back up your data to prevent losses.

4. BT


BT is the government certified website host in Bhutan. As a result, it hosts most of the countries governmental parastatals website. BT premier data center in the country was commissioned by his excellency Lyonchen Tobgay in the January of 2015.

The data center boasts an industry competitive 99.82% realistic uptime with 72-hour power outage back up. Thus websites hosted by the country’s premier host can be assured of maximum uptime. As a government-backed agency, it boasts the sufficient staff number to deploy into customer servicing and support.

5. Web


This indigenous website host is based in Thimpu, Bhutan, with the mission building technologies with best support. The company is poised to bring the relevance of human interaction into all the technology it develops, it’s website hosting arm is no different.

It offers the customary shared hosting, virtual private hosting for private companies and other high traffic website. The company offers an industry competitive uptime of 99.9%. They are not doing bad on pricing as well. Keeping in line with the company mandate, the customer services offered by the company is top notch and outstanding.

6. Bhutanhosting


This IT company offers web hosting, intuitive website building and domain registration. With a 99% guaranteed uptime, the web host follows the trend that has been created by the industry fore-runners.

The host is also security conscious as it issues a free SSL certificate for all website hosted on its platform, it thus provides the websites with a 256-bit encryption. This helps to keep all activities on the website safe and secure, it also ensures that the website is free of external interference by hackers.

7. Tshendensoft


This is an IT company based in Thimpu, Bhutan. Apart from providing web hosting services, Tshendensoft also help in building websites and developing mobile application. It hosting arm offers four plans that are aptly named starter, economy, deluxe and ultimate plans.

With customer’s satisfaction as the company drive, it has invested heavily in its customer support team. It provides round the clock support for all customers regardless of the hosting plan you are subscribed to. The company has a 45 days’ money-back guarantee; in case you are not satisfied with the services provided.

8. Nic


Nic is another innovative web host based in Bhutan. While it supports the popular PHP script, Nic also support Perl, and plans are underway to incorporate the Microsoft’s ASP script. While it also helps to register domains as a different service entirely, Nic server speed and reliability places it ahead of the competition.

The company charges per year on each hosting plan are industry standardized and economically friendly. It is equally based in Thimpu and offers a round the clock customer service and support for all its customers, your website can get premium hosting on

9. SiteGround


Based in Sofia, Bulgaria but with branches in several other countries, SiteGround is a hugely popular web host and the features it brings to the table are worth it. Using SiteGround ensures that aside all of the other perks, your website is as fast as light, this is a result of the solutions the website host have made readily available.

Serial updates of important plug-ins and extensions are also provided by the web host. The host also has its own firewall that provides double security for your website and keeps it safe.

10. HostGator


Irrespective of the kind of website you are planning to run, HostGator has got you covered. Founded and based in the united states Brent Oxley in 2002, HostGator is headquartered in Texas. It’s affordable hosting plan makes it a favorite for many, coupled with cloud hosting, it gives the ideal hosting solution for all websites.

Boasting of a highly competent migration team, HostGator promises clients top-notch hosting migration. Websites hosted on hostgator can be assured of maximum uptime, although it clearly beats the competition by offering a 45-days money back guarantee.

Choosing the Best Bhutan Web Hosting Service

Every web enthusiast in Bhutan can get their website hosted and make it live anywhere in the world. There is an abundance of the web host to pick from, making the choice can be a headache of its own.

This is because all the web hosts promise great packages for any website hosted on their platform. Looking at the reviewed hosts, the onus lies on you as a website owner or administrator to pick which the one you think will serve your need the most. At the end of it all, the choice lies with you.