Bluehost vs GoDaddy (2022): The Winner for WordPress and Overall Performance

Last Updated - February 9, 2022
Bluehost vs GoDaddy
Bluehost vs GoDaddy

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Note: The winner is Bluehost, continue reading to know why

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Bluehost is one of the most used web hosting services in the world. It was founded back in 2003 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth. Since then, they have acquired 2 million+ users. However, Bluehost was bought by Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2010. Nowadays, they are offering all types of web hosting solutions.

Similarly, GoDaddy is another big name in the web hosting industry. However, they are more known for their domain registration service throughout the globe. They have started a lot earlier than Bluehost. It was 1997 when they have founded. However, back then they haven’t offered any web hosting solutions. But, now, they provide almost all kinds of hosting solutions.

Today, we will compare these two companies in terms of their service and performance. So, if you are looking for this, you can start reading our article to know more. We believe after reading this you will come to know which the best between these two is.

Let’s dive right in…

Bluehost vs GoDaddy: Comparison of the Hosting Services

Shared Hosting Services Comparison

GoDaddy’s Shared Hosting plans

There are 2 kinds of shared hosting packs of GoDaddy. This is actually divided depending on the choice of your operating system. You can pick between Windows OS or Linux based server. For instance, they have 4 Linux based packs and 3 windows based packs. In the following section, we will be discussing everything about them.

GoDaddy’s Shared Linux Hosting plans
GoDaddy’s Shared Linux Hosting plans
  • Economy Shared Pack:

You can get this pack on both Windows and Linux version. The price will be the same for both versions which are 7.99$/month. You are getting 100 GB web storage. However, you can only host 1 website at the same time with this pack. Because of that most of the users don’t use this pack.

  • Deluxe Shared Pack:

You can buy this pack for a price of 10.99$/month (Windows and Linux). In our opinion, this is the best pack as it is very affordable. And on the same side, it supports unlimited websites. You will also receive unmetered bandwidth with this.

  • Ultimate Shared Pack:

This pack comes with some additional features and specifications which are not available on the last to packs. That is why it will be a bit pricey. You have to pay 16.99$/month (Windows and Linux). You will get a server which has 2x memory and processing power. Also, you will get free SSL certificates for the 1st year and premium DNS.

GoDaddy’s Windows Hosting plans
GoDaddy’s Windows Hosting plans
  • Maximum Shared Pack:

Unfortunately, this comes only with the Linux operating system. So, if you want windows based ‘Maximum’ shared pack, you are out of luck. The pack has all the features that come with the Ultimate Pack. Besides that, you will get free SSL for the full term. You have to spend 24.99$/month for this pack.

Bluehost’s Shared Hosting plans

There are four shared hosting packs of Bluehost. Let’s learn more about them.

Bluehost’s Shared Hosting plans
Bluehost’s Shared Hosting plans
  • Basic Shared Pack:

This is a pack for users who have only one website. You will have 50 GB storage and can host only one website with this pack. You will get free SSL and 100 MB storage for email accounts. The price of this one will be just 2.95$/month.

  • Plus Shared Pack:

This pack is suitable for hosting multiple websites simultaneously. The cost of this pack will be 5.95$/month. You will have unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage space with it.

  • Choice Plus Shared Pack:

Bluehost is officially recommending this pack to the users. Because it will cost you the same (5.95$/month) as the previous pack but you will receive more features compared to that. For instance, you will get Domain privacy, site backup tools, and spam protection with this pack. Added to that, you can host multiple websites at once.

  • Go PRO Shared Pack:

With this pack, you will have all the additional features which come with the ‘Choice Plus’ plan and more. For example, you will be given free dedicated IP, SSL certificate, Domain Privacy, and Spam protections etc.

Go Pro shared plan
Go Pro shared plan

Also, Bluehost will provide a high-performance server to host your websites if you are a user of this pack. You have to spend 13.95$/month for this pack.

To be noted, Bluehost offers one domain name for free for the 1st year with all of their web hosting packages.

From Our Point of View:

This is very easy to judge. You can see for yourself that the prices of the shared hosting plans of Bluehost are very cheap. If we compare it to the price of GoDaddy’s plans then we can say that Bluehost is the winner. However, GoDaddy is offering both Windows and Linux based plans. So, if you need windows based plans then GoDaddy is the best options for you. Other than that, we will go with Bluehost.

VPS Hosting Service Comparison

GoDaddy’s VPS Hosting packs

Once again, you can choose between Linux and Windows OS based VPS plans. GoDaddy has 4 VPS plans. The price of the Windows packs is higher than the Linux plans. We will talk about them right now.

GoDaddy’s VPS Linux Hosting packs
GoDaddy’s VPS Linux Hosting packs
  • Economy VPS:

The Windows-based Economy pack will cost you 39.99$/month. On the contrary, the Linux based one will cost you 29.99$/month. You will have 1 GB RAM/Memory (Linux) and 2 GB RAM (Windows), 40 GB web space, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Intel E5-2620v3 CPU etc. with this pack.

  • Value VPS:

The Value pack is priced at 39.99$/month for Linux and 59.99$/month for Windows ones. The specifications for Linux based pack are 2 GB RAM/Memory, 60 GB web storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Intel E5-2620v3 CPU.

And, the windows Value pack comes with 3 GB RAM/Memory, 90 GB web storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Intel E5-2620v3 CPU. On top of all these, you will get 3 dedicated IPs and free 1-year SSL.

  • Deluxe VPS:

This is one of the best VPS packs from GoDaddy. You can get this one for 69.99$/month (Linux) and 79.99$/month (Windows). The configurations of this server are 4 GB RAM/Memory, 120 GB web storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Intel E5-2620v3 CPU etc.

GoDaddy’s VPS Windows Hosting packs
GoDaddy’s VPS Windows Hosting packs
  • Ultimate VPS:

This Plan is the highest priced VPS pack from GoDaddy. You have to pay $139.99/mo (Linux) and $149.99/mo (Windows). The pack comes with 8 GB RAM/Memory, 240 GB web storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Intel E5-2620v3 CPU etc.

Bluehost’s VPS Hosting Service

Bluehost comes with 3 VPS packs for the webmasters all around the world. If you want to get a solid performance out of your websites then you can use these packs. Here’s more information about them.

Bluehost’s VPS Hosting Service
Bluehost’s VPS Hosting Service
  • Standard VPS:

You will get 2 GB RAM/Memory, 30 GB web storage, 1 Terabyte Bandwidth, and 2 Cores CPU etc. This is the most basic VPS pack from Bluehost. The price of this pack will be 19.99$/mo.  You can host unlimited websites with this pack.

  • Enhanced VPS:

If you want to listen to Bluehost then you have to go with the pack as they officially recommend this one. You have to spend 29.99$ per month for this pack. And in return, you are getting 4 GB RAM/Memory, 60 GB web storage, 2 Terabyte Bandwidth, and 2 Cores CPU etc.

  • Ultimate VPS:

You can get the Ultimate pack for 59.99$/month. This pack literally comes with a powerful server which is perfect for big websites. Here are the specifications of this pack for you — 8 GB RAM/Memory, 120 GB web storage, 3 Terabyte Bandwidth, and 4 Cores CPU etc.

From Our Point of View:

Again, it is easy to see that GoDaddy is charging a lot more than Bluehost. However, the configurations of the packs are very similar to each other. Thus, we will vote for Bluehost in this case. Again, if you want to use Windows-based VPS hosting then you can use GoDaddy as Bluehost doesn’t offer these type of service.

Dedicated Hosting Services Comparison

GoDaddy’s Dedicated Hosting plans

They have both Windows and Linux based dedicated server. You can pick your preferred pack among 4 of their dedicated packages. Let’s learn more about this.

GoDaddy’s Dedicated Linux Hosting plans
GoDaddy’s Dedicated Linux Hosting plans
  • Economy Dedicated Pack:

This is the lowest priced dedicated pack of GoDaddy. The price of this pack is 169.99$/month (Linux) and 199.99$/month (Windows). The configurations of this server are 4 GB RAM/Memory, 1 TB web storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Intel Xeon E3-1220-v3 CPU etc.

  • Value Dedicated Pack:

The second dedicated pack from GoDaddy will cost you 199.99$/month (Linux) and 229.99$/month (Windows). And, in rerun, you will receive 8 GB RAM/Memory, 1.5 TB web storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Intel Xeon E3-1220-v3 CPU etc.

  • Deluxe Dedicated Pack:

If you own a number of highly-visited sites then you can use this pack. It comes with a powerful server. You will get 16 GB RAM/Memory, 2 TB web storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Intel Xeon E3-1220-v3 CPU etc. For the Deluxe server, you will have to pay 249.99$/month (Linux) and 279.99$/month (Windows).

GoDaddy’s Dedicated Windows Hosting plans
GoDaddy’s Dedicated Windows Hosting plans
  • Ultimate Dedicated Pack:

You have to a hefty amount of money for this pack. You can have this server by spending 349.99$/month for Linux and 379.99$/month for Windows. Compared to the price you are actually getting a good server for yourself. The server will come with 32 GB RAM, 2 TB web storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Intel Xeon E3-1220-v3 CPU etc.

That’s not all. GoDaddy is also offering some additional features with all of their dedicated servers. First of all, they have 3 levels of account management. The levels are Self-managed, Managed, and Fully managed. Depending on this, the price might vary. Moreover, you will get free SSL for the 1st year and 3 dedicated IPs with each pack.

Bluehost’s Dedicated Hosting plans

They are offering 3 dedicated hosting packages at this moment. All of them are very affordable. We will cover everything about these packs down below.

Bluehost’s Dedicated Hosting plans
Bluehost’s Dedicated Hosting plans
  • Standard Dedicated Pack:

We can recommend this if you want to begin using dedicated hosting. Because it is very cheap but come with all the important features of any dedicated hosting service. You can get this pack for 79.99$/month. The standard pack comes with 4 GB RAM/Memory, 500 GB (Mirrored) web storage, 5 Terabyte Bandwidth, and 4 Cores and 8 Threads CPU etc. The Standard package has 3 dedicated IPs.

  • Enhanced Dedicated Pack:

The second dedicated pack is a bit powerful. Because of that, the price is also a bit higher. You have to pay 99.99$/month for this. This pack comes with double space, bandwidth and ram than the standard pack. Added to that, the pack comes with 4 dedicated IPs. Here are the specs — 8 GB RAM/Memory, 1 TB (Mirrored) web storage, 10 Terabyte Bandwidth, and 4 Cores, 8 Threads CPU etc.

  • Premium Dedicated Pack:

This is the most powerful dedicated server from Bluehost. You can have this by paying 119.99$/month. And the server will be packed with 16 GB RAM/Memory, 1 TB (Mirrored) web storage, 15 Terabyte Bandwidth, and 4 Cores/8 Threads CPU etc. You will also get 5 dedicated IP addresses.

From Our Point of View:

Clearly, GoDaddy’s dedicated plans are very expensive. For example, the lowest priced dedicated plan from GoDaddy is 169.99$/monthly whereas the highest priced dedicated plan from Bluehost is just 119.99$/mo. You can see the difference yourself. On top of that, Bluehost is offering a free domain name with all of their packs. So, in our opinion, Bluehost is the winner.

WordPress Hosting plans Comparison

GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting plans

They provide 2 kinds of WordPress hosting packs. First, you have 3 normal WordPress pack which have some limitations. But they also have Bulk plans which come with more additional features. We will be exploring all these plans right now.

Normal WordPress Plans of GoDaddy:

Normal WordPress Plans of GoDaddy
Normal WordPress Plans of GoDaddy
  • Basic:

This pack is priced at 8.99 USD/mo. The limitation with this pack is that you can only host one site at the same time. You will receive 10 GB SSD web spec.

  • Deluxe:

This is a pack which comes with some extra features. But, again, you are allowed to host only 1 website with this. You will have 15 GB SSD storage and the price will be 12.99$/mo.

  • Ultimate:

With this one, you can host 2 websites at once. And, the web space you will get is 30 GB SSD. As usual, you will get all the other additional features. The pack will be 19.99$/monthly.

With these packs, you will get a free domain name if you buy the pack for at least 1 year. Furthermore, you will get SSH/SFTP access, auto backup, staging etc. with these packs.

Bulk WordPress Plan of GoDaddy

There are 4 bulk plans which are loaded with extra features. Let’s learn more about them.

Bulk WordPress Plan
Bulk WordPress Plan
  • Pro 5:

With this plan, you can host up to 5 websites at once. You have to spend at least 39.99$/month for this pack. You will get 50 GB Storage, SSL certificates and backups up to 90 days.

  • Pro 10:

This is perfect if you have 10 websites or less. You get 80 GB storage and free SSL too. The pack will cost you 69.99$/month.

  • Pro 25:

You can host up to 25 websites using this pack. And, you will get 100 GB storage space. All the other additional features like free SSL, staging, auto backup etc. are available with this pack. You will have to pay at least 124.99$/month.

  • Pro 50:

This pack is a bit pricey. However, you will be able to host 50 websites at once using this pack. This will come with 200 GB storage. And the price will be 229.99$/monthly.

For your information, you will also get free site maintenance tools, staging facility, and free SSL for each and every website you host with every bulk WordPress plan.

Bluehost’s WordPress Hosting packages

Similar to GoDaddy, Bluehost is also offering 2 types of WordPress hosting. For example, they have Shared WordPress hosting which is a modified version of their shared hosting packs. And, they have recently introduced the Managed WordPress Pro hosting packages. We will talk about each of them down below.

Shared WordPress Hosting Packs:

Shared WordPress Hosting Packs
Shared WordPress Hosting Packs
  • Basic Pack:

You can get this pack for just 3..95$/month. In return, you will get 50 GB SSD web space. However, you are allowed to host only one website using this pack.

  • Plus Pack:

If you want to host unlimited websites then you can use this plan. You will have to pay 5.95$/month for this package. Added to everything you will be given 100$ marketing credit from Bluehost.

  • Choice Plus Pack:

If you are searching for a WordPress plan, then this could be the best choice you can make. You can get this plan for 5.95$/month. With this pack, you will get unlimited web storage, unlimited website hosting allowance, 200$ marketing credits and much more.

Bluehost WordPress Pro Packs:

WordPress Pro Packs
WordPress Pro Packs
  • Build Plan:

For starters, it can be a great choice. You can host unlimited websites with this pack. The price will be 19.95$/month. You will get daily scheduled backups, malware protection, Jetpack (Basic) with this package.

  • Grow Plan:

This pack comes with everything in the Build pack and more. For instance, you will get SEO tools, business review tools, Jetpack (Premium), 10 GB video compression, WordPress Live Ticket support etc. You can get the Grow plan by paying only 29.95$/month.

  • Scale Plan:

This is the highest priced WordPress Pro plan from Bluehost. You can buy this plan for 49.95$/month. There are a lot of features with this pack such as unlimited backups and restore, PayPal Integration, unlimited Video Compression, Elastic search etc. On top of that, you will get all the features that come with both Build and Grow plan.

From Our Point of View:

Here, we can see that both of these web hosting companies are providing 2 types of WordPress specific plans. Among them, Bluehost is offering to host packs on which you can host unlimited websites. But, GoDaddy is not offering that. Rather, you can host up to only 2 websites with their normal WordPress packs. Also, Bluehost is offering cheaper packages than GoDaddy. All in all, we would go with Bluehost.

Performance Comparison

To compare the performance of these two web hosting companies, we are going to conduct 2 different performance tests. At first, we will be conducting the famous Pingdom Load Time Speed test. Then we will conduct a server response test with the help of Bitcatcha. Let’s jump right in.

(Pingdom) Page speed test on Bluehost:

We will be getting help from the San Francisco test server of Pingdom for this test.

(Pingdom) Page speed test on Bluehost
(Pingdom) Page speed test on Bluehost

The Result:

The load time of Bluehost here is 824 ms.

Bluehost Load Time
Bluehost Load Time

(Pingdom) Page speed test on GoDaddy:

This time, we will be using the Washington D.C. server.

Pingdom test on GoDaddy
Pingdom test on GoDaddy

The Test Result:

HostGator performed a lot better than Bluehost. The load time was 362 ms.

Our Views:

It is better to have a low load time. The lower the better, actually. Here, GoDaddy has the lowest load time. So in this case, the winner is GoDaddy.

Server Response Test on GoDaddy:

We will use Bitcatcha to conduct this test.

Bitcacha test
Bitcacha test

The Result:

GoDaddy Result
GoDaddy server response time

Server Response Test on Bluehost:

Similar to the previous test, we will again use Bitcatcha.

The Result:

Bluehost server response time
Bluehost server response time

From Our Point of View:

Here, we see that both of the test subjects have performed very much similar to each other. For instance, they both have ‘A’ as the performance grade. Again, the server response times from the test locations were also very similar to each other. So, we will leave it up to you to pick a winner here.

Uptime Performance Comparison

Let’s talk about the uptime record of these two providers. Normally, if you go to their official website, you will see that they are claiming that they are keeping 99.9% uptime. So, to see if they are right, we have actually bought 2 websites from both of these companies.

And, we are keeping a track of those websites’ uptime stat for a long time. For you, we will be sharing the uptime record of the last 10 months of these sites. So, you can see the actual stat of these two web hosting companies.

Uptime stat of GoDaddy:

GoDaddy Uptime
GoDaddy Uptime

Uptime stat of Bluehost:

Bluehost Uptime Performance
Bluehost Uptime Performance

From Our Point of View:

Truth be told, both of these providers have actually done well in this occasion. It is a must to make sure that your web host company is marinating the industry-standard uptime. Although most of the web hosting companies claim that they are marinating 99.9% uptime, it is very hard to do.

For instance, we have seen that both Bluehost and GoDaddy have maintained always 99%+ uptime. What’s amazing is that on several months, they have actually kept 100% uptime. So, we would not go with one or the other here. We will call it a draw.

Support Services Comparison

Customer Service of GoDaddy:

GoDaddy is very famous for their customer service. Because they have country-based customer support teams. There are over 50 countries from where you will get customer support of GoDaddy. So, if you are from these countries you can actually talk to them in your native language.

They are available 24/7 all around the year. So, anytime you can communicate with them from anywhere. There are a number of ways with which you can get in touch with GoDaddy. They are — Live Chat, Email, Direct Phone, Fax, and Ticket System.

Customer Service of GoDaddy
Customer Service of GoDaddy

We have seen that the live chat is the best option to use when you need a fast response. We have needed to contact them in various moments. And we have to tell you that, we were content with their service.

GoDaddy has an organized ‘Help’ page on their official website. You can find almost all kinds of issues already solved there. You can directly search by keyword related to your issues. Or you can find them from the appropriate category. You can learn a lot about web hosting from these pages.

When we contacted them, they were very friendly and solved our problems in an instant. However, the only downside about them was that sometimes we needed to wait for a longer time than normal to receive a reply from their support staff. Apart from that, we have no problem with them. Rather, we would definitely recommend them.

Customer Service of Bluehost:

Bluehost is actually very sincere about their customers. You can find them 24/7 like any other big web hosting companies. There are a lot of methods to contact Bluehost. You can use any one of the following ones — Live Chat, Ticket, Email, Fax, Direct Call etc.

To be honest, we have found out that, the Live Chat is the best option. Almost always, you will receive an immediate reply from their side if you use the Live Chat. Also, if you want an answer to any specific issues you might try the Ticket option. That way, your problem will be solved faster.

Customer Service of Bluehost
Customer Service of Bluehost

You can also take advantage of their FAQ page. They have organized it very carefully so that anyone can find the solutions to their issues more easily. They also have a collection of tutorial video and articles related to web hosting. Everybody can learn from these.

We don’t have any complaint about Bluehost customer support. However, if they had a county-based support team, it would be helpful for a lot of people. Except this, we are very pleased with Bluehost.

Conclusion: So the Winner Is?

To be frank with you, the winner here is easily Bluehost. However, there’s no denying that GoDaddy is also a good alternative. They have awesome hosting plans. And they are also offering Windows-based plans which Bluehost lacks. Also, their uptime and load speed are also very good.

But, in terms of everything we have compared today, Bluehost easily comes out as the winner here. They have skillful and friendly customer support. Additionally, you know that the prices of their plans are very much low compared to the plans of GoDaddy. The specifications of these plans are very similar to one another, however. So, in our opinion, the ultimate winner here is Bluehost.

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