Top 10 Bosnia and Herzegovina Web Hosting Reviews 2020

Last Updated - July 12, 2018
Bosnia and Herzegovina Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a medium sized nation in Europe, it runs the domain .ba. As at 2012, the nation had 57% of its population on the internet, this translates into 2.2 million people.

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The country has a number of web hosts catering for the website within the country.  Another interesting fact about the usage of the internet in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the fact that there is less censorship in any form by the government. This creates a thriving environment, here are some of the hosts operating within the country:

Top 10 Bosnia and Herzegovina Web Hosting Companies

1. Centohost


Centohost is a private limited company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, established in 2002. The hosting company has gone on to provide tailored web hosting services for all types of websites from small and simple to complex and versatile.

All hosting plans are ipv6 ready, the company provides unmetered bandwidth. This allows you the freedom you need with your website, the company also incorporates an in-house developed Distributed Denial of services that is bent on keeping your website safe and secured. An industry standard uptime is also guaranteed, as well as competitive pricing.

2. Global


This indigenous web host has over a decade of experience under its belt, established in 2002 it aims at being the best. Combining the very best of web hosting practices, the web host offers four distinct web hosting plans that any website can pick easily from.

It also features a softaculous auto-installer that makes your content management way too easy as it helps you install your preferred Content Management System quite easily. The host also offers daily back up of the data of all websites hosted on its platform.


server is an indigenous Bosnia and Herzegovina host that offers professional and premium hosting within the country. It provides SSD hosting, and also offers e-mail hosting. It plans varies across four different cadres, giving website administrator the freedom of choice.

Migration across plans is also easy and straightforward, it offers an extensive c-panel interface; this panel houses all the tools necessary for fluid website administration. From the popular PHP to MYSQL coding interface to the best of content management system. The host offers a 99.9% uptime allowing your website stay live.

4. Nelsahost


Nelsahost is a website host based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is a complete IT solution company, providing other services alongside web hosting; its website hosting arm boasts the latest hardware and software for the complete seamless hosting of every website.

Nelsahost offers shared hosting alongside dedicated servers, allowing you to choose the hosting type that works best for you. There is equally provision for virtual private hosting, all websites hosted by nelsahost can be assured of high security, responsive interface and the very best of technical support in case anything goes wrong.

5. Leftor


Leftor was brainchild of a competition, the founder Mr. Sky flagged off the company after winning a grant from the Austrian Government. Ever since its founding in 2006, leftor has paid careful attention to hosting websites within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The web host promises increased security via multiple streams; from daily back up of all data to a weekly anti-virus check on all website hosted on its servers. Leftor also promises a 30-days money back guarantee for any user who is unsatisfied with the value of services provided.

6. Genesis


Genesis is an indigenous Bosnia and Herzegovinian IT company, established in 2009. It is today one of the major player not only in the web hosting but the IT industry as far as the nation is concerned. From website building to domain registration and hosting, genesis is up and running.

The web hosting arm of genesis boasts unlimited traffic and bandwidth for all websites hosted on its host. The host offers its clients both the Cpanel interface and the softaculous software installer that will give all web administrators the best of services.

7. Dimediakd


This web host provides reliable, secured and flexible hosting for all Bosnia and Herzegovina website. The company provides Affordable cPanel web hosting coupled with affordable SSD hosting to give your website the flow and response rate it deserves.

The company uses Linux server that gives all websites hosted the fast speed it needs. The free DDoS protection that the servers provide gives all websites the security and extra protection it needs. Dimediakd offers fast, dedicated servers that allows you host all type of websites regardless of the script with which they are written.

8. Teleklik


Ever since 2009, teleklik has been providing internet service and solutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The professional services the company provides have allowed it to stay in the industry. The company provides internet based services and also utilizes cloud technology in the pursuance of its objective.

Teleklik prides itself as being on the customer side, with such a bold assertion client who host their websites with the company are sure to enjoy; Fast and dedicated servers, first class security and data protection service and a customer and technical support that stays right through every difficulty.

9. SiteGround


SiteGround is not based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it has cut its tooth in the web hosting industry and is a widely acclaimed web host all over the world. As a member of the alliance group, the company boast some of the world best resources.

Its expert team have built solutions to ensure that your website functions just right and that you have few or no issues. Couple that with state of the art data centers, highly responsive customer support systems and you have siteground. It also assists with domain transfers.

10. HostGator


From its humble beginnings, HostGator was founded in a dormitory room, today the company can beat its chest as a global giant when it comes to web hosting anywhere in the world. With several international offices founded in the last decade, the hosting company seems to be on a fancy roll.

Its services are equally fanciful. From building a website to hosting it, regardless of how you intend to go about it, hostgator has got you covered. Its customer and technical support coupled with the money back guarantee makes the company much loved.

Choosing the Best Bosnia and Herzegovina Web Hosting Service

Regardless of how you look at it, the internet has become a part of our lives and the internet space in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one that will continue to shape up even better. There will be more entrants, more websites will be created and with that will come an increase in the demand for web hosting will equally increase.

There is no need to worry though, the web hosts available within the country can take advantage of the growth and expand their base to cater even better for their clients. The choice is theirs to make.