Top 10 Bulgaria Web Hosting Reviews 2022 – Best Hosting in Bulgaria

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Bulgaria Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Bulgaria

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Bulgaria Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Bulgaria

Web hosting is one of the primary requirements of running a successful online empire. As imperative as it is for the existence of any business, hiring the best web hosting expert is equally intimidating. No matter you hire a local web hosting expert or an international service provider, each has their own pros and cons.

However, when it comes to hiring a local web hosting service provider in Bulgaria, the list of cons often exceed the disadvantages if your audience is within the country. Thanks to the internet network in the country, the web hosting services provider of Bulgaria are the great choice to seek web hosting assistance.


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Additionally, the experts believe that the advantages of hiring a local service provider are way more than hiring an international company. To explain it clearly, here are some of the core benefits of hiring local Bulgaria web hosting service providers:


By no means can an international web hosting expert offer you services like a local player does. The main benefit of hiring a local web hosting expert is the boost of performance. As per the reports, a locally hosted website is performing better than an internationally supported website. This could be because of the easy travel of data from one source to another.


Obviously hiring a local service provider offers you cost effectiveness. This can be a result of operating in the same economy and enjoying the same benefits or lower cost of technology due to the restricted geographical area. No matter what is the reason, you will surely enjoy better services at a lesser price if you hire a local web hosting service provider in Bulgaria.

24/7 assistance:

Offering 24/7 remote assistance is no more a herculean task. Every company, no matter local or international, can offer technical assistance if need be. But, at times, the fault cannot be treated remotely and demands physical inspection.

In such cases, a local web hosting company is a step ahead of the international player. While a technician from a foreign company may take a few days to reach your site, a local web hosting expert can attend to the issue almost instantly.

Contribution to the economy:

When the economy booms, the players get profited. Now when you hire the services of a local player, you are contributing to the economy. Which, in long-term will help you flourish as the economy will bloom offering advantages to the existing player.

Top 10 Bulgaria Web Hosting Companies

If you are convinced to hire local web hosting services in Bulgaria, here are top 10 companies in the country:



SuperHosting, as the name suggests, is one of the major market players in the web hosting market in Bulgaria. Masters of Shared webhosting & Domain name registration, SuperHosting are the fastest growing company in the country.

They have a team of dedicated individuals offering a variety of services par satisfaction. With offerings like 24/7 customer support, affordable packages and more, SuperHosting has earned a rich pool of customers. 


ICN.Bg is one of the leading Domain Services and Web Hosting Solutions providers in Bulgaria. With a prominent market tenure, the company has enough expertise to offer high-class web hosting services to small to medium enterprises.

Offering highest quality customer services, the company offers a variety of services. They also offer 24/7 customer services to ensure instant assistance to their customers. The company also guarantees maximum UPTIME, secure backup, high connectivity and more. With an aim to cater their customers with high- quality, they offer services like shared web hosting, cMailPro, Reseller Hosting, Cloud/ VPS Hosting, .bg Domain, Domain registration and domain transfer.

3. is a 100% Bulgarian company that started their operations in 2003. Right from attracting their first client to accumulating a huge pool of customers, the company has grown in terms of quality, services, knowledge and experience.

Today, they are one of the fastest growing companies in Bulgaria. They are reliable web hosting service providers offering quality services to individuals, startups and enterprises. Moreover, they offer the most affordable packages in the entire industry. 

4. QHoster


QHoster is one of the most reliable and progressive web hosting experts in Bulgaria. With a dedicated team of experts and a hands-on experience in the industry, the company offers highly commendable services to its customers.

They have a rich client pool with customers hailing from 5 different continents of the world- Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe. The company was found in 2004 and with time has grown into a powerful and resourceful entity. 

5. Delta

delta-homepage is a 100% Bulgarian company dedicated to providing hosting services in Bulgaria and beyond. They are primarily focused on providing virtual, leased servers and colocation services. The company primarily caters IT companies and corporate customers offering unique solutions to their specific computing power requirements.

They are well-equipped with the latest technology and tools and thus provide innovative solutions to their customers. the services they offer include web hosting (shared, dedicated, cPanel), Domain registration, Domain transfer, Domain Management. 

6. NS1

ns1-homepage is a leading company offering services like shared hosting, reseller hosting, domain registration, cloud servers, virtual servers and leased servers. Along with quality hosting services, the company also extends 24/7 customer support to its clients.

They have a team of experts which work for developing innovative solutions for their customers. All their services are affordable and high in quality. With years of experience the company has understood the unique requirements of the market and thus cater its clients with bespoke solutions. 

7. Itldc


ITL Group is a group of expert companies that combine to form a brand. With the cumulative expertise of each member of the group, the company offers high-quality and reliable services to its customers. This also makes them experts in almost all fields of web hosting as the team is large and well trained.

Exposed to both national and international market, the company has attained expertise in all types of web hosting services. 

8. is one of the leading web hosting experts in Bulgaria. However, they also offer their services to many reputed American companies. Offering highly customizable solutions to its clients, the company has evolved as a leading web hosting expert in a very short span of time.

They have grown in terms of quality of service and size simultaneously and their expansion has not affected their quality of work. In fact, with each passing day, the company is honing its capabilities to deliver excellence. 

9. Masters


Much like their name, Masters are the experts of their work as well. They are a domain management and web hosting company in Bulgaria that was incepted under the banner of Triada Soft Ltd.

Established in 1995, the expertise of Triada is clearly visible in the services of Masters. The company offers a variety of services including site creation, intranet systems and specialized software, marketing and advertising of client products, positioning on the Internet, domain registration and support, hosting – VPS and shared, etc.

10. Hostbulgaria


HostBulgaria is another web hosting giant in the Bulgarian market. The company is now a part of SuperHosting.BG (since May 1,2017). They have an individual team of experts offering highly reliable services to their customers.

Affordable pricing, reliable services and 24/7 customer assistance, makes them one of the most customer-friendly companies in Bulgaria. They are one of the most recommended companies for safer, reliable and efficient web hosting services.

Choosing the Best Bulgaria Web Hosting Service

As important as web hosting services are to maintain a website, hiring quality service provider is to maintain profitability. You must be extra vigilant while assessing a prospective web hosting partner.

Experts offer high regards to local web hosting companies, recommending startups and enterprises to hire their services for profitability. There are many other advantages associated with local web hosting services in Bulgaria including performance, cost-effectiveness, customer support and more. Choose a local web hosting expert and have a well-maintained business website for lifelong.

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