Top 10 Cameroon Web Hosting Reviews 2022 – Best Hosting in Cameroon

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Cameroon Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Cameroon

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Cameroon Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Cameroon

Cameroon is known to be one of the leading economic countries in the African region. It has made significant progress in the IT sector over the last few years, despite having significant challenges to deal with.

With the growth of IT businesses, website hosting service has been found to be in demand. E-commerce businesses have emerged with job opportunities in this country. Good hosting service is in high demand at this scenario.


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Well, thankfully a lot of companies have emerged to provide different hosting packages and domain name booking service. They offer optimum server speed and top class data safety. Here is a list of top 10 website hosting service in Cameroon.

Top 10 Cameroon Web Hosting Companies

1. Globexcamhost


There are a lot of website hosting services in Cameroon, but this service provider is known to be the leading services for its seamlessness and professionalism. With only 15000 CPA per year, anyone can get a basic hosting package.

Other expensive packages are also there and they have been designed by keeping business people in mind. Overall, it is a reliable service provider in the field of website hosting service. It comes with different flexible packages to feature for the service seekers.

2. Njangihost


This is another professional website hosting service in Cameroon and the service is particularly useful for the business owners or entrepreneurs. As per the packages, it would be easier to host business websites on the servers of this service provider.

It ensures top-notch server speed with the guarantee of 99.99% uptime. Bandwidth limit has been kept unlimited. As a result, it gets easier to get optimum website page loading performance. There shall be no delays and no server technical glitches as high-class server has been used.

3. Hostnesta


HostNesta is a popular website hosting service in Cameroon, featuring affordable and professional hosting solutions. It comes with different hosting packages, including shared website hosting, dedicated hosting, etc.

The main feature of the service provider is that it also offers shared hosting solutions at the free of cost. However, that is only intended for the small bloggers or starters in the field of web blogging. For business websites, professional dedicated packages are highly recommended. It additionally offers cloud hosting and email hosting support.

4. UptimaHosting


This website hosting service comes with different hosting packages including cloud hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting and many more. It is a professional website hosting service in Cameroon, offering low cost as well as seamless hosting solutions.

The main thing is that this particular hosting service offers secured website hosting servers. For server security, different measurements have also been taken. With as low as 2000 CFA per month, it will be easy to get a hosting service with this service provider.

5. Ccntechnologies


This is a professional hosting service which mainly features or highlights the reseller hosting packages. With the reseller hosting packages from this service provider, it will be easier to start a web hosting distributorship business for the small-scale IT services in Cameroon.

Apart from budget-friendly reselling service, service seekers shall get different other hosting packages. All the hosting packages have been designed for the professional hosting service seekers. You can get a package for hosting at as low as 20000 FcFa per annum.

6. Blogvisa


This hosting service provider comes with a simple website which is information rich and poised with a lot of hosting plans. At the home page, users shall find the option for domain purchasing right at the top of the website.

Below that, different hosting packages are there. Any package can be chosen as per needs and budget-friendliness. From free domain registration offer to excellent support for the clients, the service provider assures seamless experience with its hosting servers in Cameroon.

7. Kalawebs


This is a professional IT service providing company in Cameroon. Along with website hosting support, it also provides seamless web development support to the clients. WordPress hosting is the major highlighting package of this service provider.

You shall get a lot of other hosting packages as well. WordPress package is beneficial for those who want to design their websites based on this open source CMS. Users can also avail domain booking service too with this professional service provider as per their desire.

8. Clonemultimedia


This is another leading IT service provider in Cameroon, featuring website designing, graphic designing and online marketing as their key services. However, in addition to these services, it also provides low cost or affordable web hosting service to the clients.

In other words, people can get complete online business setup service. From website development to hosting the website on the secured server, all services have been offered with top-notch precision or accuracy. For the convenience of clients, different hosting packages are there.

9. Makonjohost


The basic hosting plan starts at 25000 FCFA per year at this website hosting service provider. There are a lot of hosting services, but this service provider should be recognized for its distinctive ranges of hosting packages. Availability of different packages, featuring different price tags, will make website hosting easier as well as convenient.

Excellent speed and top-notch security for the hosting server are guaranteed by the users. The service provider also assures professional technical support to clients.

10. Zoomafrique


Not just in Cameroon, this is website hosting service provider which offers its service at many places in the African region. Fast, secured and high-speed hosting service is the basic commitment of this service provider.

Along with these, it also assures 30-day money return policy. This return policy works seamlessly. If users do not like the service, they can choose to give it up within 30 days. In that case, 100% money shall be returned to the users.

Choosing the Best Cameroon Web Hosting Service

Finding website hosting service provider could be a difficult experience unless you are poised with knowledge about different hosting services. In Cameroon, people could find different hosting services.

Some of them are expensive in terms of showing up the packages and some of them are extremely cheap in terms of price. Well, quality of website hosting service cannot be judged with prices.

Users have to look for different features and offerings of the hosting services. Factors like uptime, downtime, server speed, bandwidth and other important things are required to be taken into consideration to find a professional hosting service in Cameroon.

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