Top 10 China Web Hosting Reviews 2019 – Best Hosting in China

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
China Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In China

China Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In China

Business operators looking for excellent performance for web hosting in China must spend the time to check the capabilities, services offered, track record, and computing power of each company.

China is a very large country and one of the most developed nations in the world. There are numerous web-hosting providers in this country that will make it quite difficult for end-users to make a choice.

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Your parameters must include customer-service, knowledge of the industry, and expertise on applications. The hosting company’s ultimate objective should be to assist clients in improving business competitiveness. Service should always come with an element of added value and sustainable innovation.

Top 10 China Web Hosting Companies

1. Alibaba Cloud


Alibaba Cloud earned the title of the biggest cloud service provider in China and the third-largest all over the world. It is a business unit under the world-renowned Alibaba Group and serves as its main cloud-computing arm.

Alibaba Cloud has more than 1 million paying patrons and more than 2.3 million clients globally. In China, the company maintains seven deployment regions as well as different availability zones for every region.

This hosting firm achieved a best-ever and unparalleled performance in China for data-classification technology, fast transaction processing per second, and protection against DDoS. Alibaba Cloud’s global operations are registered in 12 urban centers all over the world.

2. West


The company has worked on over 500,000 websites and registered 10 million domain names under the Western Digital Platform. More than 1 million users utilize its digital trading technology.

Western Digital’s service includes registration of domain names; web and cloud hosting; VPS; enterprise email; and, Internet marketing services. It belongs to the initial batch of Internet Service providers given certification by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.



DNSPOD, established in 2006, is said to be one of the greatest third-party provider of domain name service. Since 2014, the company provided services for around 6.4 million names of network addresses. DNSPOD says the web host answers more than 23 billion requests daily.

Many web developers point to the company’s premium services that generate a satisfactory user experience. Besides, this particular host does not maintain a cap on the number of domain names. It also offers free monitoring, SEO services, URL forwarding, and sharing of domain names.



GZDIC or Guangzhou Road Cloud Information Technology Company is acknowledged as the third-biggest third-party data hub in Southern China with a decade of data center operations. It is the only domestic single Internet Protocol and multi-wire data facility in this part of China.

The main strengths of GZDIC are the immediate availability of cloud servers. These servers are relatively secure and stable with an online speed of 99.9 percent. The company is a Tier 3 Class Data Center for several uplinks and dual-powered equipment. It has a built-in optical network with sufficient bandwidth resources.


cndns-homepage (the United States Orange Technology Information Development Company) maintains it is the original cloud-based and Internet-based ISP for home-based users as well as those living abroad.

It provides services that include Orange Host; Building a Star; domain name registration; rental of hosting servers; web space; Internet and e-mail marketing; business and trade name registration; and, applicable one-stop services.

Beautiful Orange built IDC security data units in the cities of Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. It uses top of the line servers with sufficient bandwidth and storage capacity.

6. ChinaNetCloud


ChinaNetCloud calls its service as a world-class type of Internet Service Management. It is the original Internet service company in China that makes use of contemporary technology giants like Docker Software, Dev Ops Software, Automation, as well as private and public cloud systems.

ChinaNetCloud employs the Total System Operations that manage the cloud, OS, apps, and Web. The quality systems, procedures, and engineering have been integrated with the routine service operations of ChinaNetCloud.

7. Foshan Yidian


Foshan Yidian Network is an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and CNNIC (Chinese Domain Names) dual certification registrar. It has a cloud data system (self-developed) for enterprise security.

The company was established in 2005 to provide internet services which consist of website development, domain name certification, domain name privatization service, domain name renewal, and complain control panel. Foshan Yidian aims at helping online entrepreneurs with their e-commerce platforms.

8. Bizcn


Business China through Shangzhong Online provides business operators and individuals with fundamental apps like domain names, cloud hosting, IDC hosting (rental basis), mobile web, enterprise email, mobile Internet micro application, and brand marketing.

It claims to have a robust business foundation after having served over 600,000 end-users globally and creating partnerships with 6,000 local entities in China. For instance, one of its premium services is the Baidu Cloud Server (BCC). This server is based on the Baidu virtual technology and distributed cluster OS.

9. Now (Times Internet)


Times Internet is the Guangdong Times Internet Technology provides Internet apps based on cloud computing. Other services of the company include cloud hosting, domain name registration, multiple lines Domain Name System, and server rental/hosting.

It is one of the popular hosting developers in China that provides several scripting languages such as PHP, PERL, CGI, ASP.NET, ASP, and JSP. Times Internet belongs to the first batch of registrars accredited by ICANN.

10. SFN


For over 17 years, Beijing Branch Three Network Technology has been providing one-stop-shop web apps for almost 80 percent of public entities and government offices in China along with multinational corporations.

It takes pride in its enterprise custom-built service station; custom development boutique application specifically for online payments; professional micro-site for precision marketing; and, unique multiple app network marketing for personal computer and mobile phone.

Choosing the Best China Web Hosting Service

In most cases, the choice of a web hosting provider regardless of the country looks daunting because many companies offer a wide range of services and features. Prices are almost similar so it is really hard to pick a hosting company whether you are in China and any country for that matter. It boils down to experience, commitment to quality, and credentials of the company.