Top 10 Colombia Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Colombia

Last Updated - August 9, 2018
Colombia Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Colombia

Colombia Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Colombia

Web hosting service is one of the most useful online-based services in Columbia these days. Different hosting services are there, featuring various kinds of hosting packages.

From expensive hosting packages to the budget-friendly packages, you shall get various kinds of hosting package options. Columbia is a growing economy, scopes for online based businesses are increasing.

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As a result, website hosting packages are in demand these days. For effective web hosting, reliable, robust and professional web hosting service must be chosen. For your convenience, here top ten web host services in Columbia have been listed. Check them out.

Top 10 Colombia Web Hosting Companies

1. MI

This is a simple website hosting service in Columbia, featuring a simplistic website interface to the users. It comes with domain registration section right at the top where users can put their domain preference to check its availability.

If available, it could easily be purchased through this website. Thereafter, users can see the website hosting packages for hosting the website. Apart from flexible web hosting plans, there are some plans for email hosting for the buyers. Overall, packages for the website and email hosting are affordable.

2. HostDime


The website of this service provider features four major website hosting plans. These plans are dedicated hosting, VPS plan, promo servers, and collocation. Associated prices with all these plans are mentioned on the website. The value of these plans seems to be quite affordable.

Small-scale e-commerce businesses can go for the VPS hosting or dedicated hosting for optimum data security and robust website performance. The service provider commits good security, active data center and satisfactory customer support services.

3. Colombiahosting


Claiming to be the number 1 hosting service in Columbia, this provider boasts of its customer base. With different hosting plans and luring discounts on the hosting services, along with aggressive business marketing plans, this company has made a significant contribution to the field of website hosting in Columbia.

It has four major business hosting packages to feature. Each package comes with a lot of feature and commitment of unlimited bandwidth, 99.99% uptime speed and many more. The company is trusted since it exists as a web hosting service for more than a decade.

4. LatinoAmericaHosting


This hosting service comes with domain purchasing feature and some useful web hosting plans. Domain booking process is simple, as you need to add the preferred domain name at the blank field. Now, it will show the availability of the domain.

If available, you can easily purchase it. Additionally, there are certain hosting plans. Total 4 major hosting plans can be found and all of them are poised with a lot of features. For every hosting plan, 99.99% uptime is guaranteed.

5. Dongee


This Columbian web hosting service offers a fast and reliable website hosting solution to clients. It comes with different hosting packages. For example, buyers can start with reseller hosting package, which gives them unique opportunity to start their own hosting business.

Reseller hosting means that buyers can resell their hosting space to others. Apart from reseller package, one can get VPS and dedicated website hosting packages. Overall, the hosting packages are affordable and secured. It offers good customer support service to the users as well.

6. Internetya


This website hosting service in Columbia offers professional web hosting solution. It comes with different hosting packages to suit businesses belonging to different domains. From eLearning platforms to application, e-commerce and web platforms, it provides hosting service to different kinds of businesses or organizations.

In addition to the hosting packages, it also offers cloud hosting, cloud infrastructure support and email hosting support for the small to medium scale enterprises. It is a reliable service provider, offering end to end business hosting support.

7. Americandominios


This Columbian website hosting service features a simply designed website, where buyers can know about the company and its different hosting packages. At the home page, hosting packages have been highlighted. From basic to advanced, different packages are there.

The cheapest hosting package is named as “Micro” and it is suitable for the individual bloggers. The most expensive package has been named as “Corporate” which is easily suitable to medium range businesses. Hosting packages are quite affordable as well.

8. Colombiawebs


This hosting service comes with a professionally designed web interface, where web visitors shall come across the domain name booking section first. Enter your domain name in the blank field or domain bar and search for it. You shall come across the page where availability of the domain will be shown.

If not available, related domain suggestions will be provided. Now, let us get back to the hosting section, where plenty of web host packages are shown. They are affordable and suitable for professional web hosting purposes.

9. Imaginacolombia


This web hosting service comes with a website with the informative interface. Along with attention-grabbing visual, a lot of text contents can be found. So, basically, it intends to make the hosting service seekers well-informed about its services. You can easily book a new domain and it claims to have support for more than 570 domain extensions.

Hosting packages are designed to suit requirements as well as uses of the service seekers. From novice bloggers and business owners to small medium enterprises, there are packages to suit different needs.

10. Conexcol


This is a Columbian web hosting service that comes with distinctive web hosting packages. As you go to the website of the service provider, you shall find different packages for web hosting. Apart from the hosting packages, service seekers can get services like domain booking, email hosting, etc.

User-friendly cPanel has been provided to website hosting buyers. The Cpanel comes with a simple interface and a few preinstalled open source content management systems. Additionally, you shall also get cloud hosting support.

Choosing the Best Colombia Web Hosting Service

Website hosting service is important for all entrepreneurs as web presence makes a lot of differences these days. It helps businesses to become more popular and thus steady business growth can be noted. But, at the same time, it is important to choose a professional website hosting support so that hassle-free services from the hosting service provider can be attained.

In Columbia, a lot of good hosting services are available and at the same time, there are some nonprofessional hosting services. So, making a choice of hosting service is a crucial decision and it must be conducted with perfection. Make sure you find a good service provider.