Does Changing Nameserver Affect Email? (Explained)

does changing nameserver affect email
does changing nameserver affect email

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Corporate emails are a must-have for any business these days, as it does not only have the right impression for all your clientele and affiliates but help you organize all the business communication in a much more efficient manner.

However, having a business email is not as simple as signing up on Gmail or any other public email services providers.

There are a lot of factors involved such as DNS, hosting services, and of course, the email server that you are using for your corporate emails.

Does Changing Nameserver Affect Email?

Changing the Nameservers

Changing the NameServers means that you are shifting your email and the website to some other hosting server and of course your domain will be pointing to their name servers as well.

Not only that, but you will have to place the new company that you are changing your name server to DNS so that they are in charge of handling the DNS for the website via their hosting platform.

This will enable you to get a new DNS zone file from the hosting services provider that is critically important in making it all work for you.

How Does it Affect your email?

In short, if your are changing the A record, MX and TXT for mail, then it will affect your email.

Please take note if you are also changing  CNAME for IMAP, POP and SMTP, it will also affect your email.

If you are only changing the DNS record for the website, it won’t affect the email.

For example:

Changing CNAME www and A Record localhost won’t affect your email.

If you are changing the domain host by changing your nameservers, you will have to configure the email correctly as well for the email records to be stored on the right hosting server, and to continue having the private email support for you.

So, the zone file that you are getting from the new host needs to be stored for the MX records for your email service as well.

Simply put, you will need to get the MX records for your email service in the zone file as well, and that will help you out to continue with the email services.

The email server on the back end will be changed and you might have to login again on your devices on their portal.