Top 10 Estonia Web Hosting Reviews 2020 (Best Hosting in Estonia)

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Estonia Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Estonia.

Estonia Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Estonia.

Web hosting is the foremost requirement for a successful online business. To ensure that you flourish online, it is utmost important to have an enticing & user-friendly website. Web hosting is the main basis of the performance and user-friendliness of any website and in this era of slit-throat competition, it is mandatory for a business to hold these qualities to retain its customers.

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While understanding the importance of web hosting is very simple, it is very intimidating to find the best web hosting service providers. The primary confusion is about choosing a local or an international web hosting service provider.

While in Estonia, hiring a local web hosting services provider is highly recommended. Experts claim that local web hosting services offer more benefits than their international counterparts. The many advantages associated with local web hosting companies can be described as:

Better performance:

It is proved that local web hosting services in Estonia offer better website performance if your audience if from the region. This is because of the short distance that the data or information has to travel from the user to the database and then from the database to the user again.


Costing is another important factor to consider while availing web hosting services. A local web hosting expert sometimes offer you economical packages in comparison to the international service experts. This can be because of many reasons including the local taxation laws, cost of technology & more.

Data Security Laws:

As soon as you step out of your country for any data services, you are held under the laws of the specific country. This makes the entire scenario complicated as you have to now deal with the data laws at your country as well as in the other country.

Boosting the local economy:

Any business takes advantage of a flourishing economy and hiring local services is a way to add value to the economy. This not only ensures that you get benefitted by the local economic expansion but also maintains the cash flow in the economy that further strengthens the associated businesses.

Top 10 Estonia Web Hosting Companies

If you are based out in Estonia, hiring local Estonia web hosting services is the best. Here are some of the best local Estonia web hosting companies for consideration:

1. is one of the leading web hosting companies in Estonia. They started their operations in 1999 and since then are efficiently catering their customers with quality services. Offering a variety of web hosting solutions and other IT services, the company has encompassed a pool of customers that vouch for their technical excellence.

The services they offer include domain registration, web hosting, cloud servers, private servers, cloud VPS, Shared Hosting and special solution servers. The company hold expertise in handling huge company accounts and thus ensures that the web hosting requirements of the company are duly met.

2. Wavecom


Established in 2001, Wavecom is another leading web hosting services provider in Estonia. Offering a wide range of services to their customers at affordable prices, the company has created a rich pool of satisfied customers. In 2011, the company also opened a server centre in Tallinn & in 2017 they entered in the Public Cloud Platform.

The services they offer include web hosting, shared & dedicated web hosting, database management, cloud server management, IP phone, Private server, domain name registration and domain name transfer. They are also renowned to offer web hosting services overseas and supporting their services with hi-technology equipment and techniques.

3. Radicenter


RADICENTER OÜ began their operations in 1999 and since then have grown up as a web hosting giant in Estonia. Starting from a small scale business, the company today is one of the web hosting giants in Estonia. They offer high-grade web hosting services to individuals, start-up and enterprises.

When the company started its function, they had over 10,000 clients in Estonia and surrounds including Finland, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. They offer a variety of services including cPanel web hosting, cPanel Server, dedicated web hosting, shared web hosting, multiple domain support, email support, domain name registration, domain name transfer and more.

4. Fairyhosting

fairyhosting-homepage started their operations in 2011 and once then they have never looked back. Catering to a huge pool of customers, the company offers a variety of services. They offer 24/7 hour support to their customers along with high-technologically blesses services. With a team of experts, the company has proved their mettle in Estonia and Europe.

They are a 100% Estonian company with offices in Ukraine and Russia. Understanding the requirements of the customers, the services they offer include web hosting, domain name services (registration & transfer), Server services, private server and other related services.


BeeHosting is one of the most reliable web hosting services providers in Estonia. Renowned for their speed and efficiency, the company has always maintained high technical standards, and offers best services in all regards. All their services are available at a very economical price and are made special to suit the bespoke requirements of the customers.

The primary services they offer include domains, shared hosting, SSD Hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, Cloud VPS, Cloud VPS SSD, and email hosting. They have a team of experts who are trained and certified to perform their duties par perfection.

6. Fast VPS


When searching for a reputed, reliable and cost-friendly web hosting service providers in Estonia, one must consider FastVPS on a primary basis. They are one of the best web hosting experts in the country offering a wide range of services including web hosting, VPS, fast SSD drives, domain name service, domain name transfer, database management, etc.

Highly reliable and cost friendly, the company offers 24/7 hours support to its customers. They have many in-house data centers and offers highly technically advanced database management services. 

7. Virtuaalcom


Virtuaal is a 100% Estonia based company that started its operations years back and since then has offered quality services to its customers. This is the only reason they have accumulated a huge pool of customers and are offering a number of services. All their services are available at an affordable price. They offer reliable web hosting services with 24/7 customer service guarantee.

With special expertise in email addresses and web hosting, the company also offers domain services, VPS cloud server, private server, SiteLock security service, etc. They are rated as one of the best web hosting company in Estonia by its customers.

8. infonet


Another company that has become a huge success from a small platform is Infonet. Offering reliable web hosting services to a number of customers, the company is one of the most affordable companies in Estonia. They are a team of dedicated experts offering a variety of web hosting services in Estonia.

Well-equipped with latest technological advances, the company caters to a number of clients par satisfaction. The services they offer include domains, virtual hosting, virtual server and physical server.

9. European Networks


European Networks offer quality services to companies from small to medium set-ups. Founded in founded in Tallinn, Estonia, the company offers its services in the entire Europe and USA. They offer high-quality services at the affordable price to ensure that their customers get the best advantage without breaking the banks.

Their head office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. The company believes in offering quality to its customers to boost and offering 100% satisfaction. The services they offer include VPS Servers, domain registration, dedicated server and administration related task.

10. Afacerver


Afacerver was established in 2009 and is one of the leading service providers for hosting, cloud services and more. They offer their services to both private and business clients and are known for their unmatched quality & affordable price, they are also renowned to offer the great customer services in Estonia with 24/7 hour support to their customers.

Withhold of excellent technology and equipment they offer the best web hosting services in Estonia along with normal cPanel hosting, domain name registration, etc.

Choosing the Best Estonia Web Hosting Service

Estonia is one of the leading technical states of the world. It is the place where Skype telecommunications started and many other tech giants took form. The local internet network of the country offers a huge technological advantage to companies and thus the local web hosting companies in Estonia offer great services.

Moreover, there are many other benefits including performance, price, customer support and more, associated with local web hosting services that hiring a local web hosting expert in Estonia is one of the wisest decision a Estonia-based company could make.