Top 10 Finland Web Hosting Reviews 2022 – Best Hosting in Finland

Finland Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Finland

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Finland Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Finland

Finland hosting services are reasonable and affordable as compared to other Global hosting companies. Finland’s internet connection ranks 21st in World’s top internet connection speed with an average peak connection of 57.4 Mbps. Nearly around 5.1 million Finnish citizens are connected to the internet as of 2016, giving the country a 92.5% penetration rate. Secondly, the main reason is, in 2010, Finland made Internet access a legal right that is why Finland has become one of the countries with highest internet penetration rates in the world.


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The local hosting services in Finland are also very flourishing. If average costs of core hosting services like shared hosting services, VPS or Dedicated servers or are measured among some of the top hosting companies in Finland, they all start with basic packages.

Finnish Hosting services are good at serving both big and small sized businesses and individual’s need at an affordable rate. Finland hosting services are good for local Finnish people as compared to Global hosting companies. Finland serves as a great server location. Whether you chose to have a dedicated server, virtual server or web hosting, choosing Finland as your server location will definitely get you a lot of advantages if your target audience is from Finland:

  • Quick and short distant fast connections to all parts of Europe and parts of Asian markets.
  • Constant availability and the good supply of electricity.
  • Stable and safe servers, which are not damaged by any natural disaster.
  • Enjoying cold temperature-the cold air can keep server rooms cool and air-conditioned for the most part of the year.

Moreover, Finland is a secure country in terms of political condition and maintains its internet access security at high-level. Finnish hosting servers are counted as safe and reliable hosting servers at reasonable prices and are trusted by many other Global companies.

The hosting services from Finland are quick-to-use, easy to handle and long-term connections created without any distortion as all the connections fall back in the strong backbone of Internet Network.

Mostly all the remarkable hosting companies of Finland master in operating major common applications like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and Magento e-commerce. The industrial experts make it worth to hire the services from Finland Hosting Services so as to focus more on the flourishing business than on Internet connections.

Top 10 Finland Web Hosting Companies

Finland Cloud servers are now one of the World’s best cloud servers. Some of the top Finland Hosting service Companies are mentioned below:

1. Nebula


Nebula is a Finnish ICT service company with 40,000 customers including both solo property and multinational corporations since 297 when they first started providing cloud services.

Nebula is known for its cloud services in Finland. It offers unique ICT solutions and has different packages for Digital Business Entrepreneurs. Nebula offers the digital business with Cloud Platforms, Cloud Platforms and DevOps. The ICT Enterprise includes Out-sourcing, Consulting and Productivity, thus is cost-effectiveness and improved information security.

For the entrepreneurs, it offers domains, web hotels and Microsoft 365. Other than ICT solutions, other products include mobile responsive webpage builder, domains and super-fast internet connection.

Some unique infrastructure features include Cloud 9, Nebula clouds, cloud platforms, Machine Trips and Security Capacity VK3. Business networks mainly based on Website tools, Web Hosts and additional services, Email services, Domain names and Publishing systems.

2. Louhi

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Louhi is a 10-year-old Finnish company that has been providing services to local customers and Finnish companies. Louhi is an award-winning company with its excellent domestic services at reasonable price ranges and offering multiple products.

Louhi’s hosting centres are under 24/7 observation. The online store offers Domains, Cloud servers, Hosting Plans, Virtual Servers, Cloud Applications and Maintainance. Louhi offers several applications namely

  • Louhi Exchange: Where you can buy e-mail boxes for your company as per required.
  • LouhiSharepoint: is a ready-to-use service for file sharing
  • LouhiCourrier: Filters out spam from your daily email, making it easier for you to focus more on your work.
  • Content Management System: At Louhi’s web hotels you can install popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal at cheap costs.

3. Sigmatic


Sigmatic, born in 2001, is a tech company with huge experience in hosting. It’s now a company that has its own data centers in Helsinki and Espoo, Finland. They also offer their services in London, Frankfurt and Chicago through partners. Sigmatic are well known for migrating services. The good company serves in Web Hosting, Virtual Servers, and Dedicated Servers in different packages as per need.

Some plus point in add-ons for Virtual servers include:

  • DNS Management
  • Firewall service
  • Backup MX-service for emails
  • Load balancing
  • Monitoring and off-site support
  • Server Management
  • Backup services and
  • Consulting services by our experts

The packages are very reasonable and Sigmatic have good co-location services in both Hensinki and Espoo. The customer can run a partial or full cabinet on rent by oneself. The cabinets are secure, locked and include a keycard for access around the clock.

4. Hostingpalvelu


This Finnish hosting company’s servers are located in Helsinki, offer domestic services and are known for fast and smooth connections. Palvelu offers a home for 13,000 webcams. The web hotel operates with trusted cloud servers and features including installation and home are included in the price. The web hotels offer a two-week satisfaction guarantee to their customers.

Their popular programs are as follows

  • Content management like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal
  • Online stores: Magento
  • Photo Gallery: Gallery
  • Discussion boards: phpBB
  • Wiki Sites: MediaWiki
  • File Management and Sharing: Own Cloud offers versatile email, easy to use dashboard and automatic and free SSL. It is a fully Finnish company and offers authentic and reliable hosting services to local customers as its servers are located in Finland.

One of the main properties of this hosting company is its Fast SSDs, Hosting properties are valid for advanced users.

5. Neutech


Neutech is an experienced, cost-effective hosting company that has been hosting for last 20 years. Neutech is a Finnish hosting company which serves domestically and its customers enjoy fastest services and agile activities. They offer tailor-made cloud services, servers and webmasters.

Neutech mainly serves as build long-term relationship with its customers and resellers. Their cloud services and virtual services combine into one big powerful service. They offer both emails and homepages building individually and together as per required. Their main services include simple domain name, Webhosting, nWebPro and nMailpro, virtual servers and own cloud.

This home hosting service is all open round the clock. Neutech became a part of the famous Planeetta Internet Oy’s operation in July 2017 but the operations are continuing in the same old-fashioned way by top experienced IT Specialists of Finland.

6. Zoner


Zoner Oy Web Hosting Service is a complete Finnish hosting service provider. It offers multiple great packages for the comfort of local people and makes long-term deals without hassle. Zoner Oy is good at price range; you can hire hosting services via invoices and don’t actually need any particular online banking Ids or credit cards.

They supervise well on the speed of their servers; making page downloads easier and faster thus boosting the site audiences’ reaction. Zoner Oy, also offers help with social media networking like Zoneria on Facebook. Main services include web hosts, domain services, virtual servers and other useful application servers.

7. Webhotelli

Webhotelli-Homepage comes under affordable Domestic web hosting company. The servers of the company being located in Helsinki, it offers a cost-effective range of web hosting. 24 hours controlled data centre a day, in a monitored facility of 10Gbit/s connected to the fast backbone network. They offer services at the quickest and receive payments via PayPal, online banking and credit card.

This domestic company mainly serves local people, communities and small businesses and is trusted for its convenience, which one does not need to have an existing web hosting service to hire package from Bronze, Silver Gold and Platinum.

8. Shellit

Shellit-Homepage offers web hosting services for 10 years! Their main services include domain names, virtual servers, cloud servers, Office 365 services, other server products and their maintenance. The recent release has gained a lot of attention from huge businesses and media companies of Finland, Tavu Cloud platform servers that they have implemented with OpenStack technology.

The real name Multim Oy (marketing name came into existence in 2007. The other server products include virtual server, Windows virtual server, the rental server and the Hotel server. Shellit receives payment by multiple methods namely by PayPal, Visa and Master Card and Aktia.

9. Capnova


This is the joint place of IT specialists and experts who are serving people larger than life. Capnova is loved by millions and has won satisfaction by 100% of local people and is also recommended globally. Capnova takes things seriously and is an experienced web hosting service provider for last 17 years.

Their offices are settled in Tampere, Espoo and Lapua. 100% of Capnova’s ownership, personnel, data servers and customer data are located in Finland. Capnovans are best experienced in solo customer service and have been serving Finnish customers with small and large businesses. One can avail all IT services done from Capnovans from individual domains to IT outsourcing.

10. Nettihotelli


This web hosting service provider is wholly a Finnish company and is serving Finnish people since 2003. Their office is located in Turku and servers are established in the high–availability database on our parent company. This company mainly focuses on customer’s satisfaction. The services are aimed to settle small businesses by providing uninterrupted hosting servers at competitive prices.

They claim to be an environmentally friendly company as they neutralize carbon dioxide emissions by 100%, caused by their data servers by purchasing the Gold Standard certification of emission reduction. This makes them the most environment-friendly web hosting service provider in Finland.

Choosing the Best Finland Web Hosting Service

As reviewed, all of the Web hosting companies in Finland have achieved success in carving their names in the field of Web hosting services, so far they are now counted as topmost reliable service providers in world and serve US, UK and Asian Market as their major customers, not only globally, they have worked hard to provide excellent service domestically also and satisfied Finnish people completely by offering different packages at reasonable prices.

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