Free Germany Web Hosting: 2 Choices and Is It Good Enough?

free web hosting germany
free web hosting germany

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Germany is one of the most advanced countries in Europe when it comes to tech, and a lot of development has been done over the past few years as well. There are multiple options to go for, if you are looking some hosting services for the website you have, or plan on creating.

There are some free web hosting services in Germany as well, that you can possibly get your hands on and start hosting your website without having to spend a dime out of pocket in the beginning. But that might not be the brightest of ideas that you might have had in some time, and here is why.


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Cons Of Free Web Hosting

Website hosting service is one of the fastest growing business in the world and for good reasons. There are costs involved like hosting the server with computing power and the power costs and of course the operational costs.

So, no web hosting server will offer you a free web hosting service unless they are getting something out of it. That makes it not the right idea to go for if you are looking to have something better and advance for your web hosting needs.

If you are looking to run a website for trial basis only, you can go for these free web hosting services but nothing beyond that would be a wise choice to have.

Moving forward, you will have to compromise on having the right domain of your own, as most of the free website hosting services providers in the Germany will force you to use their domain to avoid the domain registration charges and multiple other restrictions like that.

You will have to face data cap, bandwidth limitations, security restrictions and a few other limitations on your free web hosting that makes it a choice that you need to think twice about.

Paid Web Hosting Services in Germany

On the other hand, there are some paid web hosting services as well that you need to know about. They are offering these services at a minimal price and would be the perfect option for you to go for, no matter what sort of needs you are looking a web hosting service in Germany for.


a2hosting free web hosting is one of the most affordable and smartest web hosting solution that you can possibly get your hands on in Germany. They have their servers located all across the world, with a dedicated server for Europe in Amsterdam that would make it just the perfect choice for you to enjoy as your services provider in Germany.

Not only that, but there is a lot more to it as they are offering you to have the better level of services with their premium packages.

There are plenty of packages to choose from according to your needs and requirements so that you will be able to enjoy the best edge of hosting services without having to pay anything extra for these services.

You also get lots of add-ons such as Free SSL certification and integration with most of the online platforms for your website to perform precisely as you want it to. With their Website Builder tool, would almost cost you nothing, and you can have that premium experience that you seek in Germany for your web hosting needs.


bluehost free web hosting is a US based website that is as good as free, because they are charging you a minimal fee for all sorts of web hosting services that you might have. has the right packages for you that you can choose from to get the premium web hosting services in Germany without having to breaking your bank.

Of course, you get the liberty to keep your domain and all the other similar perks with the right speed on your web hosting service as well that will ensure you are never going out looking for some other web hosting service that might be free.


hostgator free web hosting germany is a web hosting services provider that might not be much when it comes to the bells and whistles attached, but they are offering a premium level of support for all the different sorts of needs you can have related to the web hosting experience. is one of the most affordable service that you can possibly get your hands on in order to enjoy the blissful experience of better bandwidth, domain registration, a 99.9% guaranteed uptime and premium level of security to make it the best option for you.


strato free web hosting is the go-to solution for you if you want to enjoy a truly seamless experience with a web hosting services provider located in Germany. They have a lot to offer, including Germany based servers, domain registration, Hosting services, WordPress Integration and Cloud-server integration all on the servers that are Germany based so you will be getting the best bang for your bucks.

Not only that, but their packages are also highly customizable and affordable so that you will be enjoying a far better experience than any of those free web hosting services out there.

Free Germany Web Hosting

However, if you still want to try out those free web hosting services, here are a few options that you can consider to make it all work for you.


hostinger free web hosting is a US based web hosting services that is offering almost free web hosting service. This is not totally free, but with a nominal fee you will be able to get your hands on a ton of services such as Website builder, Domain registration, hosting and professional email to make it all work for you flawlessly.


webhost free web hosting is a zero-cost web hosting service with PHP, MySQL and cPanel without any ads either. There are some restrictions such as you don’t get any email account and the support is available within working hours only.

On top of that, the bandwidth is limited, and space is not much either. It would only be right for you to choose the for some website if you don’t have fund at all, or you want to try it for some time.