Top 10 Germany Web Hosting Reviews 2022 – Best Hosting in Germany

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
German Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In German

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German Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In German

Web Hosting is one of the critical factors that decide the success rate of any website. As websites are the need of the time, maintaining an active, high-performing and updated website is a must for every business. There are several other reasons that make professional web hosting services even more imperative for any business including uptime, data security, performance and more.


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Companies searching for web hosting services often get intimidated by the options available. One of the most confusing decision is to hire a local web hosting expert or choose an international service provider. While international web hosting services might appear fascinating to anyone, the reality is entirely different.

Experts claim that local web hosting companies have much more benefits to offer than any international web hosting service provider if your target audience is from the region. Let us discuss why hiring a local German Web Hosting company is a wise decision for your German visitors:


The importance of speed in website operations is needless to explain. Checking the performance factors of your website before you settle for a local or international service provider is essential. As per the experts, a local web hosting service guarantees high performance and a speed that is 3 times more than an internationally hosted website.


A local Germany web hosting expert would require a lesser amount of technological advancement to support the services than any international service provider. This makes it obvious why a local player will offer you a greater price than an international web hosting service expert.

Contribution to the economy:

Working with a local service provider, you help boost the local economy and thus contribute to the overall progress of the industry. Also, there are many benefits that state governments offer to the companies operating locally, by maintaining a local service framework you can profiteer from all these benefits.

24/7 technical support:

A local web hosting Germany service provider can reach you way faster than any international web hosting expert. No mode of technology can decrease the physical distance.

Data Security laws:

Last but probably the most important is the complexity of data security rules that one can face with international players. As soon as you step out of the geographical boundaries you experience that the data security laws change and most of the times are complex to understand. In case of local Germany Web hosting service providers, it is easy to understand and seek any assistance.

Top 10 Germany Web Hosting Companies

Here are some of best local Germany web hosting services providers that one can consider working with:

1. Strato


Founded in 1997, Strato has over 500 people working for them in two offices in Germany. They are 100% German Company operating with 60,000 servers and providing assistance to over 4 million domain customer all across the world.

The company has enough experience and expertise to offer web hosting services to individuals, startups, enterprises and other corporate entities. The services they offer include web hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, Domain name registration, domain name transfer, Homepage creation and more.

2. 1&1


1&1 German is an authentic German Web Hosting service provider company that has been providing professional assistance to business owners since long. They offer a variety of services including DSL, Mobile, server, web hosting and more. With ultimate customer support and high-quality services, 1 & 1 is one of the best web hosting company to choose in Germany.

They have received a number of awards for their commendable work in the industry and are expanding at an exponential rate. Companies prefer working with 1 & 1 because they offer a rich service portfolio as well as affordable price.

3. Hosteurope


Host Europe started a long ago and developed as a web hosting service provider. They are the most recommended and trusted web hosting experts in Germany offering a variety of services to its customers. They have received a number of awards including Gold winner in web hosting, Best VPS Service Provider, Test Winner accessibility for their best work in the field of web hosting and other services.

They offer affordable price and 24/7 customer support to their customers and thus are considered as one of the most reliable web hosting experts in Germany. Their service portfolio includes services like web hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS web hosting, SSL certificates, Cloud web hosting, servers and more.

4. Hetzner


Hetzner is an official web hosting company that was established in 1997. They have gained enough experience in these years to understand the requirements of a customer and treat them accordingly with best services. Dedicated to offering quality services, Hetzner is focused on performance and results.

They have grown their network by partnering with reputed brands of software and hardware. They specialize in dedicated web hosting, colocation Racks, shared web hosting, Storage boxes, Internet domains, SSL certificates and more. With well-equipped assistance and affordable prices, they have become the most popular web hosting service provider in Germany.

5. Alfahosting


Alfa Hosting is yet another prominent market player in the web hosting industry in Germany. With years of knowledge and experience, they have become a leading web hosting experts offering quality services to their customers. Experts in Domain, servers, SSL and more, the company has a number of satisfied customers in their pool.

They are also experts of do-it-yourself functions which make them a one point solution for all enterprise needs. Established in 1999, they have learned a lot and gained enough experience to cater customers with their bespoke requirements. They offer web hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS web hosting, SSL certificates, Cloud web hosting, servers and more.

6. Domain Factory

Domain Factory-Homepage

Domain Factory, as the name suggests is a giant market player in the domain registration market. Besides being a reputed domain registrar, the company also provides services like web hosting, SSL certificates, servers and more. They have over 200,000 satisfied customers in their kitty and manage over 1.3 Million domains.

With over 15 plus years of experience, they have understood the market and thus provide the best solutions. With flexible products and neutral hosting environment, their services are highly dependable and beneficial. The services they offer include web hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS web hosting, SSL certificates, Cloud web hosting, servers and more.

7. Contabo


Contabo is a 100% German company that offers best web hosting services in the entire region. They started their operations in 2003 and have become the most renowned web hosting experts in Germany. By learning throughout their growth phase, they have become well-versed with the customer requirement throughout the business cycle and thus offer the best-rated services to their customers.

Founded by two partners Michael Herpich and Michael Bölke, the company is great in web hosting, colocation Racks, shared web hosting, Storage boxes, Internet domains, SSL certificates and more.

8. Goneo


Goneo is a company for individuals, startups, enterprises and other corporate players. They are in the market for quite some time and have understood the market needs and requirements to the core. Their services offer customers a competitive advantage and ultimate support to take care of their online businesses. With 24/7 support system, they offer instant updates and fixes in case of any problem or glitch.

They offer different web hosting packages at different prices for unique requirements of the customers. Their primary services include dedicated web hosting, colocation Racks, shared web hosting, Storage boxes, Internet domains, SSL certificates and more.

9. profihost


ProfiHost was established in 1998 and since then they are providing quality services to shop hosting. With more than 3000 shops working with their assistance, their strategies have helped many e-commerce businesses to bloom and profiteer. With latest technological advances and equipment, they offer top-notch web hosting assistance to their customers at an affordable price.

Their strategic partners include names like Shopware and Oxid sales and they have over 650 companies in their partner network. They are expert in Managed Hosting, Managed Shop Hosting, Managed Servers, Online stores services and more.

10. Mittwald


MittWald was founded in 2003 and has been a prominent web hosting service provider in Germany since then. The company is customer-centric and offer high-grade services to its customers. With knowledge of latest technical advances and hands-on experience of recent market trends, they make bespoke service strategies for their customers.

The company also offers affordable rates for their services and ensure that the customers are satisfied with their services to the core. They are experts in web hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS web hosting, SSL certificates, Cloud web hosting, servers and more.

Choosing the Best German Web Hosting Service

Choosing a web hosting partner is a critical task, especially deciding between local services and internal web hosting services. Critics recommend local Germany web hosting companies over their counterpart because of the many benefits they offer for local German audience.

Besides offering the best performance, price adaptiveness, 24/7 support and more, local companies also follow the local data security rules which make business easier. Moreover, German IT market is evolving and this is the best time to profiteer from the development. These are the greatest web hosting companies in Germany, hire one and enjoy the benefits of local German web hosting services.

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