GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Review 2022 (Economy, Value, Deluxe and Ultimate Plan)

GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Review
GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Review

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GoDaddy was founded in 1997, which makes it one of the oldest web hosting provider companies in the world. However, they have started as a domain registrar company back in the days. But, now they are offering all types of web hosting related services as well.

To this day, they have about 18 million active users and 8000 employees all over the world. They are internationally known as one of the best web hosting and domain registrar companies. Today, we will be talking about the GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting service.

So, if you want to know about all the ins and outs of GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting service. Then let’s just get started.

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GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Review

What’s a Dedicated Hosting Service?

Dedicated hosting service is one of the most expensive and feature-rich hosting solutions available out there. If you are not familiar with the concept of the dedicated hosting then you can get an idea about it right now.

When you get a dedicated hosting account you are getting an entire server to host your websites to yourself. The resources of that server won’t be shared with any other users. And, you will have the full control over your server. In a word, the server is exclusively dedicated to yourself only. And that is why it is called dedicated hosting service.

There are a lot of perks of having an entire server to yourself. First of all, as no one is sharing your server, you can use all the resources of your server to your advantage. You will have the ‘super-user’ access to your server so that you can install/uninstall any scripts or software to your server. You will also be able to add, remove, and delete any websites to or from your server.

You are literally free to do anything. However, there is one problem with a dedicated hosting service. And that is the price you have to pay to get a dedicated server. Most of the web hosting companies charge a hefty amount of fees for this type of service. On the other hand, GoDaddy is not like that. We will now cover all the details about the packages of GoDaddy dedicated hosting services.

GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Plans:

GoDaddy has a wide array of dedicated hosting packages. Primarily, they have divided their packages into two categories based on operating systems. They have Windows and Linux OS based dedicated hosting plans. We will cover all of the different dedicated hosting packages of GoDaddy down below.

Linux OS based Dedicated Hosting Plans of GoDaddy:

GoDaddy Linux Dedicated Hosting Plans
GoDaddy Linux Dedicated Hosting Plans

GoDaddy has 4 Linux OS based dedicated hosting plans. They are Economy, Value, Deluxe, and Ultimate. Let’s explore one by one.

  • Economy Dedicated Hosting Package:

If you are trying to get into Dedicated Hosting then you can start your journey with this package. Because it is the most inexpensive package. You can get this package by paying only $169.99/mo. Even though this is the least expensive plan, it comes with almost all of the necessary features.

So, you won’t miss anything by getting this plan. You will receive 4 GB Ram, 1 TB Storage, Intel Xeon CPU (4 Cores, 3.1 GHz), Unmetered Bandwidth. Also, you are getting 1 year of free SSL certificate and 3 dedicated IP addresses with the Economy Package.

  • Value Dedicated Hosting Package:

The second dedicated package of GoDaddy starts at $199.99/mo. If you need more RAM on your servers, then this could be a good choice. With this plan, you will get 8 GB RAM, 1.5 TB Storage Space, Intel Xeon CPU (4 Cores, 3.1 GHz) etc.

And, this package also includes unmetered Bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs, and free 1 year SSL certificate. So here, you are getting a little bit more RAM and storage space compared to the Economy package.

  • Deluxe Dedicated Hosting Package:

The Deluxe dedicated hosting plan is the bang for your buck. So, if you want to get the best value package then this is the one you should think about. The package will cost you only 249.99$ per month.

In return, your dedicated server will have 16 GB RAM, Intel Xeon CPU (4 Cores, 3.1 GHz), 2 TB Storage, 3 dedicated IPs, and free 1 year SSL certificate for all of your domain names.

  • Ultimate Dedicated Hosting Package:

If you need the best of the best then the Ultimate package is there for you. This package comes with the best specifications and features. However, it will also cost you the most compared to the other dedicated hosting packages of GoDaddy.

The price of this package starts at 349.99$ per month. And your server will have 32 GB of RAM, Intel Xeon CPU (4 Cores, 3.1 GHz), 2 TB Storage space, and unmetered Bandwidth. And as usual, you will also get the free 1 year SSL certificate and 3 dedicated IP addresses.

Now, we will talk about the Windows operating system based dedicated plans. You should know that the price of the windows OS based plans is higher than the Linux ones. It is normal. The reason behind this is that the Windows operating system is costly itself whereas all types of Linux operating systems are free of cost or open source.

Windows OS based Dedicated Hosting Plans of GoDaddy:

As the Linux based plans, there are 4 Windows OS based dedicated plans of GoDaddy. The names of the plans are similar as well which are Economy, Value, Deluxe, and Ultimate respectively.

GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Hosting Plans
GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Hosting Plans
  • Economy Dedicated Hosting Package:

This package includes 4 GB RAM, 3 dedicated free IPs, free 1 year of SSL certificate, 1 TB Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, Intel Xeon CPU (4 Cores, 3.1 GHz) etc. It is clear that the specifications of this package are basic. Because it is intended for the users who need a dedicated hosting package within an affordable price.

You can get this plan by spending only 199.99$ per month. If you are in a tight budget then you should get this package to start with.

  • Value Dedicated Hosting Package:

The Value package is just a bit pricier than the ‘Economy’ package but it comes with almost double the features compared to that plan. You can get this package by spending 229.99$ per month.

And, you will receive a dedicated server with Intel Xeon CPU (4 Cores, 3.1 GHz), 8 GB Memory, 1.5 TB Storage, 3 dedicated IP addresses, and free 1 year SSL certificate.

  • Deluxe Dedicated Hosting Package:

The ‘Deluxe’ package comes with some high specifications but the price of the plan is reasonable compared to its features. So, it has become one of the most popular dedicated hosting plans of GoDaddy. You can try this package only for 279.99$ per month.

And, your server will be consists of 16 GB RAM, Intel Xeon CPU (4 Cores, 3.1 GHz), 2 TB storage space, 3 dedicated IPs, and free 1 year SSL certificate. Also, you will have unmetered Bandwidth.

  • Ultimate Dedicated Hosting Package:

This plan is not for everyone. If you have multiple high-traffic sites which require heavy resources then you can check this out. This ‘Ultimate’ package has the best specification and also the highest price of them all.

You can get this package for 379.99$ per month. And, in exchange of this, your dedicated server will have 2 TB Storage space, 32 GB RAM, Intel Xeon CPU (4 Cores, 3.1 GHz), Unmetered Bandwidth, 3 dedicated IP addresses, and free 1 year SSL certificate for your domain names.

Account Management Level:

All of the mentioned prices above are of ‘Managed’ servers. GoDaddy has 3 levels of account management named as Managed, Fully-Managed, and Self-Managed respectively.

Account Level Managment
Account Level Managment

The price of the packages can change depending on the level of management you choose. For instance, if you take the ‘Managed’ level, you won’t have to pay anything extra as this is the default management level. But, if you get ‘Fully-Managed’ then you will have to pay extra 120$ per month with the standard fee.

And, lastly, if you opt for the ‘Self-Managed’ level, then you will be able to save 10$ per month from the usual payment. We hope this information would help you while you make your decision to get the dedicated hosting of GoDaddy.

Who should choose GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Plan?

Anybody can get the dedicated hosting plans of GoDaddy. However, as you know that the dedicated hosting plans are very expensive compared to ordinary hosting services, so it might not be affordable for everyone.

So, if you are just starting your web hosting journey, you don’t need Dedicated Hosting just yet. However, if you have multiple websites already up and running and also they are receiving so much visitors that your current hosting service can’t keep up with the load, then you should consider dedicated hosting account.

You can use GoDaddy dedicated hosting regardless of being a newbie. As you already know that they offer 3 levels of account management. So, if you are not techy, you can get the ‘Fully-Managed’ or the ‘Managed’ option. So that, everything related to your server will be maintained and managed by the GoDaddy expert team.

Again, if you are a professional then you will love the ‘Self-Managed’ level. With the help of this option, you are free to do anything with or on your server.

GoDaddy’s dedicated hosting service can be a great choice for big business websites. There are a lot of prominent companies which use GoDaddy dedicated hosting to host their huge websites.

On top of that, if you want security for your websites, then they have got your back. All of their dedicated servers are proactively monitored 24/7. So, you can stop worrying about those things rather you can focus on creating awesome contents for your readers.

So, if you want the best out of your websites and want to go the extra mile to serve your visitors then GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting would be the proper fit for you.

Suitable for hosting which web applications?

An ideal web hosting company must support all the popular web applications. If not then the users would face a lot of difficulties to run their websites. So, you should also go with a web hosting provider which supports all the popular web applications.

There are over hundreds of web applications out there. Some of them are known as CMS or Content Management System. The CMS is very important for a website. Because most of the website owners use CMS to create and manage contents on their website. And, GoDaddy takes this very seriously.

Great for all the major web apps
Great for all the major web apps

As a result, GoDaddy supports almost all the popular and frequently used CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, and Joomla etc. They also offer a number of cool features regarding most of the highly-used web applications. For instance, they have their auto-updater and auto-installer tool pre-installed within your control panel.

To be more precise, you can actually install about 50+ CMS on your windows OS based server. And, on the Linux OS based server, you can install about 125+ web applications with just a click.

Furthermore, every CMS of every customer will be updated to the latest version automatically with the help of the auto-updater tool. Each and every dedicated server will come fully optimized and will support any web applications you want to use. If you use the ‘Self-Managed’ account then you are allowed to install any custom scripts on your servers as well.

So, we can assure you that you don’t have to worry about using any web applications on your websites if you use any dedicated hosting package of GoDaddy.

Services of Dedicated Hosting of GoDaddy:

The dedicated hosting packages of GoDaddy comes with some very useful services. We will go into greater detail about some of the most important ones here.

Services of Dedicated Hosting of GoDaddy
Services of Dedicated Hosting of GoDaddy
  • Multi-Level Account Management:

GoDaddy offers 3 levels of account management (Self-managed, Fully-Managed, and managed). For professionals, the ‘Self-managed’ server will be best. And for no-techy users, the fully-Managed and Managed servers will come in handy.

  • Root Access:

Every dedicated hosting account will come with Root Access. However, with the ‘Self-Managed’ option, the ‘Root-Access’ is already enabled. And, with the other two options (Fully-Managed and Managed), you can enable the ‘Root Access’ can be enabled with just a click from within your control panel.

  • Optional Free Migrations:

If you want to transfer your sites to GoDaddy dedicated servers from any other web hosting company, you can talk with the GoDaddy team. They will help you to migrate your sites from your previous hosting provider with ease.

  • Industry-leading security:

Your websites and server are always under constant security monitoring. GoDaddy has set up multiple security tools and software to keep all the bad bots, crawlers, and hackers away from your server.

  • Upgrade anytime:

Normally, it is a complex process upgrading a dedicated server. But, GoDaddy has their way to cut the long process short. Thus, you can upgrade your servers anytime you want. Your sites won’t even be down during the transition.

Features of GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting plans:

The dedicated hosting packages also come with multiple helpful features. We will explore some of those here.

Features of GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting plans
Features of GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting plans
  • RAID-1 Storage:

GoDaddy offers the RAID-1 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) service with all of their dedicated hosting packages. With the help of this technology, your data will be stored in multiple disks. So that if anything goes wrong in one place, the data will be secured on another place. And your website will still be accessible in the meantime.

  • Free and Paid Snapshot Backup:

They take free backup of your data every 10 days for free. So if you lose your data, you can restore those with the help of this technology. However, if you are not satisfied with free backup on 10 days interval, you can pay an extra 4.99$ to avail the ‘Site Backup and Restore’ feature. That way, GoDaddy will take automatic backup of your sites every 24 hours.

  • Highly customizable with WHM:

Every dedicated hosting account from GoDaddy will have WHM (Web Host Manager). With the help of this, you can do whatever you want on your server. This tool can be used to access the back-end of your cPanel. So literally, you can manage and customize your server the way you wish to.

There are a lot of more features and services available. Truly, these are just the tip of the iceberg. You can know all about them from the GoDaddy website.

GoDaddy Speed Test:

Now, we will conduct a test to know if your website would be faster under GoDaddy hosting. For this one, we will be using the Pingdom speed test tool. They have set up multiple servers all around the world to test the speed of any websites.

On our case, we will be testing the load speed of a website which is hosted on GoDaddy. And the test server we will be using is the Washington D.C. server. If the web servers of GoDaddy are fast enough then our test website will be loaded as fast as possible.

If a website doesn’t load within 2 seconds then it is considered as a slow website. So, we will be happy if our one loads within that time period. Although, you have to remember that website load time actually depends on a lot of factors. Yet, among all of those factors, the quality of the servers of the web hosting is one of the primary ones. So, let’s begin the test.

Speed test from the Washington D.C. server:

GoDaddy Speed Test
GoDaddy Speed Test

The Result of the test:

GoDaddy Speed Test Result
GoDaddy Speed Test Result

What did we learn from the test?

First of all, we see that our test subject got ‘C’ on the ‘Performance Grade’. In this case, this could be much better. However, lucky for us, the ‘Performance Grade’ is not related to the web servers. The website owner could improve that easily.

In our case, the most significant thing about this test is the ‘Load Time’. And, the result shows that our test website loaded completely in just 362 ms. This is so fast, to be honest. We haven’t expected that GoDaddy would offer those high-quality servers to their customers.

Here’s a piece of information for you, we take 300 to 400 milliseconds to blink our eyes. So, if you compare that to the load time of our website, our test website which hosted on GoDaddy actually loaded faster than a blink of an eye. We have to give credit to GoDaddy for their incredible performance.

Uptime Record of GoDaddy:

If you have not inquired about the uptime record of your next web hosting company then you should do that as soon as possible. To learn about the uptime of GoDaddy, you can go to their website. But the problem with this process is that you might not know the real uptime record.


The reason is that most of the web hosting companies boast about their uptime record by saying that they have the industry-standard uptime record. But in most cases that is a lie. The industry-standard uptime record is 99%+. So as usual, GoDaddy also claims that they have the industry-standard uptime record.

However, to make sure if GoDaddy is telling the truth, we have hosted one of our test websites with them. And, we are monitoring the uptime record of that website on a regular basis. For our readers, we will share the real uptime record of GoDaddy with you.

Here is the uptime stat of GoDaddy. This is the statistics of the last 10 months, we always update it. So, if you need to know the latest update you can come back here anytime.

Uptime Stat of GoDaddy Web Host
Uptime Stat of GoDaddy Web Host

From the image, it is prevalent that GoDaddy has been maintaining the industry-standard uptime truly. They have changed our attitude towards them by their performance. Our test website was up for above 99%+ of the time for the time being. On some of the instances, we can see that there was no downtime at all.

GoDaddy is very serious about the uptime of their servers. They have taken a lot of measures to make sure to reduce the downtime as much as possible. And, till now they are successful. So, you can put your trust in them.

Customer Support Service of GoDaddy:

If a web hosting company is not helpful to their customers then we wouldn’t recommend them to our readers. For that reason, at first, we have talked with the customer support team of GoDaddy. And, then we have come to write this post. So, we can share our personal experience with our readers.

We have contacted them on several instances. The best thing about them is that you won’t have to wait on the (online) queue for a long time. Eventually, you will always hear from within a couple of minutes. Another important characteristic of the GoDaddy customer service team is that they are highly skilled.

But at the same time, they are down to the earth. They go the extra mile to assist their customers. We were very pleased with their service. Anyone can communicate with them by using the methods mentioned below.

Customer Support Service of GoDaddy
Customer Support Service of GoDaddy
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Direct Call
  • Submit a Ticket

They are available 24/7 and throughout the year. You can contact them from any country. They also have country-based help (call) center. So that you can talk to them about your problem in your own language. This is a unique system which you will not find among other web hosting providers.

GoDaddy Help articles and videos
GoDaddy Help articles and videos

Even then if you are not comfortable to talk with the customer representatives, you can use their knowledge base articles and videos from their support page. They have a huge collection of those type of videos and articles related to the technicalities of web hosting. So that anyone can learn all about web hosting and can manage their websites by themselves.

We have loved the service from the customer service team of GoDaddy. We believe it will be the same in your case as well.

Wrapping it up: is GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Service good enough?

To be honest with you, we have to admit that GoDaddy has not got everything that a perfect web hosting company should have. However, you can’t go wrong if you choose GoDaddy dedicated hosting for your business.

As you know GoDaddy actually offers 8 dedicated packages. And, they are offering both Windows and Linux operating system based packages. This is a great initiative by GoDaddy. All the options really help users of all kinds to choose their favorite and suitable package with ease.

We know that the cost of maintaining dedicated servers are high. In spite of that, GoDaddy is offering their dedicated packages within a reasonable price range. Along with that, you are getting high-quality servers which translates to faster websites.

GoDaddy Dedicated web hosting service comes with everything necessary from ironclad security, fast servers, industry-leading uptime, and helpful customer service to reasonably priced packages. So, if you are thinking about switching to dedicated hosting then GoDaddy would be the best option for you.

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