How to Fix the Possible Reasons Why Google Analytics Grant a Level Grayed Out

Google Analytics Grant a Level Grayed Out
Google Analytics Grant a Level Grayed Out

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Two heads are better than one – granting a level on your Google Analytics (GA) account is super important. It allows you to add users to your level of Analytics hierarchy to help you get things done quickly and correctly.

After logging into your GA account, you might find out that the grant a level section is grayed out. It makes you wonder what the problem could be – and you’re probably reading this article because of this very reason.

Don’t worry – many people (working in organizations) do experience this problem. That’s why we’ve prepared this short article to help you to understand the exact problem and how to go about it. Let’s jump right in!

How to Fix the Possible Reasons Why Google Analytics Grant a Level Grayed Out

There are four main reasons why your Google Analytics account is unable to grant a level. Check them out:

  1. Insufficient Permissions

Are you the owner of the account or were you also granted permission by another person in your organization? If you are the owner of the account, you should have sufficient permissions to do everything.

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In other words, being the owner of the account should grant you the ability to add, remove, or edit another person’s permissions. On the other hand, if you are not the owner of the account, it means you have insufficient permissions to perform this action.

Here’s how you can solve this problem: If you are not the owner of the account, you can request the owner to grant you the necessary permissions.

  1. Grant was Created By Someone Else with a Higher Level of Access

The second possible reason why you could be experiencing this problem is that the grant was created by someone else with a higher access level. The person may have limited your account’s level of access which makes it impossible for you to grant other people access.

How should you go about this issue? It’s simple; you’ll need to reach out to the person who created the grant and request that it be edited or removed.

  1. Read-Only Mode

Read-only mode on Google Analytics allows you to view reports and data, but not make any changes to the account or data.

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The main account’s owner or administrator is capable of granting you more permissions which will, in turn, allow you to grant levels to people as you wish. It, therefore, means that you’ll need to reach out to the account’s administrator to edit your access levels.

  1. You are Trying to Grant a Level on the Wrong Property

Google Analytics allows you to have multiple accounts. Each account can have multiple properties as well. The account you select determines the properties you’ll see.

Another probable reason why you are unable to grant a level using your GA user account is that you are in the wrong account and property. You can easily solve this problem by double-checking whether you are in the right account and property.

Wrap-Up on “Grant a Level” Grayed Out in Google Analytics

Google Analytics account permissions are essential in enhancing data security and privacy. If you are an account owner or administrator, you need to be selective about how you grant different levels of access. Please note that account admins are responsible for creating user groups.

If an admin creates a user group at the property level, all the users in that group will have permissions for the property alone. If the group creation is done at the account level, then the users will have access to all properties in that account.

On the other hand, if you are not the account owner and you’d wish to grant a level to another user, consider reaching out to the owner or administrator. That way, the account’s administrator will get to know who has access to what.

Bottom line:

Google Analytics relies on permissions and data restrictions for security. If you still find the “grant a level” grayed out even after being granted sufficient permissions, and following the recommendations we’ve suggested, consider reaching out to Google for support.