Top 10 Guatemala Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Guatemala

Last Updated - September 21, 2018
Guatemala Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Guatemala

Guatemala Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Guatemala

Many business activities are done on the virtual platforms with ease these days. It is getting more and more acceptable, especially to the small and medium scale businesses as managing virtual business hub is easier than managing a physical store for business. Nevertheless, a store is visited by only local people.

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With a virtual business presence, a business house can get clients from many places, including from outside the country. This is why hosting service is in demand these days in Guatemala as e-commerce industry is shaping up in a positive way. To start with, here is a guide to a few hosting services in this region.

Top 10 Guatemala Web Hosting Companies

1. Enmiguate


Finding a hosting service in Guatemala can be easy due to the availability of many service providers. This particular hosting service is quite popular in this region among the hosting service seekers and no wonder that the service provider clinches top spot in our list of the top hosting services in Guatemala.

Affordable hosting is a major advantage. Service comes with cPanel, which is highly user-friendly. Preinstalled WordPress and other content management systems will be there. Hosting plans come with interesting pricing and features.

2. D2clic


This is a reputed hosting service in Guatemala, proffering quality hosting solutions for more than 8 years. The service provider offers low-cost domain booking service. In an addition, it also features top-notch website hosting services. Different hosting packages are there, offering affordable service.

With affordable hosting cost, it also features unlimited bandwidth, scalable hosting space and other crucial website hosting services. Email hosting service is also offered for the convenience of the service seekers, especially small and medium businesses.

3. Guatemalanetworks


The service provider claims to have more than 1500 clients in their list of clientele in Guatemala. It offers professional website hosting solutions and affordable packages for website hosting is the main highlight of this service provider. This is probably the reason why this service provider is quite popular.

Existing for more than 10 years, the service provider has successfully upheld its trustworthy image. The hosting plan starts with the basic plan and ends with corporate plans. You can find a plan easily suiting your requirement and budget.

4. Secmashost


This hosting service in Guatemala is known for offering low-cost hosting service with different convenient hosting packages. To aid the hosting service seekers, it comes with seamless ranges of packages which are designed to keep the cost-effectiveness in mind.

Apart from shared hosting packages, it comes with dedicated hosting packages and other packages. All these hosting packages offer 99.99% server uptime, unlimited bandwidth, high-end data security and many other essential features. The customer service unit of this hosting service is also quite seamless.

5. Hostingenguatemala


This professional hosting service in Guatemala comes with a contemporary website, designing nicely to feature various hosting service options and packages with near perfection. The service provider comes with basic as well as advanced hosting plans.

The basic plan is suitable to small-scale businesses or individual website owners or bloggers. Advanced hosting plan is crafted to suit small and medium scale businesses or even non-profit organizations which need to bolster online presence. Excellent security, data monitoring facility and easy domain transfer are the major highlights.

6. Neolo


Neolo is a service provider for both domain booking and website hosting. It comes with robust as well as effective hosting packages. Apart from basic and advanced hosting packages, it further offers web building or developing facilities to users.

Overall, this hosting service provider is considered as trustworthy as well as quite affordable in terms of its hosting plans. Small businesses can mainly get the best support from the service provider. It is a one-stop destination for hosting, website developing and domain booking solutions.

7. Hostingdeguatemala


If you are seeking professional hosting support from a reliable service provider in Guatemala, this is a perfect service provider for you. The service provider offers wide ranges of hosting packages, including shared website hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and many more.

Apart from website hosting, the service provider features various other IT support. For example, it offers web development service. It features email hosting service and finally it also provides SEO or digital web marketing solution. Overall, it is a complete IT support company.

8. SiteGround


SiteGround is not just a Guatemala based service provider. It offers services in various countries as well as the region. So, as a global based hosting service, it has earned a significant reputation or recognition.

The service provider has been always considered as professional as well as trustworthy. Different hosting packages are there to suit different requirements and budget. The best thing is that users can choose a hosting server, like a shared hosting server, dedicated server, VPS server, etc.

9. HostGator


HostGator is a globally known professional hosting service, having branches all over the world. It offers service for website hosting in various countries, and mostly the servers are US based servers. The service provider has introduced hosting at very low cost.

It has come with packages like basic package which starts at only $2.75 per month. It features world-class customer support as well for the users who may be facing some glitches with their hosting service. WordPress or CMS framework integration is easy with the hosting servers from this service provider.

10. Bluehost


Among many hosting services in Guatemala, Bluehost is considered as one of the most advanced services, as this service provider comes with advanced hosting support for the users. It is also a globally known hosting service and it provides professional hosting services in Guatemala.

Since servers are US based, the cost for hosting is the same in all areas. For WordPress framework website development or other CMS support, this hosting service is always recommended to be chosen. Hosting packages are quite affordable as well.

Choosing the Best Guatemala Web Hosting Service

E-commerce is a growing industry throughout the world. We are moving towards the virtual world of business exchanges. Guatemala is not an exception in this matter, as the country has already shown up steady growth in various sectors or industries.

E-commerce is a growing industry and a lot of businesses in this country have invested in e-commerce. With the rise of e-commerce, it has become evident that the need for website hosting service will be high in coming days.

In this scenario, it is important to find good hosting services for the commerce businesses. The success of the businesses largely depends on the hosting service.