What Is Hetzner Auction & How Does It Work?

Hetzner Auction
Hetzner Auction

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The Hetzner Auction has made it possible for people to be able to buy their own root servers at the price of their choosing. Much like a normal auction, people bid on the server they wish to buy, and whoever has the largest bid at the end gets their hands on the server.

However, the question of why the Hetzner Auction must be clarified for many people as it seems much easier to create or buy unused servers from a website. Well, let’s find out!

What Is Hetzner

Hetzner Online is a professional web hosting provider and data center operator. Alongside auctioning root servers, they also provide top-of-the-line servers in Falkenstein, Germany, and Helsinki. Ever since their inception, they have provided a reliable IT infrastructure and hosting services to both private and business customers.

Hetzner Auction

Along with their dedicated root server offerings and cloud servers, Hetzner also has its server auction, known as Hetzner Auction. This auction basically lists dedicated root servers that have been used and retired by their current offerings and are available for purchase.

How Does The Auction Work?

The Hetzner Auction follows a dutch style as Hetzner Online sets the original price, and it keeps dropping after some amount of time until someone is willing to buy it. There is no set rate at which these servers are brought into the auction, as they are all servers that a customer has already canceled.

Hence, the rate at which Hetzner brings new servers (technically already used previously by Hetzner users) into the auction depends on the number of people who have freed their servers that month.

Typically, most of the servers on the Hetzner auction don’t have any setup fee. However, for the most desirable servers on the auction, Hetzner does charge a set-up fee that is equivalent to a month’s server rent.

What Kind Of Servers Are Available In The Server Auction

There is a wide variety of servers available for people to choose from according to their requirements. You can find servers that require just a small amount of resources to run and some with much more. Moreover, you can even find servers with desktop-grade hardware and some with enterprise-grade hardware.

With that said, most of the servers you will encounter on the Hetzner auction are old, but they still function normally. Some servers on the auction are relatively new and often have extra drives; however, they tend to be more expensive.

How Do I Find The Server I Want?

Hetzner auction allows you to search for the server of your choice with regard to your specifications and requirements. All you need to do is to go to the Server Auction page and search for the option to filter your search for the server you want.

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In order to look for the right server, you will need to enter the CPU benchmark, HDD size of storage, RAM on the server, and minimum number of HDDs. You can even switch to a Solid State Drive (SSD) space on your server for better performance at some extra expense.

From there, you will see that each auction has a time limit, and the server goes to the person with the highest bid when the time is over. However, to be able to place your bid, you will need to create and set up an account on Hetzner before the auction.

Hatzner Support Team

In case of any hardware issue with your server, Hatzners provides customer service, which allows you to request hardware replacement if you live in an area where they physically operate. All you need to do is write a support request from your account to get the process started.

Furthermore, it is best to write as much details as you can in your request, as saying something vague will only slow down the process because the support team will have to get back to you to collect more information. The support team can also run a hardware check to ensure that your server is working properly.

The Customer Service Target Market Support Assistance


Overall, if you are looking to get a cheap server to host your website for a small amount of time, the best place you can get a server would be the Hatzner Auction.

The Auction follows the dutch style, and people can set their requirements before buying anything. However, keep in mind that these servers are pre-used and will only last you for a while, as a brand-new server might.