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ESXi 5.0 AMD Whitebox Server with Passthrough (IOMMU)

Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3
Are you going to build a new home server? If it’s the case, then there are numerous options for you out there. For example, you can get a ready-made home server or just a white box one will do. Again, if you are new to this, then you might not know what ‘White Box’ really means. Thus, in this article,...

Server Rack vs Network Rack (Difference Between Server and Network Rack)

Server Rack vs Network Rack
A lot of us get confused about the terms Server rack and Network rack. We assume that these are the same thing. But, that is not entirely true. Matter of fact, these are two different things. If you are like most of us and don't know the differences between a server rack and a network rack, you are right where...

Second Build: ESXi 5.0 AMD Whitebox Server with Passthrough (IOMMU)

ESXi Whitebox IOMMU
On one of our recent posts, we have talked about a white box server which can be built around $500 budget. The best thing about that server was that it was affordable and at the same time it was powerful enough as a home server. On that build, we have used the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard. It did a great...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using SAN (Storage Area Network)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using SAN (Storage Area Network)
The term SAN stands for ‘Storage Area Network’. As the name suggests, it is a dedicated high-speed network particularly used for data storage. This network is built with servers, switches, fiber optic cables, and storage devices. In this system, the storage devices are not directly connected to the servers. Rather, storage devices are connected to the servers through switches. And,...

ESXi 5 Specs for Home Lab

ESXi 5 Home Lab Specs
Building a Home Lab or Home server on your own is not that easy. There are many limitations when it comes to building a home server. Among them, the most important one is the cost of the equipment. Then you also will face the difficulty to pick out the perfect configuration for your home lab. This is undoubtedly a...

14 Features of Storage Area Network (SAN) You Should Know

Features of Storage Area Network
SAN or Storage Area Network is becoming a popular data storage solution in the world. A lot of organizations are getting to implement SAN for managing their data. Back in the days, it was an expensive data storage system. However, nowadays, both the cost and the complexity of setting up a SAN has reduced to a greater extent. Now,...

Building a Cheap Homemade Storage Area Network (SAN)

Storage Area Network (SAN)
For a lot of people building a SAN on the cheap would be a dream come true. Building a SAN on your own is not that difficult. But the problem is that if you want to build one for cheap, it is not quite possible typically. Because the prices of the components related to SAN/iSCSI are very higher. And, if...

10 Popular Storage Area Network (SAN) Companies in the World

Popular Storage Area Network (SAN) Companies
SAN or Storage Area Network is a block-based storage system. For a lot of enterprises, businesses, and companies SAN can be a great choice for managing and storing their data. There are a host of SAN providers in the world. Do you want to get familiar with some of the best SAN provider companies? For your convenience, we have jotted...

Using Starwind iSCSI Target to Build vCenter Server

vCenter Server Build with a Starwind iSCSI Target
vCenter is one of the top server management applications out there. It is popular because of its ease of use and powerful features. There are many ways you can use a vCenter server. For instance, you can use it either as a VM or on a physical machine. Furthermore, you can use your vCenter server as an iSCSI node with...

Evolution of Storage Area Network and History

Evolution of Storage Area Network
If you are familiar with different types of storage systems, you will have heard the name SAN by this time. SAN aka Storage Area Network is a special type of storage network. To elaborate, this type of storage system offers block-level network accessibility to the storage with a high-speed network. In this system, fiber cables are used for data...
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