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Memset Reviews 2019, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

Memset Reviews Logo
What is Memset Hosting? Memset Hosting is one of the leading enterprise-grade hosting service provider based in the United Kingdom. Its offerings are primarily targeted at the business and enterprise-hosting domain. The company offers dedicated and virtual servers for hosting resource heavy web ventures. It also offers high-performance cloud-based services such as storage and the OpenStack public cloud service. Its enterprise...

SiteValley Reviews 2019, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

SiteValley Reviews logo
What is SiteValley Hosting? SiteValley is a New Hampshire based company offering high performance and reliable hosting solutions for personal and business use cases. While it focuses a fair bit on the business end of the spectrum, SiteValley offers a number of low-cost hosting plans as well for the lower end sector of the market. The company uses high-quality Cisco networking...

GoDaddy VPS Hosting Review 2019 (Economy, Value, Deluxe and Ultimate Plan)

GoDaddy VPS Hosting Review
GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain registrar and web hosting provider companies in the world. They have over 18 million active customers. And, there are 77 million domain names registered under GoDaddy. They provide multiple web hosting solutions which include from shared, dedicated, to even VPS hosting service. However, we have put together this post for readers who...

HostGator vs A2 Hosting (2019): The Winner for WordPress and Overall Performance

HostGator vs A2 Hosting
Note: The winner is HostGator, continue reading to know why Visit HostGator Here A2 Hosting started as ‘Iniquinet’ back in 2001. But later they have changed their name to A2 Hosting. At this moment, they are one of the most popular web hosting companies out there. They have almost all kinds of web hosting solutions for the website owners all around...

Dot5Hosting Reviews 2019, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is Dot5Hosting? Dot5Hosting has been providing web hosting services since 2002, making it a veteran in the web hosting business. While Dot5Hosting was quite reputed about its budget internet hosting plans, I agree that the web has changed substantially in the intervening years. The company was acquired by Internet services behemoth Endurance International Group or EIG who also owns many other...

50Webs Reviews 2019, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is 50Webs Hosting? 50Webs is a new hosting company for a new age of web hosting needs. It tries to break new ground in the web hosting industry in response to the new needs and situations of the 21st century. This is the day and age of start-up companies and most of them require at least some web based...

CoolHandle Reviews 2019, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is CoolHandle Web Hosting? CoolHandle is rated on the list of trusted hosting businesses in the world based on customer reviews and internet ratings. Although CoolHandle delivers reseller hosting, their principal focus is apparently shared hosting. Selecting an easy-to-use web host is of particular importance if you're new to web hosting. All web hosting plans come with this particular online...

Pressidium Reviews 2019, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is Pressidium Hosting? Pressidium Web Hosting is unlike any other hosting service provider in that it is geared towards offering premium services for WordPress. Rather than growing out of a business perspective, Pressidium Hosting comprises engineers and developers who were employed in their respective industries until they decided to come together and create a hosting services company. Because service and... Reviews 2019, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support Reviews Logo
What is Hosting? If you are looking to create a business website or a personal blog, you will need a hosting company like to host the website on the internet and present it to your audience. web hosting is one of the most popular hosting companies in the market. However, if you ask their customers, a majority of them...

WP Engine Reviews 2019, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is WP Engine Hosting? Of the many web hosting companies that provide web hosting services to millions of individuals and businesses on the World Wide Web, there is one that seeks to offer this service specifically to WordPress powered sites. Well, if you look at it closely, WordPress powered sites have some challenges and unique needs which would require most hosting companies...
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