Top 10 Hungary Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Hungary

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Hungary Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Hungary

Hungary Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Hungary

Are you searching for the top web hosting enterprises in Hungary? Smart business website owners must consider the aspects of reliability, available features, technical expertise, and affordability in employing a hosting provider.

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Of course, security is an essential concern as well. Web hosting protection is crucial to the protection of your business. You will require a secured package to prevent possible hackers, malware, or viruses that can breach your system and cause serious problems.

As much as possible, hosting plans require special protection for confidential data, safe data hubs, backup platforms, and uptime so clients can access their sites without hassles.

Top 10 Hungary Web Hosting Companies

1. Tarhelypark


Tarhely Park is based in Budapest, Hungary. It works fast enabling clients to create their websites within five minutes. This hosting provider offers a free trial for eight days, unlimited services and open-source content management frameworks (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Tarhely Park could be one of your best options because of its economical hosting solutions, use of help desk for customer service requirements, help pages that users can easily locate, and 99.9% availability. The company monitors its 40 servers from different parts of the world.

2. Deninet


Deninet specializes in three areas which are web hosting, domain registration, and server hosting. It offers clients’ three packages with each one filled with remarkable features – Starter Pack, Start Pack, and Professional Package. Deninet’s server hosting and placement include safeguards against Distributed Denial of Service.

It takes care of installation and operations utilizing Debian Linux, a universal operating system made up of free software and complete server apps. One of its interesting services is the Deninet Leased Line Internet, a high-bandwidth service providing global Internet connectivity as well as Building Industry Cross-Connect or BIX.

3. SzerverNet


SzerverNet is widely known in Hungary and worldwide for offering an assortment of services. This provider provides complete IT solutions for ordinary people, startups, small and medium business owners, government offices, and conglomerates in various fields of Internet Technology.

The company’s packages are customized with round the clock technical assistance for customers. You can even rent servers from SzerverNet with configured systems for use with a minimal monthly fee. Expert technicians take care of performing server operations and monitoring along with application upkeep.

4. Atw


ATW internet introduced four website hosting packages consisting of Free, Minimal, Optimal, and Maximal Webs. The company says its premium hosting package is a reward for two years of the .hu domain registration otherwise known as re-registration.

Customers can make use of the storage space right away after placing their orders. The company provides a test domain so they will determine the service and install web pages until the completion of the domain registration procedure.

5. Ezit


EZIT has more than one decade of experience in this industry specifically in the terms of website launching, server hosting, and complicated IT infrastructure design. The provider offers customized services made for small and big corporations, government institutions, and marketing firms.

EZIT maintains four major services which are domain registration/re-registration; web and server hosting; dedicated servers; cloud services; and managed services. One particular aspect of cloud services is the Cloud Virtual Private Service that enables the users to install an infinite number of independent VPS with a user-friendly dashboard.

6. Dotroll


DotRoll has multiple services that fit the needs of small entrepreneurs, medium-sized companies, and large corporations. The provider emphasizes nine specific points of its services. These consist of SSD drives; reliable servers and backups; protection of resources; high levels of security; apps with one-click installation; upgraded domain manager, broad support, and API interface.

Just to cite one element, it utilizes SSD drives to store data and serve incoming requests which are faster compared to the standard SAS and SATA HDDs.

7. Xhu

xhu-homepage is known for shared hosting, dependable and fast hosting as well as domain name registration. Aside from these are high-accessibility Virtual Private Servers together with over 300 domains for registration. The company has 12 years of experience in this hosting business. offers unlimited reseller hosting and domain registration as well as 100 MB of free hosting. You can be sure that the provider does not charge hidden fees. Its storage services are quicker compared to SSD and secured with free SSL certificates.

8. Web-server


Web has been in this business for 15 years and establishes the foundation for startup entrepreneurs as well as web developers. It builds websites that appeal to visitors for free. 

Web Server employs the most updated version of PHP (7.2) making websites faster by 25 up to 75% depending of course on the server as well as memory requirements. It also gives a full refund of (100%) if customers are not satisfied with the product or service.

9. Dima


Dima’s medium hosting package is its latest and most popular offering. Dima gives its individual and corporate clients high storage. It can install systems along with other principal functions aside from the website directory on the provider’s site using simple processes.

It makes use of cloud storage that introduces a convenient technique of preserving data for enterprises particularly corporations that require a quick huge data volume within 24 hours including mobile. Dima has a maximum storage with clients not required to pay separate fees.

10. Mediacenter


MediaCenter lays claim to a “brand of quality hosting” and offers a whole range of professional hosting for websites, server hosting, domain registration, and VPS rental services. One striking feature that MediaCenter provides is the online customer service with two functions.

These are “online name server modification” and “unique identifying for permanent access.” This hosting provider guarantees prompt and flexible administration as official registrar of domains with money-back warranty for the company’s services. Users can store multiple domains on the repository ordered from MediaCenter.

Choosing the Best Hungary Web Hosting Service

You can now make a choice after reading through the brief but valuable information provided for each of the 10 web hosting enterprises in Hungary. It calls for a detailed understanding of features, packages, and benefits prospective customers should expect from the company.