Top 10 Iran Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Iran

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Iran Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Iran

Iran Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Iran

Web hosting is one of the essential prerequisites if you are launching a business website. There are many options among web hosting companies in Iran. You have to choose a highly-competent provider because the website is the face of an online business.

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Prospective customers will always depend on your site for pertinent information. Experienced hosting firms can ensure quality and constant maintenance. You should get the host’s commitment and the capacity to fulfill this obligation, meet deadlines promptly, and charge a fair price.

At the same time, a web hosting company must uninterrupted customer and technical support care.

Top 10 Iran Web Hosting Companies

1. Hostiran


Hostiran maintains a dedicated data facility with fiber connected to its infrastructure network. The company was able to secure a license from the National Center of Cyberspace. It provides hosting, domain registration, VPS, and design services.

If you look at the company website, its Linux Host package consists of seven affordable plans. This provider offers limited file hosting, special Linux hosting, green dedicated server, and special dedicated server. Hostiran is among the biggest internal data utilities for content delivery.

2. Parsonline


Pars Online Business Group is a privately owned and managed Internet provider with both international and domestic networks. Its main fields of specialization include data center services, dedicated servers, space sharing, and Internet service.

Clients can choose and purchase online resources like IP, CPU, and storage (Random Access Memory) and utilize a variety of cloud features which include firewall, load balancer, and router for cloud computing or VPC design. You can also select a cloud server as well as OS from the default Virtual Private Server and pay online.

3. Mihanwebhost


Mihan Web Hosting provides three kinds of managed hosting which includes German-managed Host Client, Managed Administrator (Administrator), and Hosted C Panel (managed by Iran). The Linux-managed platform has the capacity to rebuild, back up, reset, and modify main domains.

It makes use of an updated (cPanel control) and SSD technology for enhanced speed. It is capable of changing the PHP version to 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, and 7.0. The second package enables installation of cracked and null software plus compatibility with payment entities.

4. Parsdata


PARS Data Corporation offers domain and web hosting. The software development firm is said to be the biggest Iranian provider of data center services and content management system; VPS and Dedicated Server; and registration in line with the global portal software.

The Pars Portal software for website design is ideal for both simple and advanced portals (for more modules) supported by contemporary technology such as Net 4.5 as well as SQL 2012 and matches with Windows Server (2012).

5. Persiantools


Persian Tools offers two types each of Windows and Linux Hosting. Hosting is times faster specifically for internal users, control panel, Plesk for websites, and MSSQL. One of its distinct capabilities is the spreadsheet development for small and personal sites as well as eCommerce shops and large companies.

Persian Tools provides Linux hosting for sites that use Joomla, PHP, and WordPress. It uses Plesk and cPanel with complete features along with powerful servers. The hosting provider utilizes SSL certificates from trusted European firms.


Pars Host has Virtual Dedicated Servers that ensures dependable proprietary resources plus premium quality SSDs over the Virtual Private Servers. Its second package is called Proprietary Servers of Iran which is designed for hosting requirements of government offices in line with the sanctions imposed by Western bureaucracies.

Pars Host is the sole provider of Security Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates in this country. The provider owns 10 years of experience in the issuance of different security certifications for global and local domains.

7. Parspack

parspack-homepage is acknowledged as the first Iranian provider of cloud computing services. Among the most highly developed products of is the Hybrid Server with reliable admin panel and server firewall that facilitates increased server power.

With cloud hosting, users can build dynamic websites for free without affecting the websites of visitors. They can access the cloud without difficulty as well as shared hosting sites. The cloud panel is a complete toolbox for efficient server management.

8. Iranhost


Iran Host says it developed cloud servers in Iran which are fast, stable and easily accessible. It makes use of cloud infrastructure with four cloud packages. Iran Hosting gives many reasons why it is the best server for the cloud. It ensures considerable uptime with highly-available cloud computing.

The provider uses fiber optic cables for its data centers. You can also install the OS instantly with backup services for storing information through the File Transfer Protocol or FTP to another server. Servers can be turned on and off via the admin panel.

9. Iranserver


Iran Server already has 14 years of service in web hosting. Its web and server hosting services consist of Linux, WordPress, Windows, Web, and Download. With its Windows Hosting Agent, Iran Server ensures a system of integrated management for all sites assigning resources to any site with multiple features required by a qualified hosting firm.

Users need not worry about technical concerns. Meanwhile, its download hosting feature uses high bandwidth to deal with issues like slow downloading and traffic.

10. Talahost


Tala Host offers services that include Tutorials Representation, Domain Registration, Hosting Services, and Virtual Server. Under the representation service, users are allowed easy and prompt access to websites along with straightforward management.

For internal purposes, it launched Linux Internet. Tala Host claims to have quicker page loading compared to global providers.

Choosing the Best Iran Web Hosting Service

These 10 web hosting providers in Iran have a wide assortment of services that individual users and business owners can choose from.

Perhaps, one of the important aspects that will help in making a good choice is to understand the different kinds of servers in the market and expected volume of traffic.

You should also be careful about the unlimited hype for bandwidth and storage capacity. The deal is often exaggerated so you may end up being shortchanged.