iRedMail vs Zimbra- Which One Is Better?

iredmail vs zimbra
iredmail vs zimbra

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Not only the hosting, domain, and SSL are the basic needs for website owners, but they also need some other services befitting their businesses to make it work out smoothly for them.

Professional email services and servers are one such thing to have as it allows users to enjoy an email address with their domain in it and the right storage space according to their needs.

There are multiple hosting service providers that are offering multiple packages and plans for businesses to enjoy the right edge of email services.

Yet, these services provided by the domain registration or hosting services provider can get pretty expensive for the users, if they have extensive needs.

Especially, if they want hundreds of emails and more storage space for those extensive needs, those hosting services might not be able to handle it. That is why website owners will be needed to make sure that they are getting the right email servers befitting their needs.

iRedMail and Zimbra are two such mail server solutions that can help businesses sort out the needs for their emails.

They are good for both businesses looking for email services or even resellers and you will be enjoying the best experience with them. A few key differences that you will need to know about them both are:

iRedMail vs Zimbra


iRedMail is an open-source mail server solution that allows you to build your own mailing server. It works out flawlessly with most of the software that is open source including Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and many more.

iRedMail is a fully-fledged mail server solution that got tons of interactive features that will be helping you to enjoy a more stable experience than any other solution out there. These features are totally enhanced so that you will not have to worry about a thing while working with the mailing server.

iRedMail being an open-source mail server solution is offering different types of installation packages for you to enjoy the best possible experience according to your needs. Their one-click web installer is the right choice for website owners and those with lesser programming skills as it will enhance the whole experience and you can set up your very own mailing server with a single click on your own website with perfect embedding facilities.

Yet, for those having more advanced needs, you also get the admin pro version with all those extensive features that one can need in order to manage the admin panel and customization on the mailing server. They are also offering added privacy and security for all sorts of mailing needs that one might have.

In addition to all that, the tools and features on the admin portal allow you extensive controls that will help you out perfectly in making it work for all sorts of needs you might have. There are also some additional features like calendars and contacts sync for a better user experience as well.


Yet, if you are not looking for an open-source project and want most of the leg work is done already for you, you definitely need to consider Zimbra for it. Zimbra is one of the latest platforms that is also known as Zimbra Collaboration at some portals.

Zimbra is offering multiple options for the users and hosting services providers to create and use the email servers and enjoy the right safety, speed, and performance for all sorts of professional email needs that they might have.

Due to their interactive interface and all the features being available at a single tap, you will be enjoying the most convenient experience out there that you can possibly get.

All that makes the prices a bit higher, and you will need to pay more if you are going with Zimbra. Yet, it is all worth the price and you will be enjoying the right convenience as well that will help you focus on some other important aspects of your business.

Millions of users are trusting Zimbra for their needs and it can be used for all sizes of business with their customized solutions. The best part is that they got a solution for everyone and you can choose different types of hosting servers according to your needs.