Top 10 Israel Web Hosting Reviews 2019 – Best Hosting in Israel

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Israel Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Israel

Israel Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Israel

How would you know the web hosting firm from Israel is a good one? The first step is to understand your business requirements. You may need a site with live streaming for 24 hours and video blogging (vlogging).

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These are features for business websites which require continuous traffic every day. In this case, shared hosting may not be advisable because slow websites will only disappoint clients.

The best option would be the VPS or Virtual Private Server which is more costly but delivers faster and premium quality performance. It is important to review the consistency and reputation of hosting providers before you decide to get one. Look at the following companies and their capabilities.

Top 10 Israel Web Hosting Companies

1. is said to be the most inexpensive domain registrar in the whole of Israel. Its packages include multiple services which include WordPress installation; user-friendly but sophisticated interface; mailbox access from any part of the world; support for PHP version 5 or an even higher edition; website statistics; and, many others.

The company has been operating for the last 12 years. It is engaged in developing and managing Internet companies. Servers are secured 24/7 as protection against cybercriminals.

2. Intervision

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InterVision is an Israeli company known as a pioneer in hosting, cloud computing, domain registration, virtual servers, web communications, and server farm (cluster of PC servers) management. It is licensed by the Communications Ministry and Israel Internet Association.

Inter Vision’s Windows and Linux servers ensure performance, superior management interface, MySQL databases, programming script/language support, and data security. The virtual servers were designed for multiple storage and self-management. Inter Vision also offers integrated storage packages for eCommerce programs.

3. Domainthenet


Domain the Net Technologies offers four major services which are Brand Protection, Security Sockets Layer (SSL), website hosting, and domain names. The company is a global domain name registrar with domain name online registration services in more than 200 countries and 300 extensions in different languages.

It is a distinct software development firm and provides automatic as well as premium domain management for Internet Service Providers. Domain the Net Technologies also develops and implements Software as a Service (digital brand security). The solutions include anti-pharming, anti-phishing, and prevention of domain hijacking.

4. Upress

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UPress is known for hosting WordPress sites. It has a special management platform for WordPress with a user-friendly interface, full control, and full Hebrew language. The firewall and tools were built specifically for these sites. The SSD-based servers produce better improvement for server performance.

Users can implement significant changes to their WordPress websites after a thorough inspection of the replicate site and go live after reading. The uPress platform is a highly developed storage platform for WordPress and offers multiple packages like Plugin library, Web Application Firewall, and WordPress Clinic.

5. InterNIC


InterNick from InterSpace is accredited by the Israel Internet Association as a certified and capable domain registrar. It also offers a domain registration reseller program specifically for Internet Service Providers such as SEO firms, website developers and maintenance, and advertising/marketing companies.

InterNick provides email services to enterprises at an affordable cost and without competitors in the country. This service allows access to emails from any remote location at any given time and supports multiple devices. There is a huge storage space for boxes and services in Israel (Hebrew language) to facilitate fast response.

6. SPD


SPD hosts websites and offers 24/7 cloud services management. It installs and manages cloud servers including Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, and Rackspace.

In terms of cloud computing, The SPD Web Application Firewall ensures protection against cyber attacks. SPD service is not confined to physical locations which mean users can buy on-site or from server farms globally. Its load balancer server controls requests of users between servers.

7. JetServer


JetServer solutions are for small and large clients. It is capable of providing storage environment for all categories of clients. These packages consist of web hosting (reseller), unlimited hosting, Virtual Private Servers, and online support.

JetServer also offers cPanel management. It uses Linux-based servers for storage. Besides, CentOS also adapts to an open-source platform for PHP hosting. The focus is on eCommerce platforms and management of content.

8. EvolutionVIP


Evolution VIP has been operating since 2006. The company calls it hosting packages collaborative which benefits bloggers, business and image websites, and medium-sized portals. With Evolution VIP, users have the leisure of switching between shared hosting with one click of the button and avoids compromising the site’s accessibility.

Their servers are protected by full firewalls, data security, and DDOS protection. Evolution VIP recommends the compatibility of disk volume and traffic with usage. The key is to transfer from one host to the other without affecting activities on the website.

9. GNS


GNS Cloud of Solutions offers cloud computing that saves clients valuable time, costs, manpower, and anxiety. For instance, GNS cloud backup performs support on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

It has a dedicate interface particularly for WordPress infrastructure that covers adaptable server environments (PHP, MySQL, and LAMP configuration) for absolute scalability and optimum performance. Hence, website developers can save time with fewer errors.

10. SweetHome


Sweet Home provides an open-source hosting platform. The company’s cloud server system operates on IBM servers and VMware either in MS 2012 (R2) or Linux cloud computing.

The CA Backup and Restore are designed. Besides, cloud, security systems, firewalls (different configurations), anti-DDOS, Security Sockets Layer-Virtual Private Network or Tunnel encryption are also included.

Choosing the Best Israel Web Hosting Service

Web hosting is crucial to the successful creation of a website. Without a doubt, choosing a web hosting company in Israel is not easy with many options available.

You need to be careful with some providers that make unbelievable offers or bonuses just to attract potential customers. The website is the face of any business. As a smart entrepreneur, you need a dependable and expert web host as the virtual forefront for your online enterprise.

The basic key is to choose the best host in the business. Know your requirements and conduct your research about relevant concerns.