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Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Japan Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Japan

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Japan Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Japan

Having a strong online presence has become a must-to-have asset for any company looking forward to growth and profits. The expanding digital needs demand a lot of attention as the customer today trust a company that has a great online presence and offers products and services virtually. The first requisite to enter the online space is having a website that is accessible by all the users around the world using the World Wide Web.

Talking about hosting, the debate of choosing a local or an international web host service has been hot since long. There are a different set of peoples arguing the pro and cons of both the options. However, the group advocating local Japan web hosting companies has many strong facts to claim.


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Experts of the industry state that a local Japan web hosting company has a satchel of benefits that offer businesses a variety of competitive advantages over their competitors. Let us discuss the benefits that you gain when you choose to hire a local Japan web hosting company:

Greater visibility:

Becoming visible to your customers is of utmost importance. Most of the companies focus on local customers and thus making a visible online presence that attracts the local demographic becomes a must. By choosing a local Japan web hosting company, one gains a local IP address that makes a company rank higher in local search engine search results.

Instant support:

Technology is the most powerful tool that any business can ever have. It helps web hosting companies by offering their services from a remote location. Indeed a web hosting company can attend any technical glitch remotely but at the time being physically present becomes imperative. Here a remotely located company representative takes more time to reach the client site in comparison to the one that is located locally.

Performance advantage:

Local server caters to the client sites more efficiently than remote services and thus the site enjoys better load time and user-experiences. The companies that have local servers are prompt and offer a price advantage to its clients because of technological advantages.

Top 10 Japan Web Hosting Companies

There are a number of local web hosting companies in Japan that offer great web hosting services at best prices and amazing customer services. Let us review a few of them:

1. Sakura Internet

Sakura-Internet -Homepage

SAKURA Internet started in the year 1999 and evolved as one of the best web hosting service Provider Company in Japan. The company is considered technically advanced and customer-centric because of their efficient services and excellent customer care.

They excel in providing great connection services to their customers along with server installation and management services. Masters of internet consulting, SAKURA International is considered as one of best web hosting company in the entire Japan. They excel in rental server services besides offering VPS Web Hosting, Cloud Web Hosting, Dedicated Server Web Hosting, IoT and more.


LOLIPOP Homepage

LOLIPOP is the great choice if you are looking for excellent web hosting services at a great price. They are a leading web hosting service provider that focuses on technological advancement and innovative services. The company’s USP is the affordable prices that they offer under various web hosting plans – Economy, Light, Standard, Enterprise, to its customers. 

The company offers web hosting services supported by amazing Lolipop features, functions list, server specifications. They offer web hosting services starting from less than 2,000 yen. Their 24/7 support system is also one of the best in the Japan.


XSERVER Homepage

For any company starting an online business in Japan, XSERVER is the right company to choose from all it’s web hosting requirements. Established as a Network service operating organization, XSERVER offers a variety of services to its customers. With a capital of 99 million Yen, the company is listed under the top 5 web hosting services providers that excel in technology and customer service.

Their rental server service is the top rated service for experienced and new entrants. They offer a complete range of services like free proprietary SSL, CMS installation, Multi-Domain unlimited, Auto Backup, PHP 7/PHP 5, Unlimited mail account, reliable 24/7 support, complete security and more.

4. Heteml


Heteml is a Japanese company that offers local Japan web hosting services to its clients. They claim to be the safest and fastest web hosting service providers in Japan and offer free proprietary SSL service, automatic backup service, and utilization rate of up to 99.99%. They offer two different plans – basic and plus at the rate of 800 yen/month and 1600 yen/ month respectively.

To add more, they offer a free 15 days trial period to all its customers. Supported by high capacity, modular PHP, & HTTP 2 compliance, they are among leading market players. There customer support service is also rated high as they believe in long-term customer relationships. At present, the company enjoys a customer base of thousands of customers.

5. CPI


Established in the year 1987 and is one of the best web hosting service providers in Japan. They have a current capital of 65 million Yen and operate from their head office in Tokyo. The business offers a variety of Cloud / Hosting Business, Web Service Business, Platform Business services to its customers.

They are primarily into rental server business and help local and international companies to take advantage of local web hosting services. The company primarily offers shared rental servers, managed the dedicated rental server, and hybrid plan server. They cater their clients to their bespoke needs and offer tailor-made solutions.



CORESERVER is a leading web hosting service provider in Japan which excels in terms of technology and creative solutions. Their rental server services are cheap yet efficient and cater to a variety of Client’s needs including highly stable WordPress management, Live chat in case of emergency, high-speed response and free SSL, HTTO/2 & other security options.

The company also offers 30 days free trial period to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with the services before they avail the complete package. There are 4 main products of the company including CORE-MINI, CORE-A, CORE-B & CORE-C.

7. Onamaeis


Onamaeis a leading web hosting service provider in Japan offers technologically advanced and result in oriented services. They are considered as the best domain registrar and offer a variety of domain service including domain registration, domain transfer, domain update, domain information change, etc.

The rental server services are also considered as one of the greatest and include services like a shared server, website editor, VPS server, email marketing and more. Their services are available at a cheap price but have much more to offer than their value. The company already caters a huge pool of customer including some of the reputed names in Japan.

8. Zenlogic


Zenlogic is a rental server provider primarily focused on small business. Besides offering proficient rental server services, they also excel in the domain name, SSL Server certificates, email security, operation support service and more. They offer various plans and the features of the plans can be changed according to the requirement of the client.

Only “Plan-S” offered by the company is a fixed plan that offers special features to its prime customers. The company claims to be the most reliable and responsive company for customer’s needs and already caters some reputed businesses in Japan.



WADAX by GMO is another powerful web hosting service provider in Japan with a rich customer base to display. They are the leading web hosting aggregator with great support system offered to its customers. Their high security & safety system ensures best web hosting and rental servers usage. They specialize in rental servers, server relocation, web hosting (dedicated and shared), SSL Certificates, Cloud Web Hosting and more.

The shared web hosting service offered by WADAX starts at 1188 Yen per month. Their USP is the excellent customer support that they offer to its customers with dedication. With many customers to vouch for their services, WADAX is expanding its service range and geographical reach.

10. X2


X2 Web Hosting is a subsidiary of XSERVER Co. Pvt. Ltd. Their head office is located in Osaka and has a total capital of 99 million Yen. The company is a high capacity web hosting service provider that excels in offering quality services at affordable prices. The services they offer include the domain name, SSL Certificates, Web hosting (shared, dedicated, VPS, cloud), and more.

The company believes in customer relationship management and thus offers 14 days free trial service to its customers. One can avail their services at a price as low as 6000 yen per month. Their subscription can be availed in packages altered for three, six and twelve months.

Choosing the Best Japan Web Hosting Service

If you have a business located in Japan with Japanese customers as the target market, it is a great decision to choose a local Japan web hosting services. The local web hosting registrars in Japan offers a variety of competitive advantages to their customers that cannot be availed with international web hosting service providers.

Being a native company, the local web hosting service providers in Japan understand the needs of the customers and thus offer tailor-made solutions at the best affordable prices. A business can even utilize taxation and geographical advantages when working with a local web hosting company.

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