Top 10 Korea Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Korea

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Korea Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Korea

Korea Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Korea

The results of a number of surveys claim that companies prefer local web hosting services. This isn’t the result of any specific region but for the small to medium scale companies worldwide. This pattern can also be experienced in the Korean company, where most of the established companies have local web hosted websites.

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There are a number of reasons factors contributing to this choice of the businesses. Besides the personal touch that a Korea local web hosting service provider offers to Korean companies, better performance and speed are among the prime reasons. While connecting to an international service provider you might get exposed to the language barrier but with local web hosts get personized assistance, which makes thing smoother.

Most of the local web hosting companies offer 365 days, 24/7 hour technical assistance to their customers offering a secure and reliable environment to work. Business owners can meet with the companies in person, share concerns and get an assurance of quality. There is no doubt that a face-to-face meeting is much more convincing than a remote conference call.

Moreover, the business also enjoys speed and performance excellence with a local web hosting companies. Reports say, locally hosted websites work 3 times faster and better than an internationally hosted website. This primarily becomes the close proximity of the website users and data centers. It is needless to explain how a better performing & speedier site enjoys business profits and other perks.

With every minute saved, consumers explore the website more and the number of revisits rises too. Every satisfied customeris likely to recommend the site to other users and this way you are likely to expand your visitor base and increase the conversion rate as well.

Other reasons that a business must consider while hiring a web hosting company include the ability of handling bandwidth for businesses. This includes handling the large volume of visitors, linked email accounts, website security as well as customer reliability.

Along with these benefits, the cost-friendliness of the locally hosted website remains a prime factor for the customer to make his choices. You can avail the same grade of services in a lesser amount and more reliability, then why to go international and not try local web hosting services in Korea if your audience is from Korea.

Top 10 Korea Web Hosting Companies

If this convinces you to hire a local web host in Korea, here are the top 10 web hosting companies for your review:

1. Cafe24


Cafe24, as the name suggests, is a company that offers unconditional support to its customers. Equipped with the latest technologies and gadgets, the company offers best services to its customers. They are in the industry for quite a few years and in this time have understood the requirements of the people in the industry.

They are a complete shop for all sort of IT Business needs with a huge service portfolio. The services they offer include Windows hosting, WordPress hosting, Image hosting, Power Up Unlimited Optical Hosting, Tomcat JSP Hosting, Multihosting and more. They are the most affordable company in Korea with par excellence services.

2. Gabia


Gabia is one of the most recommended web hosting service providers in Korea. They are a one point solution for all sort of IT Business requirements including domain, hosting, server/ co-location, and more. They are also known to be the most secure web hosting providers in the region.

The company employs highly skilled staff with expertise in their field. Their team members are trained to perform the best class services. They also deal with a variety of corporate solutions, including mail, SMS, electronic payment and more. The services they offer include the domain name, web hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, cloud solutions, co-location & more.

3. Ivyro is a 100% Korean web hosting company offering a variety of domain name and web hosting services to its customers. The company started with the aim to offer high-quality services to its customers and through the years, have lived to their mission statement.

With a team of dedicated professionals, the company offers a huge service portfolio including services like shared-based hosting, Windows hosting, WordPress hosting, Web hosting, Independent web hosting, DIY hosting, Image hosting, domain name and more. All their services are made bespoke to the customer’s requirements, which makes them the most recommended company in Korea.

4. Hanbiro


Hanbiro is an 18 years old company that specializes in server management. With a team of dedicated experts, the company has widened its network in Korea, the U.S., Japan, China, Vietnam, and other countries. Currently, the company has 5000 servers in operation and management and supports to 150000 customers.

Offering their customers the ease of business, the company operates in many languages including Korean, English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Spanish, German, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Russian. They also offer a huge service portfolio with services like web hosting, software, server hosting management operations, overseas server hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS web hosting and more.

5. inames


inames is a reputed Korean company offering high-quality web hosting service to its customers. The company manages over 20% of the entire domain names in Korea. With knowledge and experience the company offers the best service to its customers.

They also offer e-Business Total Services & Solutions that are tailor-made as per the customer’s requirement. Their services include shared hosting, SSD hosting, domain name and more. The companies have been awarded 8 Awards for Social Contribution (2006 ~ 2013) for their childcare activities.

6. Makeshop


MakeShop is one of the leading web hosting company in Korea. They are in the business for years and have gained enough knowledge and experience in the field. Their extensive exposure to the market helps them offer the most reliable and suitable services to their clients.

They are also an affordable web hosting service provider with packages suiting the needs of small to large-scale organizations.


Another web hosting giant in Korea, is a reliable web hosting service provider. They have a rich pool of customers that vouch for their excellent services. Affordably priced, all their packages are made bespoke to their needs. The company offers a variety of domain name with .kr, .com, .org, .asia, .cn, .tv, .co and more.

They are partner with some reputed names in the business including AWS, Akamai, GSuite, Commvault, Trend Micro, Verisign and more. The service they offer includes shared web hosting, CDN, co-location, dedicated hosting, domain name and more.

8. Hostway


Hostway is established in Korea since 2000 and has offered great service to its customers. the company offers services to 600,000 domestic and 50,000 international clients. They are one of the most reliable and secure web hosting services providers in Korea.

They have 15 offices in 11 countries from where they operate for the nearest customers. The company was first incepted in the U.S in 1998 and then expanded to Korea. The services they offer include thedomain name, web hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, cloud solutions, co-location & more.

9. Hosting.whois


Whois is regarded as the No 1 domain name provider in Korea. They started their operations in 1999 and since then, the company has earned a lot of business and reliable customers with their excellent services. They provide bespoke web hosting and domain name services to its client. Their low charges make them the most affordable web hosting company in Korea.

Currently, the company has offered domain name to over 500,000 companies from all walks of life. The company is also expanding its business with an upcoming subsidiary, WhoIs Japan. The service they offer include the domain name, web hosting, shared web hosting, VPS Hosting, SMS hosting, video hosting & more.

10. Mireene


Mireene is a 100% Korea based and operated the company with a great reputation. They are in the industry for years and have earned a huge customer pool since. They offer a number of services including domain name, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, cloud solutions, co-location & more.

All their services are listed at an affordable price which helps them cater all types of customers with ease. They offer their services to individuals, small-scale industries, medium scale industries as well as established enterprises. With expertise in server and cloud management, the company is the most reliable and experienced company in Korean web hosting market.

Choosing the Best Korea Web Hosting Service

Hiring local web hosting companies in Korea is a great decision to offer scalability and security to your business if your audience is from Korea. There are several companies that are already profiteering from these services. It is high time you take advantage of performance, speed, great uptime and affordable prices.

These companies are the best options to choose from. You can try them and reap the ROI. Moreover, operating in the same economy you contribute to the overall growth of the economy and thus enjoy a number of advantages later.