Top 10 Latvia Web Hosting Reviews 2022 – Best Hosting in Latvia

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Latvia Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Latvia

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Latvia Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Latvia

What factors should you consider in choosing web hosting firms in Latvia? If you are just getting acquainted with the fine points of the business, take into account your specific requirements and working budget.


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Keep in mind that it may take time to locate a provider you can easily work with. Your priorities are to choose the ideal package and correct amount of bandwidth.

Read the different companies’ terms and conditions of service. Inquire about customer support, technical assistance, security features, and backup plans. Take a look at the following hosting experts in Latvia to help you make a good choice

Top 10 Latvia Web Hosting Companies

1. deac


DEAC offer well-located management portal for the straightforward administration of virtual power capability. These features come with definite uptime delivery of 99.95 percent and one of the most secure virtual systems in Northern Europe.

The facility’s cloud services enable users to work with user-friendly as well as unlimited resources without investing in physical equipment and worrying about maintenance costs. You have the prerogative of selecting the most appropriate cloud service without spending a lot of money.

2. Unicom


Unicom commits to provide fast Input/Output or I/O with discretionary protection for the maximum of 50 GBPS (DDoS). Unicom’s technical team will make sure servers are not overloaded. This website host utilizes comprehensible software to simplify complicated tasks.

Unicom focuses on developing user-friendly Graphical User Interface and smooth integration with other platforms. Custom development for web and mobile apps also include backend on user devices or Amazon Web Services cloud computing. The company engages in a variety of Internet marketing solutions as well.

3. Sigmanet


Sigma Net emphasizes the company’s brand values as the standard for services it offers to customers. These consist of data security, professionalism, technical expertise, and dependability. Sigma Net has been providing site maintenance, email, and data center services.

It also registers domain names with 24/7 technical and customer support. For server deployment, the service provider sets up servers in locations fitted with video camera surveillance systems, fire protection, and climate control to ensure non-disruption of clients’ operations.

4. CloudHosting


CloudHosting SIA believes fast hosting in Latvia and the whole of Europe is necessary so enterprises can ensure users will have quick access to their respective websites. In short, rapid hosting translates to quality.

CloudHosting host servers in contemporary data centers with round the clock cooling capabilities, video monitoring, security, and the continuous high-speed Internet. This hosting firm supplies 12 Terabytes of Random Access Memory, 192 core processors, and, 300 Terabytes of hard drive.

5. Nano


Nano partnered with Microsoft as well as Seagate and Select WD Partner Programs for faster and more efficient delivery of services. The company’s hosting plans scripting and programming languages are the following; Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and TCL.

Nano built a sophisticated data facility in 2009 a kilometer away from the Latvenergo power station. It has two autonomous Internet links to web exchange centers in Latvia (SMILE and LIX). A backup link is set in motion within 1.5 up to two seconds if a failure occurs.


For the last 15 years, ServerIS.iv has been in the business of site and email maintenance in Latvia. Its services include Windows and Linux hosting; registration of domains; server rental, virtual servers, and Security Sockets Layer certificates.

The host’s “Free Constructor-Free Website” introduces over 80 choices in design allowing clients to reduce expenses in website hosting by a mile. Startups, medium enterprises, and big corporations can avail of ServerIS.iv services.

7. Alphahost

Alpha Host concentrates among others on cloud-managed hosting. It has been operating in Latvia for almost two decades. Unlike its competitors, this provider owns and operates hosting services. Alpha Host allows free hosting trials to all patrons. U

Users can move from other companies to Alpha Host or vice-versa without any charges. Included in the package are domains, files, email accounts, and databases. The three packages; Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are affordable with reliable and speedy SSD hosting.

8. Garmtech


GarmTech owns 15 years of experience in this particular business. With its WordPress hosting, users can look forward to LSWS or Lite-Speed Web Server which refers to high-performance Apache (Unix-based server) drop-in proxy.

LSWS also features an anti-DDoS connection along with bandwidth slow-down or speeding. This server is the first commercial platform that offers complete support for HTTP/2. The Plesk WordPress toolkit lets users make modifications in installation through a single click.

9. Hostnet


HostNet continues to make improvements since its inception in 2006. It has extensive experience in development of websites, eCommerce platforms, and portals on the company’s servers. HostNet likewise handles server administration, installation, and web marketing.

It stores data of clients on premium DELL servers and the modern DEAC facility situated in the Baltic State. It offers enhanced WordPress plans which are acknowledged as faster and belonging to the latest technology which provides 50,000 Inputs/Outputs per second.

10. FirstHost


What does FirstHost provide? With hosting, the client can always expect a backup copy. Virtual databases and files are definitely backed up every four hours. Copies are stored for three months. Users’ websites function in the personal server milieu and isolated completely from other end-users.

First Host technicians are ready to give assistance 24 hours daily. The Content Management System is one click away. Admin panels call for simple installation procedures specifically – WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Choosing the Best Latvia Web Hosting Service

In making the final selection for a hosting facility in Latvia, review any introductory offers they hype about in advertisements and their own portals. At the same time, compare the prices for packages that other hosts offer.

Cost should never be your only benchmark but fees also matter a lot at the end of the day. Include the add-ons while checking out each company. Do not forget to scrutinize performance and experience of the service provider.

Last but not least look into the reputation of each company prior to signing any contract.

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