Top 10 Lithuania Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Lithuania

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Lithuania Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Lithuania

Lithuania Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Lithuania

How do you find a very capable web host in Lithuania? First, understand precisely what web hosting means and how it works for you. If you own a business website, your criteria should include the following: storage and bandwidth; dependability; scalability; security; backup; and, technical support.

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At the outset, it may be overwhelming or difficult particularly for those with little experience to review options as there are numerous providers in the country. Make your selection based on your priorities and the qualifications of the hosting enterprise.

Top 10 Lithuania Web Hosting Companies

Here is a list of web hosts that you should consider:



UAB Internet Vision started its operations in 2003. One of its supposed advantages is the company’s reliability. This web host utilizes high-performance HP Pro Liant DL 360 hardware to reduce the occurrence of server failures.

To avoid downtime that results from disk drive failure, the company installs duplicate information systems (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) on clients’ servers allowing them to function properly even if a failure happens. It is one of the few hosts with global DNS server network.

2. Hostens


Hostens owns more than five years of experience in the process of system administration, The Company’s technical team has the capacity to configure, administer, and maintain Linux systems. It specializes in cloud computing as well as virtualization based on OpenVZ and KVM operating systems.

They also manage web hosting environments that include Exim, LAMP server, DNS, and TCP/IP. Hostens claims to have the most advanced data facility in the Baltic Region (Lithuania Vilnius) with 193 server racks and installed based on the Tier III level or 99.95 percent availability.

3. Cherry Servers


CherryServers ensures an automated Virtual LAN or private network that can produce flawless server inter-connection along with an HW Raid Controller specifically HWRAID 1 to prevent loss of data.

It maintains protection against Distributed Denial of Service; server-monitoring and network utilization through the Sensu open-core platform for monitoring; network redundancy; and, free traffic package (30TB up to 200TB of traffic depending on client’s preference).

It can deploy pre-configured bare metal servers in 10 minutes as well as custom solutions for servers such as NAS, GPU, and NVMe clusters.

4. Time4VPS


Time4VPS has over 15 years of experience in web hosting. It has packages for Standard VPS for everyday tasks; Storage VPS with complete root access; KVM Linux; and, KVM Linux VPS. It commits fast connection mainly because of the 100GBPs network capacity, efficient IP addresses; and SLA of 99.95%.

The company’s data center infrastructure (Level III standard) consists of two independent 2MW power inlets; three 664 KW generators; four 275 KW power supply units; and, 140 server racks.


Baltneta offers server colocation service for clients with servers and requires continuous availability of said servers. It makes use of a Tier III-compliant data center located in Lithuania. Clients who relocate their servers are provided with the Internet connection; electrical power; cooling systems; and, physical security.

Customers can also rent shared-server cabinets (U1) as well as dedicated 42U cabinets. With the IT infrastructure rental service of Baltneta, business owners can skip investing heavily in the procurement of infrastructure and avoid expensive maintenance costs.

6. Monovm


MonoVM offers dedicated hosting for entrepreneurs who want to boost their enterprises minus limitations in the power of servers. This provider uses the most updated Intel and Supermicro hardware (Enterprise hard disk drives). The Company’s dedicated servers are hosted in the United States and the Netherlands.

For the Virtual Private Servers of MonoVM, the Windows VPS run on an exclusive OS with clients given super-user level access to that particular OS. The Linux VPS is compatible with multiple Linux operating systems and control panels like Plesk, cPanel, and Direct Admin.

7. Hostex


Hostex provides Virtual Dedicated Servers with maintenance which means clients do not have to worry about their portals, websites, or email systems. The hosting service consists of a dedicated server for the customer’s site or email; non-stop (real-time) servers; installation of backups and updates; maintenance; and optimization of website conversion.

The four hosting packages are HX Platinum, HX Gold, HX Silver, and HX Bronze. It commits a consistent network with emphasis on security through SSL and HTTPs certificates and anti-virus protection.

8. Cloudlix


Cloudlix offers managed server packages that include constant monitoring, prompt response in case of issues, and optimized service. The provider uses unmetered smart hosting with dedicated servers to ensure controls and consistent performance. Cloudlix uses reliable HP Proliant hardware.

The company utilizes both OpenVZ and KVM technologies depending on the preference of clients. Likewise, it can register any domain in just a few minutes. The Cloud Linux environment secures other sites on the server automatically. Servers are situated in the company’s data facility.

9. Bacloud


Bacloud has been operating a data center for 12 years. The location is suitable for this type of facility due to high electrical capacity, separate factory is, and perfect communications. One distinct service feature of Bacloud is its capability to provide two backup platforms.

Cloud Backup Pro supports servers, databases and remote equipment such as Linux, Windows, and Mac. Cloud Backup backs up workstations running Windows and Mac. These are high-speed with dedicated database and virtual machine components specifically in creating backup files, databases, and e-mail apps.



Universalios Spendimai puts together Internet services all in a single place. Its primary services since 2006 include SMS and web hosting; domain registration and administration; and, website development plus design.

It is also an accredited ISP in Lithuania. The web host owns and operate severs in special data centers. Aside from web design, Universalios Spendimai also offers Content Management Systems; web programming (W3C standards); registration of websites (SEO and directories); and eCommerce solutions.

Choosing the Best Lithuania Web Hosting Service

Earlier, you have seen the different benchmarks that companies need to consider in looking for the most efficient web host in Lithuania. It is not advisable to rush a hosting relationship.

Selecting the wrong company can lead to a lot of headaches and problems. To avoid this situation and being compromised with unnecessary expenses; make sure to review your options carefully before making a final move.