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Malaysia Hosting

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5 Best Windows Web Hosting Malaysia Reviews 2020

Best Windows Web Hosting Malaysia
Typically, most of the web hosting plans come with Linux OS support. This is perfect for the most part. However, there are some cases where you will need the famous Windows operating system. Normally, if your website is developed using the script then it is better to host and run your site using the Windows OS. Because it...

8 Top Sabah Web Hosting Services 2020 (Malaysia Sabah Hosting Guides)

Sabah Web Hosting Services
Due to the natural beauty of Sabah, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia. Along with that, the internet users has increased dramatically in Sabah. And, a lot of them are now intending to open a blog or website for themselves representing their business or personal activities. If you are one of them then...

5 Best Malaysia Cloudflare Web Hosting Alternatives Review 2020

best malaysia cloudflare web hosting alternatives
Cloudflare is a web-based virtual hosting service that is getting very popular in Singapore, Malaysia, and other parts of the world due to optimal security offered by then. They are offering some of the top features that make them one of the best web hosting services with top features and speed. They are a complete package for speed, security, and...

5 Best Malaysia Tripod Web Hosting Alternatives Review 2020

best malaysia tripod web hosting alternatives
Introduction Rightfully owned by Lycos, Tripod is a web hosting service that was originally made to extend its services to students and young adults. These services include both paid and free content. On top of delivering its users with hosting services, Tripod offers a blogging tool as well as some other great features. Some of these features include a photo album...

5 Best KL Web Hosting Malaysia Review 2020

best kl web hosting malaysia
Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. The city is often called as KL by many people around the world. The people living in Kuala Lumper are referred to as KLites. The city is populated with Malaysian people. As it is the capital city of Malaysia, most of the big services in Malaysia including web hosting is available...

Shinjiru vs. ServerFreak For Malaysia Web Hosting Review 2020

Shinjiru vs ServerFreak
If you are looking for a comparison between Shinjiru vs. ServerFreak for Malaysia web hosting, then this is the post you are searching for. Because in this post, we will set both Shinjiru and ServerFreak head to head in terms of their features, price of their plans, the quality of their data centers, and the overall performance. So, if...

Exabytes vs. Shinjiru for Malaysia Web Hosting Review 2020

Exabytes vs Shinjiru
Exabytes vs. Shinjiru, which one is the best option for Malaysia web hosting? This is a burning question of many website owners in Malaysia. And we have put together our post today to answer that question once and for all. So, if you are from Malaysia and looking for a new web host for your websites, you can keep...

ServerFreak vs. Exabytes for Malaysia Web Hosting Review 2020

Serverfreak vs Exabytes
If you are in a dilemma about whether to go with ServerFreak or Exabytes, then this is the post for you. In Malaysia, both of these web hosting services are very famous. However, if you want to know which one is the best between ServerFreak vs. Exabytes, you would have to do a lot more research. Because there is...

5 Best Web Hosting Melaka Malaysia Review 2020

best web hosting melaka malaysia
Melaka is one of the most major state of Malaysia that is a hub to most technological organizations and institutions. There are no second thoughts about it that you will need to have a reliable web hosting for Melaka in Malaysia if you are looking to have your website hosted on the internet. Few hosting servers are better for Melaka...

5 Best Malaysia Offshore Web Hosting Review 2020

best malaysia offshore web
Introduction For those who have never heard the term before, offshore hosting is the process of hosting a website on a server that is located outside his own country. This is done for various different reasons. In theory, whenever you host a website on a country except your own, you are performing offshore hosting. But the term suggests doing so for...
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