.me vs .com- Which Domain Extension Should You Choose?

Last Updated - May 5, 2021
.me vs .com
.me vs .com

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There are tons and tons of domains out there with new ones being launched each day. There are also several name servers such as .com, .gov, .me, or .org that are available and you can register all sorts of domains that you can want to register on them.

Yet, each of these domains has its own restrictions, requirements, and rules that you need to follow in order to ensure that you are getting the right website experience and the right impression while registering your domain name on any of these servers. It goes without saying that your domain name is the first thing that anyone is going to read about your website and you need to do it right.

.me and .com are two domain extensions that are being widely used and their orientation, structure, and purpose might differ from each other at certain points. That is why you need to ensure which domain extension you are going to register your domain name with in order to make it work for you correctly. So, a few key differences that are going to help you out perfectly in choosing the domain extension to serve your needs best are:

.com vs .me:


.me is often misunderstood and people anticipate it to be a personal blogging site or something like that. The reality is opposed to that, and like you get country domains for all the countries out there, .me is the internet country code for top-level domains for Montenegro.

The registry is contracted by the Government of Montenegro to a locally-based organization and it is accredited and registered all across the world.

So, most of the major websites from Montenegro are being registered on the .me domain extension and that makes it one of the most suitable options for your website for any sort of Montenegro-based business or some other organization.

Yet, there is another perception about the .me domain and that is quite popular all across the internet. We mustn’t forget that the internet is all about liberty and what people make of it, and that is why it is all about public opinions.

Most of the people out there think .me to be a domain extension to register the personal websites that are about one’s own self and things like that. Not only that but for all sorts of personal blogs and promotional websites that celebrities are using, .me is the most popular domain extension that is being used.

On top of that, .me is a lot more affordable than the other options you find on the internet to get your domain registered. This will not only help you get the right impression for your audience, but you will also be able to ensure that you are getting the costs saved for your domain and you don’t have to pay extra for a Montenegro-based website or a personal blog website for yourself.


.com is one of the most authentic and probably the most used domain extension on the internet. It is being used for all the different sorts of websites and usually is the most expensive one as well. .com domains are expensive due to the saturated market as well, and some of the domains on .com extension are being sold for thousands of dollars.

It was added in 1985, the word .com was initially to be the representation of commercial and most of the commercial organizations are still choosing.com domain for their needs. It is also a top-level domain in the domain name system.

Later on, the domain was opened for all sorts of general-purpose as well and that makes it one of the most used domains out there.

Needless to say, that the .com domains are expensive of all and you will have to pay a bit extra to get your hands on a .com domain. Yet, it is the best way to be recognized as an authentic domain and there are certain prerequisites as well that you will need to follow if you are looking to get a .com domain for yourself.

.com will serve you right for a global audience so if your domain is not specific to a country, you should definitely by going for it.

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