What Does MSValidate.01 Error Message Mean?


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There are tons of problems, error messages, and other notifications that can occur while you are dealing with the SEO, web hosting and configuration. That is why, you might come up against some messages that can leave you in dark, and you might be wondering what does it mean.

So, msvalidate.01 is one such error message that you might come across while dealing with the web hosting configuration and other stuff like that. A few things to know about it are:

MSValidate.01 Error Message

What Does it Mean?

It is basically a meta tag verification code that is about Bing Webmaster tools. When you are configuring these tools, you will get to see two options being XML and Meta Tag Verification. Under these two options to choose, you will the code that is about verification and you will have to fix that up in order to make it work perfectly.

It is not that difficult to manage if you have basic knowledge about coding. You just have to make sure that you are entering the code correctly and that will help you with getting it sorted out for good.

How to Fix this?

Once you have made sure that you can access the code, you will need to find the Meta name that has Msvalidate.01 in front of it. You will need to find the code for the Bing Webmaster tool on the internet. It is pretty easy to search and you can find it on most of the websites that are offering troubleshooting assistance for all such matters.

So, once you find the code, you will need to replace the <head></head> section with the code you find on the internet and that will certainly be sorting out all such troubles and problems that you were facing earlier with configuration on your hosting server.