Top 10 Norway Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Norway

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Norway Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Norway

Norway Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Norway

Web hosting services are types of internet hosting services which allow interested organizations and individuals to make their site accessible through the worldwide web. These are also services that make their sites available and ready to be viewed by other people online. Web hosts provide space on their servers so other computers all over the world can easily access your site through web hosting to enable business individuals provide theirs with high-quality amenities.

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Web hosting services are now becoming more widespread and popular in many different countries in the world including Norway. However, despite countless web hosting service providers all over the world offering similar services to worldwide clients, many still firmly believe that choosing local Norway web hosting service instead of global ones is a better option to take.

Why Choose LOCAL Norway Web Hosting Service Instead Of Global One

It’s proven that individuals and businesses prefer to host their sites locally. Even statistical records reveal that when choosing web hosts, the majority of business individuals prefer local web hosting.

In terms of choosing a web host, there are actually number of important factors that make local Norway web hosting attractive to clients and business owners. Local Norway web hosting provides a more personal touch in terms of customer service. Even a single phone call can connect business owners to real persons or service representatives and not just automated phones.

Using local web hosting that can resolve and manage all technical problems and site administrations can also save you more time. Many of these local Norway web hosting services also guarantee round the clock support which is sometimes lacking in global web hosting service.

With local web hosting in Norway, you can also expect for live online support designed to resolve diverse web hosting issues and in-person interaction with the personnel of the local Norway web hosting company. Also, it’s easier for clients and even for the service provider to establish better professional relationships.

Clients should choose local Norway web hosting instead of global ones because the local hosting provider can guarantee performance and speed advantages, especially to business owners. Locally hosted sites are said to be two or even three times faster than hosting a site with global web hosting company.

Clients can therefore save time and will be able to load their sites on faster pace in their respective browsers. The search engine also often use geographical locations of the website as ranking factor.

Top 10 Norway Web Hosting Companies

These reviews are designed to give you clearer insights about the top web hosting companies in Norway along with the service description, history, and background of each web hosting companies.

1. DomainNameShop

DomainNameShop Homepage

Renting disk space in any of DomainNameShop Linux servers assures reliable and good connection to the internet. They have their servers primarily located at Downtown Oslo and they also have separate fiber lines directly to NIX, known to be the major traffic exchange points of Norway internet providers.

You can design your own webpage or just hire someone to do it for you. After that, upload your files to the DomainNameShop server using SCP/SFTP or FTP. DomainNameShop provides a wide array of web hotel sizes and types. Their entire web hotel package also includes the same functionality as their email services.


Pro ISP Homepage

Thousands of clients in Norway are really satisfied with the web hosting services offered by PRO ISP. They are one of the most rapidly known suppliers not only of web hosting services in Norway but also cloud servers, SSL certificates, domain names and a lot more. Their primary aim is to dominate Norway in terms of establishing their presence in Europe.

Part of web hosting services offered by PRO ISP is to deliver a safe and stable type of solution at competitive rates to both public and even private individuals in Norway as well as to both non-technical and technical users. Continuous quality control and standardization of their services assure that all their clients can receive excellent services from the company.

3. Webhuset

Webhuset Homepage

Webhuset is a well-known company that has been offering web hosting services for more than twenty years. Initially, the company only provided domain names as well as web hosting services but as they continuously improved, they offered extensive customer databases.

Apart from that, they were able to own operating environment as well as data center which make the web hosting services more improved and advanced. This is the reason why Webhuset is already known to be the largest and independent provider of internet presence. They have already helped many clients in Norway in terms of their excellent web hosting services in the place.


Uniweb Homepage

UNIWEB is another excellent provider of web hosting services in Norway. They have been in business for several years. With that, they’ve already helped many customers improve their web presence.

Their web hosting services use the most advanced strategy and approach. When you choose to get in touch with UNIWEB web hosting services, you rest assured that you will never experience any regrets at all.

5. Runbox

Runbox Homepage

Runbox is an excellent independent Norwegian company in Oslo Norway. As one of the best and most reputable companies in Norway, Runbox is regulated with privacy rights and sturdy Norwegian consumer.

As far as web hosting services are concerned, they are known to be one of the best in Norway. Their web hosting services are usually run by high-quality hardware with strong built-in date redundancy that provides the power, reliability, and versatility needed for excellent web hosting.

All their servers are run using Linux, which is known to be the most famous server operating system around the world. This is because of its track record and scalability in the market’s operating systems.

6. FastName

FastName Homepage

FastName is a dedicated and reliable web hosting company highly capable of helping you easily get online. FastName was originally founded in 2000 and has been in the business for 17 years now. This web hosting company focuses on hosting, low-cost domain names, webmail, URL, web hosting, emails and more.

This is a web hosting company that you can depend on if you wanted to get online quickly and more effectively. The company employs dedicated and experienced team capable of doing a lot of things mainly focused on succeeding online.

Aside from quality web hosting services, the company’s highly qualified teams can give clients helpful tips and can help them along the way. The company works on securing your domain names and getting started with a site.

7. ISPHuset

ISPHuset Homepage

Another leading local web hosting service provider that clients can rely on for the best web hosting services and solutions is the ISPHuset. The company has been serving all its valued clients for 15 years now and with this considerable number of years of proven experience and expertise in web hosting.

The company is fully confident that the web hosting packages that they offer will cover the needs that a web hosting company must cover in the first place. Both Windows and Linux are available on same packages at no added cost.

You are even allowed to switch between them through the control panel or utilize both once. You can take a look at their VPS or their dedicated and reliable server solutions.

8. uPax Networking

uPax Networking Homepage

The uPax Networking is a small yet dependable web hosting company in Norway with its exclusive data center in Germany. This enables the company to provide secure, fast and reliable services all across Europe.

Since the company is relatively smaller as compared to many huge web hosting companies out there, they have that great opportunity to render the best and most professional and personal client support to all valued clients and customers with no long standard replies and long wait queues.

Since the company is Norway-based, they can deliver one of the best and most efficient privacy policies in the world. Don’t be bothered by the size of their company, sign up for their services which include shared hosting and virtual private servers.


SYSE Homepage

The company was founded in 1995 as SYSE Data and specialization of deliveries has always been the main focus. The company also takes pride in offering premium quality web hosting services and you can purchase what really suits your needs.

The company is known to provide the right web hosting solutions that can save clients’ money and avoid troubles. This local web hosting company can deliver the right web hosting solutions depending on your needs whether to scale up or manage things on your own.

The company helps you make the right choice and at the same time help you attain great savings now and then later on. So if you are looking for accessible, efficient and award-winning web hosting service, SYSE is an ideal choice for a web hosting company in Norway.

10. Sircon

Sircon Homepage

If you choose this company’s web hosting services, you can expect no establishment, included SSL certificate and domain that are free of charge on the first year. Their web hosting services can be delivered with installed WordPress CMS as well as their exclusive themes Sircon Express or Sircon One.

Choosing the Best Norway Web Hosting Service

These local web hosting companies in Norway have their own exclusive service offerings and web hosting packages and solutions that you can choose from. Although there is no one company that fits all and suits all clients’ needs, you are sure to find the best company among the ones mentioned above that can certainly meet your exact needs.