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Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Romania Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Romania

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Romania Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Romania

Web hosting companies in Romania are affordable and renown for their services in the local areas and abroad. The web hosting services are being used by local romanian. Romanians follow a different phenomenon that makes all the Eastern European enjoy the internet access like people in the US and around the globe.

Like most of the Asian market and European countries who enjoy internet access at cheaper rates, Romania also is one of the countries who enjoy having boosted internet access, even while not having democracy until late 90’s. Yes, this is where they accomplished their goal of having good internet speed by following a different strategy and having their own setup.


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At first, the internet speed in Romania gained only attention when the local people started taking interest in making internet speed more authentic and available for local people in a wider range. At an early stage, the company in Romania didn’t launch and it was only working with a few entrepreneurs to supply internet at local networks.

With the growing demand of the internet, they later set up on LANs and built network underground to provide internet connection at cheaper rates to all local people. With the improvement in internet connectivity, there are many web hosting companies that offer local Romanian hosting service being setup at the same time.

Top 10 Romania Web Hosting Companies

Here are the 10 greatest web hosting service provider in Romania.

1. xServers 

xServers Homepage

This web hosting company in Romania offers Dedicated public IP allocated free of charge to each hosting account. Over 45,000 of websites are active on their server. These are the websites owned by famous companies running their business and trust this website hosting company for their services.

This hosting company proudly provide their services in the following field: Dedicated servers, VPS, Hosting SSD, cPanel interface, Free Administration, Uptime Guaranteed 99.9%, Security and safety. This company is serving for the past 10 years. They built their Data Servers in Floreasca Calea in 2012 and accredited to IS0 in 2013.

2. mxHOST

mxHOST Homepage

mxHOST is quite enthusiastic in their offering and is readily active to help out their clients in creating a hyperactive website who can secure a lot of traffic at a time. They have been serving since 2004 when the internet took place in Romania.

The web hosting company is open to all, they are good at working with all types of businesses offering different packages at different costs. They are well known for their services and pride themselves on having 25,000 customers at the moment. They are always hunting for new ideas and solutions.

3. Romarg


Romarg offers Premium Packages for all, offering Cloud Hosting, Reseller Cloud hosting, and Cloud VPS hosting at different packages. This company is known for its premium Packages with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, advanced DDoS protection, and possess a title of award-winning call centre services.

They are good for sake of professionals and local small business who needs to upgrade their presence on the web. They offer a full suite of domain services, including domain name registration, domain name transfers, domain name renewal and privacy services. The company receives payment via multiple authentic methods like, MasterCard, VISA, and PayPal.

4. Clausweb


The Clausweb hosting company offers, Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Reseller, Cloud, VPS server, Dedicated servers, Webdesign and other Web services. You can immediately avail the services of web hosting right after ordering online at the website. Payment can be received online via Master Card, Paypal and VISA.

Major offerings include packages in Hosting, Standard hosting, Business Hosting, Reseller, VPS and servers. The technical team and the customer service are excellent and you can get help instantly when you make an order. The team is always ready to assist you if you face any problem during the process.

5. Tlh


The company provides you with domain registration or site hosting services. They offer domain registration even with a solitaire (with no ordered hosting account). The offer web hosting services are great for all kinds of businesses, so that clients can choose appropriate package of their budget.

The servers are secured and monitored 24/7 by the team also their servers benefit from high-speed connections. All their servers are located in Romania. Thus, they can offer high-speed sites for the locals, availing one of the best hosting service for a business website to open pages with minimum loading time.

6. Hostx


This web hosting company offers you the web hosting services for all types of website like e-learning platform, tv shows, news sites, downloads sites or online stores. They are also efficiently serving in shared hosting subscriptions with traffic, streaming, virtual servers, dedicated servers or clusters with guaranteed redundancy.

They offer web hosting based on both Windows and Linux, as per clients requirements. They prefer using advanced technologies, some developed or stable in-house servers provide 100% flow of internet availability. They offer SSL certificate and domain registration as a compliment to their clients. 

7. Spatiul


Spatiul has made their presence in the ISP service market since 2007. They are well known for their technical capabilities, solutions that are reliable and clients can trust them. They aim high to provide solutions at reasonable prices and imply up-to-date services for the customers.

They are known to have terms with the hardware and software vendors and rely strongly on the new infrastructure that constantly benefits by upgrading. The data servers are located in lasi, the power network is joint to different transformation points.The data centre is under video surveillance secured by a private company.

8. Webfactor


This web hosting service is an ISP company in Romania, that offers the customer himself to choose the control panel by himself. For the sake of security, all types of hosting services like the shared, collocation and dedicated hosting are improved with new infrastructure made with CISCO equipment.

The extreme networks and services are specialized and treated by experienced technical staff. The company was launched in 2005, and benefiting from the modern infrastructure and a solid technical background. The company now hosts mainly in local Romanian market and also accept customers from all around the globe.

9. Gazduire


Gazduire is serving for the past 11 years and is famous for its cloud hosting, awesome security, uptime minimum guarantee 99.9%, technical support, free site transfer. If you use cPanel platform of their package, or perform full website backup, they will also offer the website transfer service.

You can make instant payments by payment order, card, and PayPal. They offer four main web hosting package namely basic, essential, Professional and e-commerce. The cPanel platform gives the customer a number of benefits.

10. Intovps


There are multiple reasons to choose IntoVP web hosting company in Romania. They are famous for Open Stack VPS Hosting which is open stack cloud deploying premium Xeon servers in premium data centres connected to redundant tier 1 internet providers.

Open stack cloud is one feature on whom multinational company website owners rely, and get profit every day as they cut prices and moving faster. Other features include Flieo-the secure panel, affordable pricing, self-service VPS deployment, 24/7 professional support staff and seven-day money back guarantee. The company was launched in 2009 and now it’s serving international and local customers.

Choosing the Best Romania Web Hosting Service

Romania had the political issue in their 90’s, this didn’t stop them from achieving high goals in building solid strong data servers and web hosting companies which are successfully running and serving local people of Romania and international customers from the world.

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