Top 10 Russian Server Hosting

Russian Server Hosting

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Russian Server Hosting

You have perhaps developed a well-designed website for your business or personal purpose, but it is not the ultimate task to make the site accessible for your online customers. Web hosting is the major consideration for every digital company. If you are from Russia, then you might want to consider local Russian server hosting.

It involves a process through which your website files are hosted on a server. It allows your portal to get perfectly linked to the digital platform. The best hosting agency always gives you excellent solutions and outstanding channel for data communication. The major hosting services may help you to choose the right one for all your business website's needs.


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When you want to choose a web hosting service, you can get two options: international and local. The major difference between these two types of hosting lies in the location of physical servers. However, it is seen that most of the website owners like to deal with local hosts. The main reasons behind it are:

1. Better level of support from the company: When you have planned to make a deal with an international web hosting organization, you may get cheaper packages in some cases. However, the foremost factor to you is the available options for support. In many companies, there are ticket systems, and you will get solutions for your problems. But, the costs of international phone call seem to be an issue to you, while you have contacted with a foreign hosting corporation. On the other hand, if it is a local web host, then you may get tech assistance very fast.

2. Best signals sent to the search engines: Google usually gives a very high focus on the signals, related to the geographical region of your site. It analyzes the IP location of your server. Thus, when you have chosen a UK-based hosting service, which is not within your geographical area, you need to ask about the location of their data centers. However, if you want to avoid all these hassles, it is better to choose a local hosting agency as their servers are normally in the country.

3. Higher speed of website: Hosting a website with any local providers enables you to enjoy better performance and speed. It is one of the important facts that a site, hosted locally, can be loaded faster, in contrast to the internationally hosted platform. It is because visitors of the website are much close or adjacent to the data center. Your customers may save their time, and your prospective also can get satisfaction after visiting your site.

4. Lower risk of failure: Many foreign web hosting companies claim that they are reliable. However, it never guarantees that you’re going to get excellent service from all of them. While you have selected overseas company, you may have an increasing risk of facing failure. As there would be lots of connections and exchanges during the setup, it raises the possibilities of breakdowns in this chain. 

Top Russian Server Hosting

For all these reasons, local Russian server hosting is a better option to you if your targeted audiences are in the Russia. Have a look at the best hosting companies in this country.



REG.RU is the largest and well-known Russian web hosting company with lots of certified registrars, located in Europe. Its operation was started in 2006. The present number of clients for this company has crossed 1.3 million.

To satisfy all the clients, the company offers domains and several hosting services. From website development to hosting, all the services are offered by this company. You may create a website easily as there are over 170 templates available.

No matter what plan you have chosen, you will get lots of things at free of cost- SSD RAID, unlimited traffic, DNS, anti-virus scan, ISP manager, cPanel and much more. Some other extra services for all clients are IPv4 address, DDoS security, and website security check. Besides, domain name certificate verification of this company is also reliable.

AlphaSSL ensures quick issuance, strong encryption and compatibility on any browser. One of the major promotional offers of this site is that if you register any domain, then you will get SSL certificate (one year) and hosting (two months) at free of cost. While you avail any service from this company, you may pay through Sberbank Online, RBK Money, Yandex Money, PayPal and Alpha Click.

2. RU-center

RU Center

RU-center is the second most recognized web hosting service providers. With a vast number of hosting providers and domain registrars, it has gained much reliance from the clients.

The team at RU-center has more than twenty years’ experience in registering domains. The major office of this company lies in the city of Moscow. This company offers a number of hosting packages, and with each of them, you can get online mail reader, sub domains, an unlimited level of traffic, and many other exciting features. 

3. Beget


This is another reliable company, providing you with various services, like website hosting, server rental, and domain registration. At present, the basic web hosting package starts from $2. With this plan, you get an evaluation time (for thirty-five days), constant support and servers with SSD.

The main strength of their hosting solutions includes permanent monitoring, latest server system, and on-time maintenance. Moreover, in the case of server rental, technology from Intel and Supermicro ensure efficiency and stability. 

4. MasterHost


This is also a reputable Russian hosting service provider that provides server hosting and domain related services. Among other solutions, the most notable ones include SSL certification, registration of domains and colocation.

The data centers are located not only in Russia but also in other areas. Moreover, these data centers have Tier 3 facility that ensures a constant supply of power, unique communication system and access to video surveillance tool.

Spacious Web Hosting plan at this site starts at 200 Rubbles every month. Besides, tariff plan also gives professional backup for one website along with several sub-domains.

5. SpaceWeb


Established in 2001, SpaceWeb has in-house panel to control hosting with a comprehensible interface. The best feature of their service is that you can get fourteen days’ trial for standard web hosting.

For Jet hosting plan, it is seven days. Besides, you can also register your domain that suitable for your specific project. You will get free DNS and domain control support. Moreover, Mail.SW allows you to enjoy high standard email service.

6. SprintHost


This company has started its journey since the year 2005. With the highly qualified team, it provides premium hosting, VPS, domain registration, dedicated servers and other services.

You can get shared hosting services that include extensive bandwidth, user-friendly control panel and accessibility to SSH. The company accepts multiple payment systems, including Yandex money, WebMoney, SberBank Online, Visa bank cards and much more. 

7. Jino


It is also good hosting solution provider, operating for over fifteen years. Flexibility, dedicated servers, instant virtual machine creation, these are some of the aspects for which the company has achieved reputation.

Domain registration service provided by the company is quite affordable as it starts from 39 Rubbles. You can also rent virtual servers. However, you will need little technical skill for this.

8. Hosting Center

Hosting Center

It is also a leading hosting agency with the large network of registrars and hosting providers. The company offers a number of hosting services, including shared hosting, private cloud, mail business, VPS and hosting facility for digital studios and 1C Bitrix.

Their data centers are at the Moscow, France, and the United States. Every center is created maintaining global standards, like TIA-942, and it is also equipped with AC technology, megawatt generators, and surveillance system.

9. McHost


This premium web hosting service provider has started since the year 2004. With thousands of modern servers and SSD drives, the company always try to meet your requirements. 

You have also the options for CMS and virtual hosting. Four tariffs may be availed with every series of options. The tariffs for CMS hosting comprise MySQL, DNS management, FTP, automatic spam filter, daily support for all database and many more. Besides, this company offers bonuses and promotions on a regular basis.

10. Majordomo


As one of the leading Russian web hosting solution providers, this company was established more than seventeen years ago. With firms located in Russia and St. Petersburg, it has extended its range of services. It has created the fast working platform on SSD and Linux-based drives.

It also provides you Virtual Dedicated server, which presents some excellent features for implementing any complicated project in your business portal. 


Make your decision, considering the features of the above Russian web hosting companies. Though price rate is the main factor, it is better to choose a hosting package that meets your needs. In addition, the customer support and security may also be the important factors to be considered.

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